97 thoughts on “Joe forces us to DRINK SHARK VODKA | The Valleycast, Ep. 91

  1. I thought the consensus was that wearing sunglasses inside is a no-no
    Edit – I just LOVE joe's sweatshirt my god

  2. Yo, anyone else get a Trump Donation request and ad before watching The ValleyCast?

  3. Having lived in and around Phoenix, AZ for most of my life I get why people are adverse to it for sure. That being said when you take the state as a whole they're are some really beautiful places to live especially in the northern parts of the state (i.e. Sedona, Prescott, Flagstaff).

  4. So crazy, about the small town thing in the US. A small town is 70,000? I'm from Canada, from a small northern BC town. Actually a village. The population is like 1100.

  5. Not 100% sure here, but I think Steve and I have the same: Phone, phone case, and pop-socket!

    Edit: also I live just outside of Denver. I would love y'all to visit! just don't judge us by our weather!

  6. So strange to hear a small town/area was 40000… My town here in Ireland is 6000, that's considered a big town, mad…I love it.

  7. I have the same sentiment as Elliott, but about when people make fun of Florida. I also don't like it here, but I get to say bad things about it, not you.

  8. Oh My Gosh! What a great podcast ! I have recently gotten into Podcasting after my husband John starting working later and your Podcasts are a Blast ! Love your humour. I have to say some of it is a little un-Christian, but don't tell my husband LOL ! Anyways, gotta make my famous Vegan Gluten-Free Sugar-Free Calorie-Free Lasagna for dinner for the little ones. Have a good night the Valleys Folks ! !

  9. I live in Gainesville but I work in another county nearby and they still allow paddling at schools. It’s a very strange law. It’s still legal in Florida… like what??

  10. For a real small town, but also a potentially slightly weird, experience you guys should visit my hometown. It's a tourist town. With a population of about 1500. The downtown area is smaller than Central Park. But, there is hiking, white water rafting, wine tasting. And in the winter there are some pretty good skiing places.
    It's also Bavarian themed. Leavenworth, Washington. Fun place to visit, don't live there.

  11. Did the intro guy say Valleycats? I kinda like that name for the Valleyfolk fan base – Valleycats
    it's got a nice ring to it or maybe I'm just high!
    Also If you like Denver go a bit north to Fort Collins it's smaller than Denver and cleaner and more friendly and super close to the mountains, it's better than Boulder!

  12. I relate really hard to what Joe was talking about with going back home after a while and it not feeling like home anymore. I moved from Massachusetts to New Mexico in my Junior year of high school, but I'd left my town's school system 2 years before so I left a lot of my friends behind. After I graduated, I went back to visit and see them graduate and even though I was literally there among all the people I grew up with, it didnt feel like home anymore. Everyone had grown without me and found new friends. Even some of the places I'd been every day felt familiar yet foreign so while it will always be in my heart, it's not my home anymore.

  13. Elliot be careful about wanting to break down in Maine, that's where all of Steven Kings villains live.

  14. Theres apparently hundreds if not thousands of miles of underground tunnels that have been "forgotten" about or abandoned all over the country! Imagine all the crazy stuff they've been used for 🤯🤔

  15. That Mole people movie is actually really good and fuckin weird I have it on VHS

  16. Joe, the University of Montana also has an Irish sport called Hurling! I can totally see you at least try it!

  17. Nashville is cool but is getting watered down. A lot of the cool creatives are getting priced out.

  18. as someone who grew up in washington, i don’t even want to visit moses lake. it’s so unappealing. joe is right

  19. Yeah, I live in Arizona and I gotta agree that I would NEVER want to live in Arizona…

  20. Joe after talking about Montana: I'm a little homeless right now

    Me: Join the mole people

  21. I love listening to Americans pronounce the second ‘t’ in “Toronto”.

  22. Joe talking about Kalispell and Missoula makes me really happy because it sounds so much like my wife talking about growing up in Kalispell. All of the memories she has there as a kid and making a "big trip" to Missoula as it was an important thing that didn't get to happen often. Haven't been able to make it to her home town yet but wanting to get out there next summer if possible.

  23. the hottest it gets in atl is 91 normally its in its in its 70s but it has bipolar weather
    I want move 2 england or new york or san francisco if i had money
    im graduating collage

  24. I wish I had much fun doing anything in my life as Joe does playing with a stick.

    Edit: I live in Maine. Come join usssss.

  25. Well, that was a rollercoaster of emotions. "I went to Detroit & Chicago… and Detroit had the nicest people" :heart sinks: Well, OK. "And Chicago is extremely beautiful and could see myself living there" YEAH! That's RIGHT! TAKE THAT DETROIT! 😛

    PS. Sucks that I missed Elliot at Schuba's. You guys need to come back all together, since Elliot wasn't at the Phil show.

  26. The town I grew up in had a population of 663 in 2010. I would guess it's probably still under 800 people. Where I currently live was 4,239 back then and is still probably under 5,000. THOSE are small towns. And working for a company based in DC means I earn more than double the median household income and live in a house that cost a fifth of what it would 120 miles North. Better/fewer neighbors, more peace and quiet, and a 10 year mortgage that cost less than rent in a DC suburb.

  27. Elliott I feel so bad for you for growing up in Lakeland lol. I live in Tampa and work in Lakeland and it’s truly a different breed of crackhead there 😅

  28. Elliott's robot idea is basically any shapeshifter but with technology instead of magic or aliens

  29. i firmly believe that when Joe went to Montana he was the only one there and that's why he made friends with the stick

  30. missoula is sick, i live in bozeman but i have a bunch of friends living there and my band goes there fairly often.

  31. I was watching this and I was like hmm Steve and Elliot seem off and then they brought up being high and I was yup that makes sense

  32. I thought the Bigxistence of Sky was a real book for a second there because of that graphic.

  33. I love you guys and this was very funny but never do a podcast this high again. It made me feel like I was too high at one point

  34. After having listened to the intro on the audio podcast I had to switch over here and say… Grace Helbig for president… FUCK YES!

    PS. TheValleyFolk are amazing and I thank all of you for bringing joy to my and others lives for years.

  35. I’m so glad I was on the same level as Steve cuz I was really digging this episode!

  36. So… Elliot’s robot is just a replicant from Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. Also, Elliot, read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. Read whatever Philip K Dick books you come across! I feel like his blend of deep Judeo-Christian religious yearning/questioning and 1960s dystopian angst falls just smack dab in the middle of your wheelhouse.

  37. I want a crime drama where Joe is a serial killer, and Gus Johnson is trying to stop him, and it's gritty and real, no humour. That could be amazing.

  38. The flannel that Elliott is wearing is triggering 7th grade memories of rocking flannel shirts and carpenter jeans

  39. I can only imagine what experiencing this podcast is like in the position that Joe is where he's seemingly the only non high one there 😂

  40. Tx boy here and yeah Houston and Dallas do blow…Austin is a cool visit place but fuck living there… kids being the main reason so yeah i get you Joe

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