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On this episode of Throttle Out, we’re building
this Jeep with lights, armor, and big wheels and tires for a Deegan 38 inspired build. So, in the shop today, we have a brand new
2018 JL Rubicon, one of the most capable Wranglers to roll off that assembly line. Now, as you may know, we can’t keep anything
stock, we always have to amp up that functionality and that’s exactly what we’re gonna do in
this video with the brand new JL Deagan 38 line. Now, I’m gonna be throwing a laundry list
of different parts at this Wrangler that are going to up that form, function, and utility,
including armor and recovery, I’ll be bolting up a lift kit that’s gonna create a badass
stance to the Rubicon as well as get it ready to conquer some very tough trails. And we’re also gonna create a lighting setup
that will light up every corner of this Wrangler. So, make sure you like and hit that Subscribe
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we break down all of our products in detail including the ones that are gonna be bolted
up to this Wrangler. So, enough from me, let’s jump into the build. So, I just got done bolting up the lift kit. And the lift kit that we chose is the TeraFlex
2.5 inch Sport ST2 Suspension Lift with the 3.3 Falcon piggyback adjustable shocks. Now, this is an incredible lift kit, guys. It’s completely capable and it’s gonna come
with everything that you need. This even has pre-aligned control arms, so
you don’t need a caster alignment after you bolt this thing up. But the star of the show is gonna be those
3.3 Falcon piggyback adjustable shocks. Now, these are incredibly designed, they are
incredibly durable, they’re made of a hardened aluminum material which is not only going
to be able to take a hit off-road, but it’s also going to disperse any heat and make the
shocks perform a lot better than some of those steel-bodied options. Now, the other thing that makes these very
unique is that reservoir is directly mounted onto that shock body which is going to eliminate
any slated lines that may cause restriction as well as leaking while also increasing that
valving and increasing the performance overall. Now, the biggest thing out of these shocks
is that adjustability. So, you are gonna get 24 settings, you’re
gonna get 3 major settings and 8 minor settings to fine-tune the adjustability and the dampening. So, if you want it stiffer for on-road driving
or less body roll, or if you want it more comfortable for the trail or vice versa, you
have that option there. So, enough about this on the lift, let’s throw
on some wheel and tires and check out that stance. So, I just got finished bolting up these wheels
and tires. And overall, this gives a Jeep a very aggressive
stance. The wheels and tires that we chose were the
Deegan 38 by Mickey Thompson mud-terrain tires paired with the Rovos Kalahari wheel. And I think those two as a kit give off a
very aggressive look. Now, paired with that 2.5-inch lift kit, this
is not only gonna look aggressive but it’s gonna perform very well off-road. Now, this is gonna be a 37-inch tire, so on
the Rubicon with the raised fender, we have a ton of up travel here. It’s gonna fit in that wheel well very nicely. So, when we go off-road, we have a ton of
articulation and performance on our side. Now, these, like I said, are gonna be a mud-terrain
tire. So, in the middle, they are gonna have a tighter
lug which is gonna keep it quieter in comparison to some other mud-terrains that are a little
bit louder on the street. So, that is going to help you there. But on the side, you have the true mud-terrain
lug. They are gonna be spaced out lugs, so you
are going to have that self-cleaning aspect and all of that traction that you need while
you’re off-road. So, not only are we getting that aggressive
aesthetic out of those tires, but you are out of the wheels as well. These Kalahari wheels are going to be sleek
yet tough and I do really like the beadlock outer lining or the rim on these. And it’s gonna match perfectly for the armor
that we have lined up next. So, speaking of that, let’s start bolting
up our armor. So, for those 37-inch tires, we needed something
way more heavy-duty than the factory set up and that’s exactly what this Deegan 38 heavy-duty
rear bumper and tire carrier is achieving here. Now, starting off with the bumper, this is
going to offer you a number of different benefits. So, you have two D-ring mounts for recovery
for if you get into a sticky situation on the trail. You also have a tow hitch that is included
in the kit that is frame-mounted and that’s gonna either be a third recovery point. You can use it to tow whatever your Jeep is
able to tow and then you can also use it for any hitch-mounted accessories. Now, not only are you getting a couple of
recovery points, but what I do really like about this bumper is you’re getting light
mounting points on either side for some extra floodlights. I do like the fact that this is a bumper-mounted
tire carrier. So, you’re taking all of that weight from
this 37 off of the tailgate which can over time, sag and damage your tailgate with that
extra weight and you’re putting it on a frame-mounted system. So, that is going to be very solid, it’s going
to ensure a very long lifespan of your tailgate as well as your rear bumper and tire carrier
because of the bearings on the spindle, and this is super easy to actuate. So, all you have to do is just open this up
and you have full access to your cargo area, which I do really like. And it also has a lock on it, so it won’t
swing out way too far. Now, as you can probably tell, we have a bunch
of wires and sheathing coming down. And that’s another thing that’s really cool
about this kit because it comes with all the extensions that you need for your backup camera,
your third brake light, and it will even come with lights integrated into the bolts for
your license plate. So, you’re staying completely legal. So, overall, it’s going to be a very solid
system, it’s gonna be clean in the way that it installs, and it’s just gonna look badass
while doing it. So, our next mod is on the side, let’s go
check out that. So, for our next piece of armor, it’s gonna
go out to the Deegan 38 rock sliders. Now, these are gonna be very capable as well
as just look pretty badass mounted up to the side of our Wrangler. So, what I do really like about these is the
fact that they’re very solid. So, they mount up to the frame which is gonna
be able to take a hit harder than some other options that are mounted just to the pinch
weld and the body in conjunction with this steel construction. Overall, it’s gonna be a very solid piece. Now, what I do like about these as well is
the fact that it gives you a very large step. So, not only is this going to provide protection,
it’s gonna provide a little bit of convenience. So, you have these dimples up top on this
step plate that are gonna provide some traction, but it’s gonna give you very easy cab access
as well as roof access. Now, another thing that’s really cool about
these is the fact that they’re very high and tight. So, they are up and out of the way giving
you pretty good ground clearance, but still protecting that underbody if you come down
on any rocks or stumps on the trail. But they’re tucked very tight into that rocker
area and it’s going to provide you all of that protection that your rocker area needs
when you’re off-road considering this is one of your most vulnerable areas when you are
out on the trail. And they’re overall going to look very good
mounted up to the side of our Wrangler. Now, let’s head up front for the next piece
of armor. And it’s actually pieces of armor and this
is what I like to call the Deegan 38 triple threat. So, we have the heavy-duty front bumper, the
9,500-pound synthetic rope winch, and the skid plate mounted underneath. Now, starting with the bumper, this is gonna
provide you that front end protection without any compromised approach angles. And we definitely need it if we’re gonna take
it out on the trail. What we really want out of this front bumper
is to get our tire up and on everything, we want that extra clearance and this is definitely
going to allow it. We’re also gonna have some grille protection
as well as a little bit of protection for your winch with this bull bar up on top. You have four light mounting tabs up top to
add any accessory lighting. With this bumper, comes two auxiliary lights
in the middle for your fog lights, but you also get light mounting points on either side
for some extra floodlights. So, this is going to be giving you all of
that extra visibility that you may want. You also are getting recovery points out of
this thing. Now, speaking of that recovery, this is also
gonna come with a winch plate capable of holding a winch with a pulling capacity up to 12,000
pounds. What we have here is the Deegan 38 9,500-pound
winch with the black synthetic rope. Unlike a steel cable, it’s not gonna store
energy under load. So, if we’re out on the trail and we’re winching
and this happens to break, it’s just gonna fall to the ground making this a safer option
than steel cable. And I think for the extra cost, that’s a pretty
fair trade-off. It’s definitely gonna come in handy if we
ever need it on the trail. So, while I’m down here, the third piece to
our triple threat is this skid plate mounted up to our front bumper. And so this skid plate is made of a solid
steel construction and it’s gonna mount up to the front of the bumper as well as to those
bottom frame horns. So, this is going to add some structural integrity
and make this a very solid piece overall. So, if we’re out on the trail, we do take
a hit, everything underneath is gonna be protected, especially that electronic sway bar disconnect
module. Because this is a Rubicon, you definitely
wanna keep that protected from any lower obstacles on the trail because that is very important. So, that’s gonna wrap it up for the front. However, if you paid attention, we have a
lot of lighting going on on each piece of our armor here that I told you guys that we
were gonna get to in a minute. But we’re not done yet, we still have some
extra lighting to go. So, let’s get started on that. So, as you guys just saw, we mounted up all
of our lights, but we need something to control that. And that’s exactly what our Mopar switch panel
is going to do. So, this mounts right up your dash, it’s very
easily accessible, and it matches with all of your interior trim already. So, what we did, we’ve mounted up all of our
floodlights and then ran it to our auxiliary one, so we have all of our 360 lighting. Then we mounted up our cube lights and ran
it to our auxiliary two. And our last auxiliary that we have something
on is our auxiliary three, and that’s going to be our light bar. So, overall, this Mopar switch panel fits
very well in our dash and it’s very easy to operate all of our lights. But speaking about our lights, let’s go check
those out. So, the key features about these Deegan 38
parts is all of the lighting that’s integrated into each part that’s mounted up to the Wrangler. And not only are they gonna be for looks,
they’re gonna be very functional and practical as well. So, the rock sliders come with two puddle
lights and the fog lights are included in the front bumper, but we added the Deegan
38 LED floodlights to the front bumper and the rear bumper to maximize our visibility. So, any rocks, stumps that you may be going
over at night, any trail rides, you’re gonna be able to see everything that’s around you. Now, helping out with those floodlights, we
have a 20-inch LED light bar mounted up and fitting perfectly to our front bumper and
that’s gonna be the Deegan 38 by KC HiLiTES 20-inch LED light bar. So, the outside of this light bar is gonna
have a spot pattern on either side which is gonna give you all of that distance that you’ll
need and a little bit more concentrated in addition to the spread beam that’s gonna be
a little bit wider than a spot would be. So, those are going to completely light up
the trail and the road ahead of you. So, the last piece of lighting that we added
was up on the A-pillar. So, this is going to be the Axial 3-inch LED
cube lights with the Artec Industries mounting brackets. So, this setup on the A-pillar is just going
to assist all of the other lighting just that much more. And what I do like about these is the fact
that they are a spot beam. So, you have all of that floodlighting, but
these are going to assist that light bar in that distance. So, these four amounted up to the A-pillar
are going to be a great addition to that LED light bar in front or they’re gonna be great
on their own. So, overall, this lighting setup is very functional. However, the last thing that we have to test
out is our Falcon 3.3 adjustable shocks. So, we have to take a drive for that, so let’s
hop in the Jeep and get going. So, I just got the Jeep out on the road and
I have these shocks right now at the firm setting. So, I actually have them at 3.5. These have about 24 settings within them. So, you have those three major settings and
then some settings in between if you really wanna fine tune them. And I can really feel it on the road here. I’m hitting this turn, getting on the on-ramp
and I felt no body roll at all. And it gives you a little bit more competence
when you actually have this thing a little bit stiffened up and you’re going at a higher
speed. So, driving right now on the highway, it is
incredibly comfortable. I feel the responsiveness when I’m turning
the wheel, I don’t have any body roll or any play or any flighty feeling in the wheel. And that’s really important because you want
that control when you’re on the road on the highway. But if I take this to the trail, especially
a fire trail where it’s a little bit flatter and go at a higher speed, I’m gonna have full
control of the Jeep and I’m going to have full confidence that it’s going to do what
I ask it to do and do it very well. So, I do really love these shocks. Actually, you can tell of how stiff the shocks
are just going over that bump. So, I’m on a higher speed back road right
now and I can tell from going around the turns, I’m not getting a lot of body roll, I’m getting
a lot of responsiveness. It doesn’t feel flighty and it’s just overall
a very comfortable and responsive ride. So, even if you wanted to put it on the medium
setting for this, you can totally do that and you can have a little bit more comfortability
and a more smooth driving instead of a little bit of a bumpier ride which I wouldn’t say
it’s horribly bumpy, it’s just you can feel it a little bit more and you can feel the
responsiveness out of the shocks which I really love these shocks. Now, we also have a really good video on our
YouTube channel where TeraFlex breaks down this shock. They actually have a cutout on the shock,
so you can see all the internal workings if you want to learn a little bit more in-depth
about these shocks and test them out in all three stages of their adjustability. So, definitely check that out. However, that’s gonna wrap it up for this
video. And make sure you like and subscribe for more
cool content like this, more inspired builds, as well as all of our product videos and product
installs. And make sure you comment down below to tell
me what your favorite setup for the JL is as far as lighting goes, or what you would
do differently or what you like about this build. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks for watching, guys.

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  1. On this episode of Throttle Out, we have a brand new JL Wrangler in the shop set to get some sick Deegan38 and Teraflex parts!
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  3. At least with the Falcon 3.3 shocks I have on my JKUR (about 1 year old) they did NOT give you 24 settings. You only get 10 settings, because the 8 on the inner adjuster wheel for fine tuning only apply when the outer lever is set to 2. Setting 1 is full soft, Setting 3 is full firm, and Setting 2 is the fine tuning adjustable setting. Are these an updated design that really give 24 settings?

  4. 8:26 It is my understanding that if a synthetic winch line under load breaks it does NOT magically fall to the ground, as stated. It snaps back at either end. It's still vastly safer than steel cable, but it doesn't just fall to the ground if it breaks, so it would be best not to propagate that myth. Example: https://youtu.be/97XqNX3yFTk?t=951

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