Joost van Dam Documentaire – Paraglide Short Documentary

The feeling the feeling of freedom. The feeling that a human can fly, where you actually not are built for. You are meant to walk, and stay on the ground. That gives you such
an incredibale feeling. Good afternoon, my name is Joost van Dam, fifty-four years old. And my passion is paragliding. In nineteen ninety-two I had a passenger on board and he looked very strange. He had weird shoes and a helmet in his hand luggage At that time I asked him by.. Yes maybe he was a skier, I had no clue. Or maybe a skaterboy. He explained to me what he did. He was a Delta and Paraglide-pilot We were on the same flight to Rio de Janeiro, I was working and he as a passenger. So het told me, “You know, tommorow I’ll take you with me and then we go fly together” Coincidentally It was my birthday that day And as a birthday present he offered me a flight. A duo flight. And then I was sold right away. I’ve told him; I want a course, I buy like a glider with you. I want this too. And so it al began. I’m really only doing traveling and planning. in order to be able to go paragliding. And, for example, Now the season starts in Mexico. from December to March It is super to fly there. I am already trying to apply for traveling there. And before that, for example, I go very much to Rio, Lima, Peru. I try At every destination the best time>of year to choose to be sure I could fly there. That’s the Gávea, which is the mountain where I fly a lot of the time. And here you have a piece of Ipanema. And here you have So Corano. Hello! This is for example the seat. The armor in which you sit. With the lever on the side for the reserve parachute. Because you have always the option if it goes wrong, that you have a second chance with the reserve parachute you can throw. This is a paraglider. The screen itself. Together is the about fifteen kg of material. Only it is large in volume. My name Linde, I’m sixteen years old. And Joost is my dad. Well, I find it very very nice for him that he has a passion. Because he is always there working on it. He always want that we watch his videos. But it is always the same, so after a while you get pretty bored of it, because You’re always watching the same video Personally I find it around much more enjoyable. So the life there. Which I find much more fun then watch how he is in the air because that’s always the same. But I think it is really nice for him that he has such a great passion. Sometimes he really always sitting at the computer. But it is something he really loves, so that’s okay. Well here I am sitting behind the workstation where I make all the movies. Since a few years because I’ve made so many movies. There are some people that found it interesting and fun. and wanted to have their brand name on it. I’m nowadays are sponsored by a German paragliding brand and a Dutch Web store that sells
those materials. Following the movies that I all share on many Facebook
Pages, I am getting an exposure that
they want to have. Look, yes you are always alone Sure there are also group tours that you can join, or you always meet friends on the mountain. But it is a solo sport. Because you really do it on your own. And I have to tell you honestly, sometimes it’s though … well lonely is a bit of a sad Word. Because it is not. It’s just on your own. I talked about it this morning with my wife. The great thing is that I can do it constantly while working.

5 thoughts on “Joost van Dam Documentaire – Paraglide Short Documentary

  1. Leuk filmpje, complimenten! Het helpt natuurlijk dat het 'onderwerp' bijzonder enthousiast en gepassioneerd is.
    Ik moest erg lachen om de reactie van Joost's dochter: “hij wil altijd dat we zijn filmpjes bekijken maar het is altijd hetzelfde”… pijnlijk herkenbaar voor veel paraglidingpiloten die na een geweldige vlucht de filmpjes enthousiast aan familie en vrienden laten zien. 😂 En ze heeft natuurlijk helemaal gelijk dat de sfeerbeelden eromheen de filmpjes helemaal af maken.

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