Jeep Wrangler Raxiom 4.5″ Round 9 LED Light (1987-2016 YJ, TJ & JK) Review & Install

I’m Ryan from, and this
is my review of the Raxiom 4.5-inch 9 LED lights, fitting all 1987 to 2016 Wranglers.
These lights are for those of you who want all the benefits of an LED light that is a
lot of light output from a small package and at a low amperage draw but aren’t a fan of
the more modern, square lighting style. So if you’re looking for more of an old-school,
round auxiliary light but you want the benefits of the modern technology, this is a nice place
to look. I also like these lights in particular because
Raxiom does a nice job of balancing both quality and cost. These lights feature diecast aluminum
housing that is black powder-coated, so even if you do end up chipping the powder coat,
you don’t have to worry about rust because they’re aluminum. The lenses on the lights
are polycarbonate which means they’re gong to be both scratch and break-resistant, and
everything is sealed up to be water-tight. So whether you’re using these on the wet,
muddy trails or just driving down the road in the rain, you’re not gonna have to worry
about getting condensation behind the lens which can shorten the life of the light. Each one of these lights features nine individual
three-watt LEDs that produce approximately 1,000 lumens at a 6,000K color temperature,
and the pattern of each of these lights is a 30-degree flood pattern. All of that means
that you’re gonna get a ton of light, and they’re gonna match any other auxiliary LED
or LED headlights that you might have. As with most auxiliary LED lights, these do have
a two-wire pigtail. So you will have to do a little bit of wiring to get them powered. Getting these lights mounted on your Jeep
is really easy and they’ll go on any light mount tab that’s designed to accept a single
post light. That means these will go on your bumper light tabs, your pull bar, or anywhere
you’re willing to drill a hole. Now, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend these for an A-pillar
mount, and that’s because these do have a flood pattern, like we mentioned before, which
can cause some of the light to hit the hood and bounce back into your eyes as the driver.
Once you decide where you wanna mount these, you will have to do a little wiring to get
them powered, and if you’re comfortable doing automotive wiring, you should be able to make
a harness pretty easily. If automotive wiring isn’t your forte, Raxiom does offer an LED
auxiliary wiring harness that includes a switch, a relay, a fuse, and all the wiring you need
to get these powered up. The whole installation could take as little as an hour, depending
on where you decide to mount them and how you decide to wire them, and you won’t need
any specialty tools. You’ll just need a 14-millimeter socket and wrench, and whatever wiring tools
you need for your installation. When you’re shopping for LED auxiliary lights,
they are lights priced literally all over the spectrum, from tens of dollars to a thousand
dollars and more, and one thing I really like about the Raxiom lights is they do a nice
job of balancing both quality and price. These are a really bright light, and they’re really
well built. These actually have a full lifetime warranty, but they won’t completely break
the bank. Now, those thousand dollar lights, they may have slightly more advanced optics
so they might throw light a little bit further down the trail. But, to be honest with you,
for what most of us use our Jeeps for and for the budget that most of us have, these
are a great choice. So if you’re somebody who needs or wants some
additional light output from your Jeep, whether it’s for driving down those dark back roads
or for doing some night wheeling, and you want that new, more modern technology, but
you’re not crazy about the new, more modern, square LED light, look, this is a really nice
balance. You get a little bit more of that old-school look, but you still end up with
a really high quality light all at a fair price. So that’s my review of the Raxiom 4.5-inch
9 LED lights fitting all 1987 to 2016 Wranglers that you can find right here at

2 thoughts on “Jeep Wrangler Raxiom 4.5″ Round 9 LED Light (1987-2016 YJ, TJ & JK) Review & Install

  1. Why not just run these in parallel to your fog lights? Is that a good idea? (If you have them)

  2. Do you guys really think its a terrible idea to mount these on an A Pillar mount? Because for its size, I would think it would have been perfect for that area.

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