Johnson County animal shelter takes in flood victims

LIVING THERE. MANY PETS WERE LOST AND DISPLACED FROM THEIR HOMES THANKS TO THE HIGH WATERS. BUT AS WYMT’S LAUREN OSBORNE REPORTS … ANIMAL SHELTER OFFICIALS HOPE TO GET THE PETS BACK TO WHERE THEY BELONG. THE JOHSNON COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER IS NOW HOME TO MANY PETS DISPLACED BY FLOODING .. MANY HAVE COME IN JUST THIS WEEK. THE SHELTER HAS BROUGHT IN ANIMALS LIKE THIS ONE… NOW WITHOUT A HOME. HANNAH GOLDMAN SAYS MANY OF THE ANIMALS HAVE BEEN THROUGH ALOT. 53:20 “a lot of them have come in injured form the flood so we’ve had to spend what funds that we had to vet themso that’s also been a difficulty for us. PEOPLE SEARCHING FOR THEIR BELONGINGS IN THE FLOOD CONTINUE TO FIND ANIMALS STRANDED … MANY UNDER DEBRIS AND BRIDGES. THE JOHNSON COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER IS NEW AND MANY SAY IT IS A BLESSING THEY OPENED IN JUNE. 54: 40 “if not then those flood animals that did come in would not have had anywhere to go.” THE SHELTER HAS RECEIVED MANY DONATIONS… SPECIFICALLY FOOD TO FEED THE LARGE NUMBERS OF ANIMALS THAT ARE BROUGHT IN. “the shelter has over 70 cats 7 of them flood victims. If you believe your cat or dog is here… The shelters ask that you get in touch with them.” “if you have lost a pet you can report it to us give us a description um if it comes through the shelter than we will give you a call you can also go to our website its we have a special page for flood victims we also have our donation page on there as well.” THE SHELTER SAYS THEY ARE FULL… HOWEVER THEY WILL STILL TAKE IN ANY ANIMALS. THEY WILL ALSO KEEP FLOOD VICTIMS FOR OWNER PICK UP FOR A LONGER PERIOD OF TIME. IN JOHNSON

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