Jeep Wrangler Recon Smoked 4″ LED Fog Lights (2007-2017 JK) Review & Install

I’m Ryan from, and this
is my review and installation of the Recon smoked four-inch LED fog lights, fitting your
2007 and up JK. Today, we’re going to talk through the installation
of these fog lights, which is going to be a pretty simple one out of three-wrench install. You are going to have to do a little bit of
work to get these bolted up, but no major modifications and they will plug directly
into the factory wiring harness. So no wiring needs to be done, and the whole
process shouldn’t take you more than an hour to complete. We’ll talk more about the installation in
just a second. We’re also going to talk through the construction
and a few of the features of these fog lights. These are for those of you looking for a very
high-quality fog light and have the budget for it. Recon makes some really good stuff, but these
are going to be very expensive, especially when you compare them to some of the other
options out there. Now, for that money, you are getting a projector-style
fog light. You’re getting an LED fog light. So these are going to be very, very bright
and also have a very sharp cutoff. They’re also going to be a similar color temperature
to a lot of other LED lights that you may have on your JK. So if you want to make sure everything matches
and you don’t end up with a really yellow, dull, dingy, incandescent fog light with bright,
crisp, more blue-colored LED lights in your headlights or your auxiliary lights, then
these are going to do a nice job matching. Now, even those these are called a “smoked”
light, Recon does this a lot, they’ll call this “smoked,” when in actuality the lens
is completely clear. So you’re still going to get that full amount
of light. These are not going to be dimmed down because
of a smoked lens. When they say “smoked,” what they mean is
that the background around the actual light inside the projector is going to be black. Again, that doesn’t affect the light output
at all. That’s strictly a visual thing. So these are going to give you a little bit
more of that blackout, stealthy look, but still provide a ton of very bright, very useful
light. Now, if you are looking to upgrade your fog
lights, you do have a couple of different choices. You can do something like this, which is going
to be a complete replacement of the entire fog light housing, as well as the light source. Or you can just swap out the bulbs. Now, anytime you’re just changing the bulbs,
especially when you’re going to one that’s much brighter and it may be a different size,
shape, or style than the factory bulb, you do have to be careful. Because a reflector housing, like your factory
fog light housing, if you put the wrong bulb or a different bulb in it, you can end up
scattering a lot of light. While you from the driver’s seat have a ton
of light that’s really everywhere and that can be nice, you’re going to be blinding oncoming
traffic. So again, you do have to be really careful. Those options are going to be significantly
less expensive, but they’re not going to be good for use on the road. These, again, are going to really control
that very bright light by using the projector, giving you a sharp cutoff. You as the driver are going to have a ton
of very useful light, and oncoming drivers are still going to be able to see. These fog lights are going to be designed
very similarly to your factory light, so they’re going to bolt right into your bumper without
any sort of major modifications necessary. These are going to bolt into a factory bumper,
or any aftermarket bumper that’s designed to accept a factory fog light. That is really where the similarities with
the factory fog lights end. This will bolt up to the same location, but
otherwise these are completely different. These have a large aluminum heat sink on the
backside of them, which is going to be necessary for an LED light to keep everything nice and
cool. As you said before, this does use a projector,
which allows Recon to stuff a ton of light into this small fog light, but also control
it, so it’s going exactly where you want it to go. Like we said before, while this is called
“smoked,” that just means that visually when you look at the light, it has a black background. When the light isn’t on, the lens itself is
still going to be completely clear. This is going to come with a wiring harness
and with a wiring harness adapter. So no matter what year your Jeep is, these
are going to bolt in and also plug in directly. One nice thing that Recon also kept from the
factory fog lights is the adjustability. So once you have these installed, you can
adjust them up and down to make sure you’re getting light exactly where you need it. So I’m going to give this a simple one out
of three wrenches for installation. The whole process shouldn’t take you more
than an hour to complete, and you do have a couple of different options here when installing
these. Depending on your splash shield, if you’re
still running one or not, if you have an aftermarket bumper or a factory one, you may be able to
get your factory fog lights unbolted, and get these bolted in with the bumper on the
vehicle. Or you may choose to remove the bumper. Now, if you have your factory bumper installed,
you haven’t done any major modifications to it, removing that bumper is probably going
to be the easiest way to get these installed. To do that, first, you’ll have to remove the
splash shield off the bottom of the bumper. Then, you can go ahead, give your fog light
socket a quarter-turn or a pinch, depending on the year of your Jeep, to remove them from
the fog light housings, and then remove the eight nuts that are holding the factory bumper
in place, giving it a pull to completely remove it. After that, there are going to be four screws
holding in each of those factory fog lights. Remove the screws. Remove the fog light housings. Put your new fog lights in place, again, using
all of that factory mounting hardware and the factory mounting locations. You reinstall the bumper, pegging down all
eight of those nuts, and then go ahead and plug that into that factory fog light wiring
harness. Now, because these are well-designed, because
these are a light that’s built from Recon who knows what they’re doing when it comes
to LEDs, these are not going to cause any flicker, any strobe. You’re not going to have any issues with these. Plug them in, use that factory switch, and
these are going to work just fine. Now, Recon does make a premium product, but
their price tag goes along with that. These are going to run you around $320 for
a pair of fog lights. To some of you, that’s going to be a ton of
money. It’s not going to be worth it. You’re not going to be interested in these. However, if you are somebody who’s looking
for the best of the best in lighting, who wants a very bright, but also controlled projector
fog light, these are going to be a very high-quality option. You just have to be willing to pay the price
for them. Now, there are going to be some other projector
and some other LED fog lights out there that will change the whole housing. As well as, like we talked about before, some
of the less expensive options of changing out the bulbs and leaving your factory reflectors
in place. So a lot of different options. Again, I think that this is one of the top-tier
premium options that has a price tag to go along with it. So if you’re serious about lighting, if you’ve
been changing the other forward-facing lights on your JK to the LED, you want a fog light
that’s going to match in color temperature and provide a ton of very useful, very controlled
light, I think that these are going to be a really nice option. These are going to install very easily. However, you are going to have to have a higher
budget for this premium light. So that’s my review of the Recon smoked four-inch
LED fog lights, fitting your 2007 and up JK that you can find right here at

4 thoughts on “Jeep Wrangler Recon Smoked 4″ LED Fog Lights (2007-2017 JK) Review & Install

  1. I have smoked recon lights on everything, projector headlights, turn signals, markers, tail lights including 3rd break light. And of course these fog lights. They are all super bright and make the jeep look lethal when they are off. I highly recommend these.

  2. How do they compare to the JW Speaker fog lights? Would be nice to see a video of what they look like at night and where the cutoff is. They look really nice

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