JEGS Cordless Magnetic With Hook Rechargeable LED Work Lights With Kenny Wallace 30 60 120

When I’m working under the hood, I like to
see what I’m doing which means, you know, I need me some light! And nothing I know delivers
the illumination I’m looking for better and more efficiently than a JEGS Cordless LED
Work Light. Depending on how much light you need, you
can get these lights in either a 60 or 120 LED configuration. You can even get a telescoping
model that serves as both 30 LED Work Light and a 6 LED Flashlight. All of them come with
a AC/DC adapter and a car charger. All provides hours of illumination when fully charged.
And they come with either a magnet … awesome … or hooks that’ll stay just where you put
them. These rugged, hard-working JEGS Cordless LED
Work Lights come with a classy, distinctive, two-color handle, yellow and black, Hey, they
are from JEGS after all.

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