Jet Ski Alligator adventure on the Kissimmee River

(motor revving) – What’s goin’ on, guys,
we made it to Lake Wales. Long journey through the country, and got all the guys here. We’re getting ready to explore
the Chain of Lakes here. Up towards River Ranch,
we’re gonna go north for about 30, 40 miles, come back down, hit River Ranch for some lunch, and then rip the Kissimmee
River heading south. But we’re here, we made it, let’s go ride. (upbeat electronic music) – Making trails. Sometimes you gotta create the path. – That’s it, because Yamaha does it. – Yamaha, shout out Yamaha. – (laughs) Yamaha! – Look at this guy, it’s
like he’s cliff hangin’. (snap)
(dismayed shouting) – Ohh! – I heard a little crunch crunch. (multiple people talking) (engines revving) – [Randy] And we are off. (upbeat electronic music) Alright. The gates are open! (distant shouting) – [Randy] Hold on tight! It’s pullin’ me forward. Oh, a gator just came in! (music and voices echoing) You guys good? Hold on tight! (shouting) I heard that! – Crunch action. – You good? Hold on. – Oh, hey. (motors revving) (dramatic electronic music) – We’re in the middle
of the Kissimmee River. These guys decided they wanted
to stop and take a selfie. – Selfie time! (camera click) – Hey Paul! – Hey! – [Randy] Danny, what was that? (laughing) – These ski rides get you
into sticky stuff, man! – (laughs) Oh, fuck, it’s
in my face, it’s in my eyes. – Hey, they got me wearin’ this mask, check this shirt out, they gave me! Look at this, hey! (laughing) – We don’t know who that guy is, we don’t know who that guy is. He flies by night, comes
out during the day. (laughing) – [Randy] Oh! – Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
it’s comin’ out on ’em! (dramatic electronic music) – [Randy] Don’t do it! – Pay attention. Pay attention. Pay attention. Always catch it like this. – [Randy] Don’t do it! – [Man to the Right] Get ‘im! – [Randy] That ain’t a rattler. – It ain’t, what is it? – [Randy] Don’t, he’s gonna bite you! – What do you mean, he’s
gonna bite me or not? – [Randy] Yeah! – Randy, what do I do? (wind drowning out conversation) – No, that’s a ‘conda. – That’s a cottonmouth, you
gotta get it by the neck! – [Randy] Don’t touch ‘im. Yeah, I’m outta here, I’m
outta here, let’s go, come on! – Hold on! – [Randy] Let’s go, let’s go, no let’s go! Watch out he’s gonna turn and bite. Alright, let him live
in his natural habitat. – Cottonmouth! – [Randy] Good day on the river, Ton? – Yes sir, had a blast. – [Randy] Whatchu gotta
say about today’s ride? – Ah man, it’s a great adventure. Almost ran out of fuel, but we made it. – [Randy] We made it. – God bless. – [Randy] Hey, today’s ride,
what d’you gotta say about it? – Bro, awesome, awesome ride. – [Randy] Kissimmee River? – Bro it’s the best man. This has been the best
ride I’ve ever done. It gets better and better every time. – [Randy] Terry, how was the ride today? – I gotta tell ya, it was fun. We had a really good time. – [Randy] Yeah. – If I had more time, I’d
tell you all about it. (laughter) – There are a lot of details, most of it you’d have
to edit it out though. – I ran out of gas, remember that? You remember, you remember. – [Randy] How does, how does it not go? You told me, there’s a word for it. You don’t even remember, you made that up. – It’s called a fishing knot. – [Randy] No you made it up, it was like – Well no, it was actually made by the Florida Ski Riders back in 1976. But we used it today in 2018, thank you. – Sun up, sun down, riding
the river it was amazing. Kissimmee River, if you’ve
never ridden on the river I encourage you to visit the river. Ride the river, stop at
West Gate River Ranch and have lunch, it’s amazing. You can fuel up, ride the
river, S curves, crazy. It’s like riding on a automotive course. I encourage you guys (cackling) – Visit the river, Kissimmee River. You’ll love it! Details below on the launch ramp, where we launched. Details on, you know, where to fuel up. West Gate River Ranch but we’ll have the address and the details
in the description below. Guys, Kissimmee River. Amazing ride, you gotta visit. (upbeat electronic music)

77 thoughts on “Jet Ski Alligator adventure on the Kissimmee River

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    That snake part was hilarious

  2. im all for riding skis been doing it my hole life. went down the river 20 years ago BUT pleas people be courteous to other boaters on the river trying to fish. don't go blowing by the likes total assholes in a 30 foot wide river. no need to be a dip shit it only takes a few min to slow down and pass a boat with no wake.

  3. Nice video man! cant wait to get from cold Iceland to Orlando over the holidays! Only 7days and im there

  4. Excellent video! I was there for that ride. Awsome day with some of the best guys I've ever had the pleasure to meet. Love you guys and Love the Florida Ski Riders. #Flskiriders #unitedweride 🌊 🐬 ❤️🏁

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