Jim Bruce Blues Guitar Lessons – Doc Watson Style – Deep River Blues

first of all let’s take a look at the
way that i played doc watson’s deep river blues and performs cattle industry Deep River Blues Lesson http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4lMZxM5AFQ
Jim Bruce Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/acoustictravellersl homes we would date handed home host past hand-in-hand going alert approaches to issues slightly
different way if you search on youtube you’ll find it
to be the list of dot blot something deeper in the blue the first one was younger peaceful actions lake the second one is a little better it a
little bit more laid back let me show you how to play the
introduction to the second video when he was a little bit of that the first thing to realize that doc
watson just use one thing that it’s amazing how they got the
complicated sounded it is just one thing that of course his tone jumped around
helped out as well so first of all take a look at how doc
watson plays with is one thing that you’ll see both my hands and split
screen complex slowly well into the in fact based out of control functions
section to end in the last election uh… i just wanted to show how don’t
use his finger to get that nice effect will introduce the functions later in
the video let me show you what i mean by from jump this is how we transcribed impliedly
dissection now see how docs from jumped across to
the treble strings bird landing and the price paid it’ll yeah is still too little that a bit more complicated and in fact we started he said it spread it but it is use these favorable that this way daryl martinez and so there’s this wrong don’t inches the false rumors that strip discoverable marines illegal prosperous
sound by anything that four straight phone call at hospitals
for example you like this charlie also is quite tricky to get the three strings
with a single finger so we could do that one of two things but on this at a certain strained this unit all we can use to fringes in this way the let’s take a look at the well-known
introduction to deeper the blues here and ready to go after i played we look at the
instruction he my hand the here in

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  1. This is the most lucid and comprehensive guitar finger picking video I have seen. Great job.

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