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I thought Tsunamis are supposed to be scary
but Jinbe thinks otherwise. Surfing the tsunami wave with a ship. This is something you don’t see every day. In my previous review, I said that it would
be cool if Jinbe will split that wave into two but this was way better. Because not just he did evade Big Mom’s attack
but in a way is making fun of her by riding her attack. All of the scenes on the sunny were very funny. Brook thinking that the green room means heaven
and Chopper getting ready to see the doctor. And when they are inside the wave he says:
so this is the other side, it’s pretty.” Why do these two pirates think that they will
go to heaven and especially Brook, heaven is not a place for perverts. Yonji was trolling them when they first met
when they were asking him to give them the antidote to cure Luffy. And Yonji says to them: Aren’t you guys pirates? So how about you try to steal the antidote
from us. So, now we know why they were asking them
politely because they were hoping to go to heaven. I was surprised when Brook did not make any
jokes about dying. Something like: Oh this wave is going to kill
us all, actually just you guys because I already am dead, so good luck. Jinbe says that: “We have got a fine ship
and a fine navigator with the right steering this ship is invincible”. After things like this if Jinbe does not join
the crew would you be surprised. In my other videos, I have said many times
that I don’t think Jinbe will join the main crew but he will be part of the grand fleet
and that’s because of the way Oda does writing the story. But seeing stuff like this, maybe Oda will
make an exception for Jinbe. My question for you is: after this arc is
over and the straw hats are heading to Wano would you be disappointed if Jinbe would say
to them. I want to come with you but I think I left
the stove on, so I need to go to Fishman Island. In the mirror world, Perospero tells Katakuri
that we are done over here, but everything looks okay in that mirror that is connected
to Sunny. When that mirror broke I thought Luffy was
the one who did break it, but no, finally the straw hats decided to execute their captain’s
orders. It was a good idea to tell him to go to Cacao
Island when he somehow will manage to get free from everyone there. But here’s the thing, what is the plan now
for getting out from the whole cake island? Now that Big Mom thinks the straw hats on
the sunny are dead she will not pursue them and they will have an easier road to Cacao
Island. Sanji said that after three hours they will
leave the Cacao Island, so I guess they will meet on the sea. And together will go to find Big Mom and give
her the cake and she will forgive them?! I really hope this does not happen, because
it looks lame. They tried to kill her, and she will forgive
them because they are given her the cake that they destroyed. And also she will forgive Sanji and let him
go free and also Jinbe. When Big Mom brought the roulette he said
that he does not want to leave the crew. Does this mean that he still will be part
of her crew? And maybe when Big Mom will have the cake
will order Katakuri to stop fighting Luffy and this is how this fight will end. Would you guys be happy if this is how this
arc would end? Let me know in the comments. A few chapters ago I praised Luffy for acting
like a true captain after what did happen with Pedro. And in this chapter, he took it to another
level. I wish Oda would have made those panels more
easy to understand, I went back and read those panels again just to be sure. So, while Luffy was talking to them Katakuri
starts attacking him and since so far Katakuri was able to land all of his attacks on Luffy. And if they hear him screaming then they would
not leave him alone, so instead of going to Cocoa Island, they will try to help Luffy. So that’s why Luffy brook that piece of the
mirror with his mouth and did fake a smile and said to them: “Hurry up already guys. Come on I am gonna drop dead waiting here.” And this did work they all seem happy because
they think that Luffy has the upper hand and he will not have problems beating Katakuri
and the guys there. Based on what Luffy is saying to them everything
will be all right. Luffy did fool all of them except for Jinbe,
he did realize that something is not right. First of all, he knows who Katakuri is and
the rest of the guys there and how strong they are. But I don’t think Jinbe will say anything
to the Straw Hats because Luffy is doing the same thing what Jinbe did after what did happen
to Pedro. When he was saying to them to move forward
otherwise what Pedro did was for nothing. What do you guys think about this chapter? Let me know in the comments Thanks for watching
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  2. Feeding BM that cake should not end all of the problem for the SH or BM Pirate! BM getting taken out by a cake is something I not looking forward to that. However Sanji pick-up a W this way is not bad writing that just show people that his official row as the Cook. My question what can Sanji do the poison rocket or cannonball can't do?

    Its look like to me the dogtooth has play around to long with Luffy and now he getting serious.

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