Jennifer LeClaire Prophesies ‘Tsunami of Perversion’ Will Rise in America

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about being a christian welcome back to 2 News the end time newscast in the last
segment of the program we heard Moody Bible Institute president dr. Paul
Nyquist say that the body of Christ in America and Western nations must prepare
to live in a culture that is openly hostile toward Christianity and the
disciples of Jesus Christ he said we should expect persecution and also be
aware that governments will no longer protect us in fact governments will
foster and promote the persecution in this next segment we will hear from the
senior editor of charisma media the publisher of charisma magazine
Jennifer LeClaire also serves as the director of the awakening House of
Prayer she is the author of several books including mornings with the Holy
Spirit and the spiritual warriors guide to defeating Jezebel her latest book is
the next great move of God and appeal to heaven for spiritual awakening a Holy
Spirit recently gave Jennifer a prophetic word that she shared online
last week with the body of Christ Jennifer welcome to true news thank you
so much for having me Rick I’m honored to be with you today well we appreciate
you taking time to be with us in a few minutes I want to talk to you about the
book but first let’s talk about this prophetic word that you released on on
your blog on charisma a week or two ago when did you receive this from the Lord
it was about six months ago and you know I’m like you Rick these things are very
waiting to me and I really needed to process pray this through and weigh it
out and even study it out at Scripture before I was willing to release it
because I didn’t want to bring fear upon people I want to sound the alarm but I
don’t want people to be afraid I want to have a fear of the Lord but not to fear
a circumstances and so I just had to wait till I felt a release spirit that’s
good I and I wise people to do that all the time
people contact me and say hey I have this prophetic word from the Lord and I
ask my advice you need to sit on it for a while you need to pray you need to
seek the Lord until you know it it’s time to release it and that you have the
right interpretation of that word Jennifer what did the Holy Spirit say to
you six months ago I’m just going to read it to you it’ll take about a minute
he said a tsunami of perversion and all manner of the consent is headed toward
this nation you’ve only seen yet the rumblings of what the enemy has plans
for many in your nation have called good evil and called evil good many in this
nation have not believed you will reap what you sow you have sown iniquity for
decades and you have taken the hand of perversion you’ve walked in step with
abominations rather than resisting the temptation to deny my word and my son
the perversion in this land will increase an increase and increase there
will come a day when morality is no longer merely relative but is persecuted
there will come a day when evil is considered good and good is considered
evil when that day comes those who are hidden in the shadow of my wings will be
insulated from the abominations around them I will raise up the likes of
Abraham and Moses to deliver the righteous out of the hand of the wicked
in that day I will shield those who look into my name but no longer look and no
longer think that you will turn the tide by your prayers alone these things must
be so I warn you now to fear not but you’re ready your hearts by your oil be
ready for my coming all those powerful hits sobering and I believe it’s
accurate I believe it’s truly a word from the
Lord a tsunami a perversion and all men are a wicked sin is headed toward this
nation and we see it right now it the wave of the first wave has already come
in and the nation is embracing perversion
it is it is embracing hostility towards God
it’s the most bizarre thing I’ve ever witnessed in my life in it quite frankly
it’s frightening well it is frightening and I try not to
meditate on these things you know working at charisma
with the news obviously I’m seeing things and hearing things all day long
I’m seeing some of the worst in fact if you meditate on it so I’ve tried to
start and I would advise their listeners strike a balance between being aware of
what’s going on so that you can pray and prepare but but don’t meditate on the
fearful coming to meditate on the Word of God this very week in in Indiana the
the governor and the legislative leaders of Indiana are being treated as though
they’re worse than Hamas or Hezbollah I mean we have we have state governors
Connecticut state of Washington the governor of Washington mara Seattle who
are banning state and city employees from traveling to the state of Indiana
because Indiana passed a law protecting religious freedom I mean I’m just I’m
just amazed at what’s happening in this country yeah it doesn’t make any natural
sense and therefore we must recognize that this is a spiritual attack we’ve
opened the door to the enemy in this land we’ve opened the door when we took
prayer out of schools when we allow that version to be legalized the church has
opened the door the church is compromised I mean not every church but
the church large you see pastors falling into sexual immorality you see pastors
getting a calling into financial scandals we’re seen soon in the church
at a level that I’m not seen it you know the Holy Spirit said something to me the
other day as I was preparing to minister in Jacksonville he said you can’t be
intimate with the devil and not get pregnant with sin and that
yeah that’s what I said I wrote it down and I released it there in in the church
and the thing about it is is that people think Christians think that they can
play with the devil then they can play with sin and they’re not going to get
burned do you play with fire not a puppet it doesn’t work that and that’s
the problem is the church needs to clean up his act of course which we can’t
the unbelievers to get it we’re supposed to reach them with the gospel and that’s
what it’s going to take it’s going to take the church waking up rising up
going out and preaching the gospel just just start to turn things around it’s
not so much about who is in office although I do believe that having
righteous leaders at offices is it’s definitely a good thing that’s what we
want but it’s not so much about the politics it’s about the heart and that’s
why we’re seeing the nation in its condition today it’s the church’s fault
the pastor’s the pulpits are to blame you can’t elect righteous leaders if the
voters have unrighteous hearts so the problem is in the hearts of the voters
the book of lamentations chapter forces that the the enemy got into Jerusalem
got past the walls breached the walls got through the gates of Jerusalem
nobody could imagine that such a thing would happen says lamentations but they
says the Bible says it happened the enemy got into the city because of the
sins and the iniquities of of the priests and the prophets it was the
preachers of Jerusalem it was their sins and iniquities that allowed the foreign
invaders to breach the walls in the gates of the holy city and ransack the
city and that’s what’s happening to the United States to Canada to Great Britain
to Europe to Australia all the Western nations that once were bastions of
morality and Christian culture they have allowed the enemy to come in because of
the sins and the iniquities of the preachers and the prophets of those
nations and we cannot blame we can’t blame you know a litany of wicked people
for what they’re doing they’re just doing what wicked people do but
righteousness in a nation holds them back it restrains them and so if they’re
unrestrained right now it is because the righteousness of the nation
has been decreased and if it’s decreased it’s because the light is going out in
the church so the only way to fix this Jennifer is turn the light back on we
have to turn the light back on we need a grade awakens you know Charles Finney
ooh as you know was the leader of the Second Great Awakening I’m reminded of
things were done with this article called the prophets and pastors are
blind as bats and and I quote any and he said brethren our preaching will bear
its legitimate fruit and without me prevails in the land the fault is ours
and a great degree if there is decay of conscience the pulpit is for it is
responsible for it if the public press lacks moral discrimination the pulpit is
responsible for it if the church is degenerate and worldly the pulpit is
responsible for it if the world loses its interest in religion the pulpit is
responsible for it if Satan rules in our halls of legislation the pulpit is
responsible for it if our politics become so corrupt that the very
foundations of our government are ready to fall away the pulpit is responsible
for it how pathetic Jennifer in 2011 the Holy Spirit told me that a new Dark Age
was coming and in in 2010 he told me that a a black ubiquitous membrane would
descend on this nation and suffocate the nation a black ubiquitous membrane and
that freedom would be suffocated liberty would be suffocated and we see this this
darkness that is descended on a nation and it is both spiritual political and
it includes the surveillance state that the spying and the surveillance is
taking places as wicked as evil and this black ubiquitous membrane has descended
I you know I said on this program after Barack Obama was reelected I’d you know
I said the American people will be taken into captivity and
that you got to get over this America’s not coming back but Jesus Christ is
coming back Jennifer I don’t know if you’re at this point yet but I mean I
personally believe America’s lost done finished I do not believe it’s going to
be restored what I believe is that God wants to restore America what I believe
is that God wants to bring a third Great Awakening I know that he’s concerned
about the souls I’m gonna put it to you that way he’s concerned about the souls
he does not want one to perish and so I’m believing and praying and hoping for
a third Great Awakening that brings in a harvest greater than anything we’ve ever
seen for the sake of the souls as far as the nation goes I think that I don’t
think God has done with America just yet but I think we’re at a turning point in
our nation’s history I think we’ll probably pass the turning point at some
at some degree but I feel like God’s mercy it’s still upon our nation and I
believe that God would love to see the nation restored whether or not that’s
going to happen it hangs largely in the hands of the church really hangs all in
the hands the church this is something that people debate nobody has the answer
I’m trying to hold out hope I do see pockets of revival breaking out true
revival but then again you know those can put her out in a minute the church
needs to stand up and wake up and to me right now I’m concerned about the lost
souls yes what father’s heart is always turned towards forgiveness and
restoration so we know that says desire forgiveness and restoration I mentioned
this to to dr. Nyquist in the earlier segment of the program I asked him if he
had ever read the book fourth turning are you acquainted with that book no
okay here’s your reading assignment for the week anyway fourth fourth turning
it’s this is not a Christian book this has a written by two sociologists and
one of them has passed away I interviewed the surviving author dr.
you know how but they studied in history for 500 years of great britain in the
united states they found a pattern which they called turnings these turnings are
about 22 years each and there’s four of them in oh and a great turning and they
discovered that each turning that those generations have similar characteristics
and behavior and it is quite shocking when you read it based on on their
projection they said in the 1990s that america would enter its fourth turning
its next fourth turning sometime around the year 2008 and and then in the fourth
turning there is a crisis stage at which the nation could be destroyed alright so
the last fourth turning was World War two
so they said sometime after 2008 we will face the crisis stage at which the
nation’s future will look like hanging in the balance but I asked is doctor how
I said based on historical precedent when would be the next Great Awakening
and he said 2040 really yes now that’s not to say that we’re not gonna have an
anomaly in the Holy Spirit sovereignty moves and brings about a Great Awakening
before 2040 and or anybody to think that I’m putting the Holy Spirit in a box I’m
just saying that based on historical precedent he said there will not be
another spiritual awakening until sometime around 2040 so we may be going
through a long long Dark Age which is it is going to have profound implications
for the body of Christ in America how are they going to function how are they
going to minister if this is a dark age that is really hostile to Christianity
we’ve never contemplated these things before Jennifer no we have it we see
what’s happening to Christians and other nations and the underground Church in
China and beheadings in the Middle East and
you know we hope that those things don’t reach our land but I’m not so sure they
won’t with Joyner had a prophetic dream in which he saw horrifying things on
American soil I mean he was shaken when he received it and I’d bore witness to
it I’m believing because I have to I have to hold out hope that God will hear
our cries and turn things around the question and I believe he will
eventually but the question is how desperate do we have to get how bad the
things have to get before the church wakes up Jennifer what do you think the
Lord meant when he said to you I will raise up the likes of Abraham and Moses
to deliver the righteous out of the hand of the wicked in that day he would raise
up strong prophetic voices that would o be obedient to his word and like Moses
led the Egyptians out of bondage tears of Lord said to me a couple days ago I
put it on my Facebook page that one of the keys to the awakening was prophets
who would lead the people and to enter repentance and the problem is with so
many prophets in the body of Christ today is there in sin just like the rest
of the church they don’t have any authority to lead and you want to do
pretensions but you look at voices like Franklin Graham and you know some of
these others that are rising up Jonathan Cahn and and you say these men have the
authority to lead the nation and repentance I believe that that’s part of
what it’s going to take is these strong voices these these prophets like Abraham
and Moses these prophets like you know Jeremiah and Isaiah that will preach the
coming judgement of the Lord in the right spirit with weeping and that will
point to Christ and will lead us into repentance repentance is really it’s the
foundation that’s that’s what it’s going to take it’s not about you know just
praying for awakening olace this Lord please send awakening it’s about
repentance that the second chronicles 7:14 says if my people who are called by
my name will humble themselves the church is so puffed up in Pride and in
this nation not every church but in general there’s so much pride so much
fanfare it’s about about who can build the biggest church and looking at the
stance his cars and airplanes it’s ridiculous
that’s right with Russian Christians went into captivity in 1917 they didn’t
come out of captivity until the early 1990s
the German Christians in East Germany went into captivity in in 1945 likewise
they didn’t come out of captivity and so the 1990s I really believe this is what
is happening to America I believe the church is being taken into captivity in
the United States yes I believe they’re gonna have to go
underground I believe they’re gonna have to suffer persecution I believe
righteous pastors are going to be arrested
I believe pastors will be taken away in the middle of the night in torture I
truly believe this is where we’re at right now and I’m not again I’m not
saying this to frighten people I’m saying folks it’s time to put on your
big-boy pants this is it all right enough Sunday School how many years
you’re gonna go to Sunday school sometimes you got to graduate and use
your degree I mean if you you know if you had a kid that was in college for 40
years wouldn’t you say junior it’s time to get a job you know that’s what I’m
saying to people right now but you know go into Sunday School and bragging that
you been in Sunday school for 30 40 years will graduate and get your degree
and go out there and get a job for Jesus Christ do something we’re at that stage
right now we’re gonna have to we’re going to have to live out our Christian
faith in the face of severe persecution well we’re seeing the rumblings of it
now you know when the when the Houston mayor the lesbian and you stand there in
East Parker you know decided to attack the free speech of the five pastors the
Houston five what encouraged me about that was that everybody rose up against
it but for the most part we don’t see that kind of uprising among Christians
we see laying down a sleeping giant we see a compromised church a Laodicean
entity and and that’s that’s why we’re in this position I hold fast to the
notion and the promise of repentance and that
what I’m hanging my hope on not not you know prayers alone but but real action
getting out there and obeying what the whole you know I always say if everybody
would just do each individual would just do what the Holy Spirit told them to do
we could see things change in this nation it doesn’t have to be it doesn’t
have to happen a god sends these things as warnings but he has been known in
Scripture to change his mind I mean look at Nineveh you know he sent Jonah he
said that the Prophet to creats repentance they repented God relented
and you know of course they they fell down again and they ended up receiving
and chasing the judgment of God well I believe everything you’re saying I
believe all these things are coming but I believe that God can change his mind
if we repent and that’s what I’m holding on to I’m hoping that that happened I
don’t know that it said it will but I’m believing for it last question before I
let you go your your book I noticed on the front cover the evergreen tree and I
knew what that meant I don’t know how many you know folks in the general
public would recognize it but it’s the appeal to heaven flag you have that only
you have the appeal to heaven flag on the front cover and and that was the
flag that the American colonists flew before we had the you know the the flag
of the United States of America they had a flag with an evergreen tree it was
called the appeal to heaven flag it in other words it was kind of an SOS flag
it was they were waving as saying God we need help down here that’s right that’s
right because they knew that they could not defeat the British without an
intervention from God and the notion came from John Locke a philosopher from
Britain and he basically said look when the government has turned to radical
when there’s nothing else you can do in the even courts or with human justice
you have to make an appeal to heaven and that’s what I am doing I’m making an
appeal to heaven I’m asking God for His mercy we deserve judgment there is no
question and we’re seeing judgment in our nation but I’m still making an
appeal to heaven I believe that it’s God’s will for us not to give up hope
and stop contending for visitation I believe he wants it to continue crying
out to him and making that appeal to heaven just
like our founding fathers did and I think that as for me that’s that’s what
I’m doing I see the reality I see the judgment but I’m not going to just lay
down and say well you know oh well I guess I’ll have to endure I’m going to
stand up and I’m going to fight I’m going to fight in prayer and with
whatever action the Holy Spirit asked me to take amen we’ll see if if this
catches on and we’ll know when there’s less Facebook and an American Idol
television and and more prayer meetings in church all right when that happens
then I’ll believe that the American Christians have enough pain that they’ve
decided to change their ways and get back on their knees and cry out to God
but you know jump or we don’t you know as human beings we never change until
there’s pain I mean that’s the way it is you don’t make any adjustments in
anything until there’s you can’t take the pain anymore that’s right
and so how bad is it gonna have to get how dark is it going to have to get I
believe that God will deliver his people you know but how bad does it have to get
that’s really the question how dark is it going to have to get in this nation
before the church wakes up I don’t know I’m hoping it doesn’t have
to get much darker but I believe it will I believe it’ll get much much much
darker but one thing is certain the righteous who are grieved by the sins
they have been marked by the Angels their foreheads have been marked they’re
grieving over the sins of the land and their foreheads they’ve been marked by
the angels and they are hidden in the secret place as Psalms 91 and all those
promises in Psalms 91 are given to every man and woman who is in the secret place
and that is being hidden in Christ and that’s the promise of the Lord and
that’s what we can rest on my guest Jennifer LeClaire she’s the senior editor
of charisma media yeah not very far away from us here in Bureau Beach Florida
and her new book is the next great move of God and appealed to heaven for
spiritual awakening Thank You Jennifer thank you so much Rick all right
god willing I will be in Las Vegas Nevada for the 2015 National Association
of Broadcasters convention to attend some very important educational sessions
meet with radio broadcasting and internet streaming vendors and meet with
some other important people privately I would like to meet any true news
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or any other Nevada city in town hey I’ve driven through most of those cities
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reserve a meeting room for Tuesday night April 14 at 7 p.m. please email us at
info at true right Las Vegas in the subject line or call the office
seven seven two five six nine eight eight eight zero you

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  1. I tried to watch a movie on Comedy Central tonight; but simply could not finish it. The movie was bad enough, but the commercials were down right appalling! A sex site for men who want to cheat on their wife, a sex site for older women who want to sleep with young men, a sex site where older men can meet barely legal women, the only thing missing was gay sex sites, beastiality and pedophilia, but I'm sure it won't be long before that deviancy is represented as well. Sodom & Gomorrah! We are sent as sheep among lions. Be strong! God retains control, He is in charge, and He will strike the evil from the face of the Earth when He has reaped the wheat from the tares.

  2. "you can't be intimate with the devil and not get pregnant with sin"!!!!!

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