Johnson county flood victims reflect one week after severe flash flooding

FLOODING HIT COMMUNITIES IN JOHNSON COUNTY. FOUR PEOPLE DIED… AND RIGHT NOW, CREWS ARE NOT LOOKING FOR ANY MORE MISSING PEOPLE. FEMA REPRESENTATIVES ARRIVED OVER THE WEEKEND… TO GET A LOOK AT THE DAMAGE. THEY WILL SEND THEIR ASSESSMENT TO THE GOVERNOR… WHO WILL THEN SEND THE NUMBERS TO WASHINGTON, D.C…. IN HOPES OF GETTING SOME FINANCIAL HELP WITH THE CLEAN UP. MIKE LINDEN IS TALKING WITH PEOPLE… CLEANING UP THE MESS. IT’S OUR TOP STORY AT 5-30. TRACK: Hebert Hayden lived at the Pennington Mobile Home park for 12 years. SOT: “Oh, it we a nice community son. I had the best neighbors that there was. They had that big double wide there.” STAND-UP: “Just last week this creek rose up and out of its banks and destroyed most of the homes here at the Pennington mobile home park. Now one week removed from the devastating flash flooding and the creek has dropped back more than five feet to the point at which you can now see the bottom.” TRACK: Hayden says he not only lost his home but invaluable family items he’ll never get back. SOT: “I feel bad about it. I post pictures of my dad and mom that are dead and stuff like that. Boy, it’s bad I’m telling you.” TRACK: Pictures and family items aren’t the only things he lost in the flooding. He’s been coming back to the park every day to look for two members of his family that are still missing. SOT: “I’m just coming out here to see if my cats will come back home. We had two cats that we loved and I ain’t seen them since this happened.” TRACK: While his home and belongings are gone, you’ll find Hayden waiting, hoping, for his cats to come home. In Johnson County, Mike Linden, WKYT. JOHNSON COUNTY SHERIFF TIM PRATT SAYS ANYONE

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