Jeep Wrangler Rugged Ridge 3.5″ Round LED Light (1987-2017 YJ, TJ, JK) Review & Install

This Rugged Ridge three and a half inch round
LED light with both a high beam and a low beam is for those of you that have a 1987
and up Wrangler and are looking for a unique auxiliary light. This is going to provide both a forward-facing
auxiliary light to light up the area in front of you, and also an amber marker light. So this is going to have dual functions, it’s
going to be something that you can use when there is oncoming traffic as a marker light,
but also as a forward-facing light when there isn’t any. So dual purpose light, you’re gonna get a
lot more use out of this than you would some of the other lights that can’t be used at
all when there is oncoming traffic. Now the forward-facing light that comes out
of this light is a bit of a spot pattern, but it is a little bit more diffused than
something like a pencil beam, so it is sort of a general purpose light. However, again, it can’t be used when there’s
oncoming traffic or even when there’s traffic in front of you because it will throw light
everywhere and it will blind oncoming drivers, so that’s when you’re going to use your amber
marker light feature. Now this series of lights from Rugged Ridge
is also a little bit different from the other style from Rugged Ridge in that this is a
poly housing. This is a plastic housing instead of a metal
or an aluminum housing. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you were to get this light damaged in any
way, scratch it, it’s not going to rust or oxidize like aluminum would, so it’s gonna
hold up a little better as far as that goes. It’s also lighter weight, and it’s a little
bit less expensive to manufacture so it’s also a little bit less expensive to purchase. This light in general is going to be a little
bit more expensive than some of the other three inch round LED lights because it does
have that dual functionality. If you’re gonna be using it, I think it is
worth it. If you’re not, stick with one of those other
lights, save yourself a little bit of money. As you can see on the inside of the light,
you are going to have those four forward-facing LEDs. Those are going to be white. You’ll also have a single center LED which
is amber, that’s going to be your marker light. And between the four forward-facing LEDs,
you have sort of a crosshair pattern of plastic which ends up working a lot like a fiber optic
where it’ll actually light up when you light up that center marker light LED, which does
have a pretty cool effect. Now, because this does have dual lights, this
is going to be a three-wire light. You have your main wiring harness here that
does have a weatherproof plug on it, and that’s going to have your positive and your ground
for your forward-facing lights. And then you’re going to have a secondary
white light over here, that requires a spade connector, that’s going to be for your marker
light, for your amber marker light. So you can get these wired up in a lotta different
ways. Personally, I would use a three-position switch. So you would have a marker light position,
an off in the middle, and then a forward-facing on the bottom. You can also wire these with a traditional
tube position switch and have your marker lights come on either with your regular marker
lights, your parking lights on your Jeep, or with your headlights. You can really wire these up in a variety
of different ways to get them working exactly how you want them. So for the install, I am gonna give these
a two out of three wrenches. Actually getting the light bolted up to the
Jeep is going to be a very, very simple process. It is going to come with a bracket, a traditional
single post mount. You can put these on your A-pillars, you could
put these on your bumper hoop. You could drill a hole in your bumper and
mount these. You can really mount them anywhere you want
to, but that is definitely going to be the easiest part of this installation. After that, you’re gonna go ahead and get
these wired up. So if you’re someone who’s comfortable with
automotive wiring, as I mentioned, there are a lotta different options for wiring this
up. You can certainly build your own wiring harness
and get these working in a variety of different fashions. If you aren’t as comfortable with automotive
wiring, there are some three-wire light wiring harnesses that you can purchase that are going
to have all of the components you need, your relays, your fuses, your switches, that will
make this a little bit easier, but you’re still going to have to pull all of those wires
and make all of your connections. If you’re not comfortable doing that, then
there is no shame in taking your Jeep to a shop and having them wire this up for you. These lights come in at right around $80. As I said before, you are going to save a
little bit of money because you’re buying a light that has that thermoplastic housing
instead of an aluminum housing, but then the price is gonna go right back up again because
this does have the dual functionality of being both a marker light and also a forward-facing
light. So that $80 for one light is going to be more
than a lot of the other three and a half inch round LED lights as I had mentioned before,
but a lot of those other lights are not going to be a dual beam light. If you’re going to be using both beams of
this light, if you’re gonna take advantage of all the features that it has, I don’t think
$80 is a bad price. I do think you’re going to get a high-quality
light and you’re getting something that’s a little bit unique compared to a lot of the
other lights on the market. However, if you’re not going to take advantage
of those dual beams, go ahead, save yourself some money and get one of the other single
beam lights that are out there. So if you’re looking for a unique dual beam
round LED light, I definitely recommend taking a look at this one from Rugged Ridge that
you can find right here at

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  1. Great breakdown, any chance for some video of the output facing toward the road/woods?

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