Jeep Wrangler Rugged Ridge 3.5″ Round LED Lights (2007-2017 JK) Review & Install

These Rugged Ridge three and a half inch dual
beam round LED lights with mounting brackets are for those of you that have a 2007 and
up JK and are looking to change out your factory fog lights. Just something that’s a little bit different. Now, the nice thing about your factory fog
lights is that they are a factory fog beam, so they’re designed to be a very low and wide
light that hits below your headlights on the highway. These lights are not going to be a fog beam,
so you’re not going to be able to use the forward-facing light in the same way that
you would use that factory fog light. However, because this is a dual beam, it’s
going to also have an amber marker light, and that is going to be a light that you can
use all the time. So, if that’s what you’re after, if you’re
after something that’s gonna give you a different look, that’s gonna give you that amber marker
light and instead of a fog beam, which is useful as a fog beam, you’re going to have
something that while you can’t use it with oncoming traffic, is going to be a lot brighter
and a much broader beam than that fog beam would be. Now, if you are looking for something like
that, this here is going to be a really nice one-stop shop. It’s going to be a package that’s going to
include the lights and the brackets. You know everything’s gonna work together,
and they’re going to bolt right into your factory bumper. Now they’re gonna bolt right into your factory
plastic bumper. If you had a 10th anniversary, one of the
special edition Jeeps that comes from the factory with a steel bumper, you’re not going
to be able to use these as a bolt-in application. The only additional thing that you’re going
to do if you have one of those plastic bumpers, again, these will bolt right in there, is
you’re going to have to do the wiring. And because this is a three-wire light you’re
going to have a power wire for your marker light, a power wire for the forward-facing
light, and a ground wire, you’re gonna have to get a specialty wiring harness or of course,
if you are comfortable with automotive wiring, you can go ahead and build yourself a wiring
harness for these lights. So in this kit, you are going to get two three
and a half inch round LED lights from Rugged Ridge. These are the newer style lights from Rugged
Ridge which have a plastic housing instead of aluminum housing. Now, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s going to be a little bit less expensive
to produce, a little bit less expensive to purchase. It’s gonna hold up a little better. If you were to scratch the powder coat off
the aluminum, you could get some oxidation. With this, of course, you’re not going to
have any of those issues. The inside of this light is going to be different
as well. This is actually going to be a five LED light. The four around the outside are going to be
your forward-facing lights, and they produce a fairly broad spot beam, is how I would describe
it. It’s not specifically a pencil spot beam that’s
gonna throw like really far down the road in a very small pattern, but it’s not an extremely
diffused flood light either, so it’s somewhere in the middle there. And that’s what those four LEDs do. Then you have the center LEDs. That’s going to be your amber LED. That’s going to produce your marker light,
and you do have a divider between the other four lights that works almost like a fiber
optic to give you a little bit of a crosshair look which is actually a really nice look,
in my opinion. So that’s about the lights. The brackets themselves, they are going to
allow you to bolt those lights directly in place of those factory fog lights. Again, if you have one of those factory plastic
bumpers. And these lights do come with the connectors
which will make it very easy to unplug the lights and replug them in if you need to. However, that connector only carries the two
wires that run the forward-facing light. You also have this third wire here for that
marker light. They’re gonna have to figure out how to wire
in as well, and if you wanna make that a quick disconnect, get a spade connector so that
you can disconnect your lights, disconnect your bumper if you need to remove it for service
at any point. So for install, I’m gonna go with a two out
of three wrenches for these lights. That is because of the wiring that’s involved. As I said before, if you have a plastic factory
front JK bumper, these are gonna bolt directly in place, and getting the lights actually
installed is a very very simple process. However, the wiring is going to be where things
get a little bit more complicated. Like I said, you can buy some three-wire wiring
harnesses that will run a light like this. Some of those are going to come with a three-position
switch so that you can have the marker light on, the forward-facing lights on, or, of course,
an off position. If you are somebody who’s comfortable with
automotive wiring you can make your own wiring harness. You can power the marker light off of your
parking lights, and the forward-facing lights off of your high beams or a switch. You have a lot of flexibility if you are building
your own wiring harness. So whether you’re building one or you’re buying
one it is going to require some splicing, possibly some soldering, of course, running
the wires, getting the switch in place. If you’re not comfortable with all of that,
of course, it’s okay to take your Jeep to a shop and have them wire these lights up
as well. As far as the installation itself goes, the
easiest way to do this is going to be removing that factory front bumper. So you’re going to remove the fog light socket
from the fog light housing. You’re gonna unbolt the four bolts that are
holding your factory bumper in place on either side. Remove that bumper, of course, you have to
get this splash guard out of the way also. That will make it really really easy to unbolt
the four screws that are holding that factory fog light housing in place and get rid of
it. And then go ahead and bolt these brackets
in place as well as your new lights. Once all of that is done, you can reinstall
the bumper on the Jeep, and then you get to wiring. These lights and brackets come in at right
around $175, and I do think that’s gonna be a pretty good price. I think that the lights you’re getting are
a high-quality multi-purpose light. Especially the fact that they’re a dual-beam
light makes them multipurpose, and you know that you’re gonna get a bracket that’s going
to not only work with your factory bumper but also with the lights you’re buying, so
you’re not trying to piece together a kit that may or may not work together. So if you’re somebody who either doesn’t use
your fog lights a lot, doesn’t like the beam pattern that you get from them, is looking
to upgrade your lighting but keep everything looking factory, I think this is going to
be a really nice option. I really like the fact that this has a marker
light and also a forward-facing light. So if you’re looking for a light end bracket
kit to swap out those factory fog lights, I definitely recommend taking a look at this
kit from Rugged Ridge. And you can find it right here at

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