Johnson County man saves stepson during flood

LOOKING FOR HIS FATHER-IN-LAW. SHAUN STEWART SAYS AT FIRST, IT WAS NOTHING OUT OF THE ORDINARY. shaun “every time the water comes up, we always go get everything, turn the dogs up, pick up everything and put it on high ground and that what we was doing. when we went into the gun shop it was at our ankles which was normal, when we came back around it was coming in the door.” HE WAS WITH HIS STEP- SON AND FATHER- IN – LAW AT THEIR GUN SHOP. BEFORE THEY KNEW IT THEY WERE FIGHTING FOR THEIR LIVES. shaun “i saved my step-sons life. i couldnt get to my father in law. we seen a house go by and thats when i got the door open. we came to a tree and i put my stepson up in it. and i went out to the top of the roof and went back in twice to holler for him and i couldnt find him.” STEWART SAYS IT ALL HAPPENED SO FAST. shaun ” it pinned me up against it and pulled me under for two minutes. i finally got it off and after a few minutes i seen my father in law go by on rafters and he got to a tree.” STEWART’S FATHER-IN-LAW SAYS ONCE HE PULLED HIMSELF FROM THE WATER, HE WAS SAFE SPOT. gordon “i wasnt in no trouble, shaun was in the worst trouble. my grandson was up in the hill holloring at the rescuer, ‘get over here’, i think it scared him more than it did the rest of us. shaun’s a lucky man he’s alive.” THEIR GUN SHOP IS COMPLETELY GONE, BUT THEY’VE STILL GOT EACH OTHER. IN JOHNSON COUNTY, CHANDLER MARKIE, WYMT MOUNTAIN NEWS. ONCE RESCUED, STEWART WAS TAKEN TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM. HE SUFFERED FROM BRUISES AND CUTS ON HIS ARM. HE ALSO RECEIVED 16 STITCHES. THE FLOODING IN JOHNSON COUNTY, PROMPTED MANY TO HELP WITH

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