Johnny Goes Corporate | Johnny Tsunami on the Job by Oh My Disney

Grandpa, when I was first learning how to surf, was I any good? You never gave up, and that’s what counts, huh? You know what would be even more awesome? If someday, when you decided to have a family, you’d have a job that would allow you to support them and be there for them when they needed you. [alarm rings] You know, the best surfing happens in the morning. That’s when it’s hardest. [laughing] I … I know that guy. You know, I always used to rag on my dad for working all the time. Like … what could be so interesting that he’d have to spend eight hours a day working on it, you know? And with my grandpa like, always down to ride waves, I just—I didn’t get it. Things change, brah. But I can surf, I can snowboard, I can mountainboard … so learning how to code was, honestly, kind of a piece of cake. [clears throat] Tsunami. You gonna have that mockup ready for 3 o’clock? Yes. Yes sir— Great. He’s … he’s a good guy. Oh, hey Thomas. How’s it hanging? [sighs] Hang ten, right? I’m sorry, am I harshing your mellow this morning, Tsunami? I’m a racer, okay? I’m built for speed. I just don’t get it, you know? The whole “Urchin” thing. The “pow” and the “gnar.” Is it crunchy? Crispy? I mean, are we talking about snow? Or pizza? [typing] So, as you can see I’ve created a drop down menu, to make it easy to find our client’s products. [loud applause] When you put in a hard week’s work, it makes the waves even sweeter. Hey guys! You guys ready to hit that lip, and just like, wa-pah! And then just, baaaaaah! And just get, like, pitted? Just like, sooo pitted? You guys ready to go surfing? [Group] Yeah! Alright. Alright, let’s go! Woo!

17 thoughts on “Johnny Goes Corporate | Johnny Tsunami on the Job by Oh My Disney

  1. Where did this even come from?! It's so random but I'm so okay with it! I loved these movies.

  2. Any chance we're going to see Kirsten Storms in the next one if there's a next one? Also bring back Sam, Jonathan McDaniel might be available.

  3. He lived in Santa Barbara when I was down there for a few years. Saw him around parties in IV and apparently he hated being called tsunami.

  4. After all those adventures he still became his father…oh the irony.

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