Jeep Wrangler Tuffy 2 Compartment Overhead Security Console (1987-2002 YJ, TJ) Review & Install

This Tuffy 2 Compartment Overhead Security
Console is for those of you that have a 1987 to 2006 YJ or TJ, and are looking for a spot
to more securely mount some electronics, or just some additional speakers. Tuffy is known for making some very high-quality
security components, and whether you’re looking for a lockable center console, glove box,
underseat drawer, rear security deck, or something like this, an overhead console, they have
a lot of different security solutions for you. And, like I said, everything is going to be
very, very secure. This is the two-compartment version of this
overhead console. There’s also a single-compartment version
available as well. If you’re just looking for a spot to mount
a CB radio or really just one component in general, you can go with that one. It’s gonna be a little bit less expensive
as well. This is going to be a bolt-on solution for
your additional security. This is gonna bolt right above your head,
between the front seat passengers. It’s going to bolt to your sport cage, and
also to the windshield frame, so it’s going to be nice and secure up there as well. Because it is a bolt-on installation, I’m
gonna give it a one out of three wrenches for the installation, and it probably won’t
take you more than an hour to complete. But we’ll talk a little bit more about that
installation in just a second. Now, when you’re talking about security products,
you are going to wanna spend a little bit more money to get something that is a little
bit more secure. There are gonna be some other companies out
there that are making security products that aren’t going to be as tough as this is. Tuffy always goes above and beyond to make
sure that whatever they’re building is truly a security product, and is going to be very,
very secure, and isn’t just a storage product. So if you’re looking for security, and you’re
willing to pay a bit of a premium for it, I think that this option here from Tuffy is
going to be a great choice. So to make this overhead console as secure
as possible, Tuffy builds it out of a 16-gauge steel that is, of course, powder-coated. This has a single lock that will actually…both
of the drawers here, so that you can unlock it, you can drop down both of those openings,
and you can really mount whatever you want in them. Again, a lot of people are gonna run a CB
radio. The hole that’s drilled in that is for a CB
radio wire to get pulled down. These do have grates, which are going to help
with cooling the electronics. But also, if you have a speaker, you can mount
a 5 1/4-inch speaker up there as well. So a lot of people are gonna be using this
double set-up here for a CB and then an external speaker for that CB radio. But you can mount your standard single bin
radio up there. Really, whatever you want you can make nice
and secure up in this overhead console. The nice thing about Tuffy products is that,
if you have multiple pieces, so if you have this and you have the underseat drawer, or
whatever two pieces you have, you can let Tuffy know that, and they will send you additional
tumblers for the key system, so that everything will be keyed the same. So, if you have three Tuffy products, you
don’t have three keys, you only have one that’ll open everything, which is a really nice feature. So this installation is going to be pretty
simple, like I said before, one out of three wrenches, probably about an hour if you get
this installed in your Jeep. You’re going to be removing the footman loop
from the windshield frame, and then this section up here is going to bolt onto that. This section here is expandable, so again
this will fit either your YJ or your TJ. You’ll pull this back and use some U-bolts
to attach it around the sport cage. Then tighten everything down. The last step in the installation is stuffing
this full of whatever electronics you are going to be running in it. And that part can take a varying amount of
time, depending on what you’re running, how you decide to wire it, and some other various
factors. But, as far as just getting this overhead
console installed, it’s going to be very easy and very quick. This double-compartment overhead console will
run you right around $270. Of course, the single-compartment one is going
to be a little bit less expensive. Like I said before, when it comes to security,
in my opinion, it makes sense to spend a little bit more to get something that is truly secure. You can get something that’s a little bit
less expensive from some other companies that isn’t going to be as secure, but when you
buy something from Tuffy, you know that it’s going to be secure. So, in my opinion, it’s worth the little bit
of a premium that you have to pay for such a quality and secure product. So, if you’re looking for a way to mount some
additional electronic components in your YJ or your TJ, that’s going to keep them very,
very secure, I definitely recommend this two-component overhead console from Tuffy. And you can find it right here at

6 thoughts on “Jeep Wrangler Tuffy 2 Compartment Overhead Security Console (1987-2002 YJ, TJ) Review & Install

  1. So if you have the overhead SPod this wouldn’t work if I understand the installation correctly. Am I right or wrong?

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  3. No reason to secure my things, because I've already been robbed by the aftermarket industry…How do they justify $270 dollars for some bent metal and hardware?

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  5. this show is the worst. it never shows how the product works, in this one he didn't even open the box.

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