100 thoughts on “Josh Turner – The River (Of Happiness) (Live From Gaither Studios) ft. The Turner Family

  1. This is so pleasing to ma ears :') beautiful children,.. …wanna learn that song,


  3. God bless you all its a nice song n voice keep going to praise the holy name of Jesus Christ

  4. Praise God!!! Then sweet boys have God's anointing upon them for sure! I pray God uses them in a mighty way!!!

  5. "Thank you children for ministering to us through a wonderful song. Continue to preach the Good News to the world."

  6. Wait 10 years from now…they'll be the new generation of worship leaders here. 😊

  7. Alléluia , c'est vraiment beau les beaux chants des enfants . Dommage ça n'a pas été si long , merci!..

  8. Their parents should be proud, especially with the song-writing credit going mostly to the oldest boy here (some help from mama)

  9. Beautiful, comforting song. Very well done. Lost my Mom a year ago tomorrow. This touched me while listening to it.

  10. Who is this kid? Whoever the Kid is. He looks and sounds good. Anyway,how old are you young man?

  11. My 20 month old little girl goes into worship every time she hears this song. I sent the video of my daughter worshiping and my 44 year old daughter broke down and cried to. You see the 20 month old girl I adopted that's great it brings tears to my eyes many times also.
    Awesome job awesome!

  12. Expressionless singing. I love to hear children sing, but they should at least, I don’t know….smile?!? The meaning of words and the joy of singing seems to be lost.

  13. wow, Josh! Didn't realize so much time had passed. What a special family u'v created. what tslent! God bless u man

  14. Josh Turners incredible children worshiping their Savior. How it must make mom and dad so touched by this amazing performance and tribute to God. Hallelulah

  15. Aww, Father God is proud of His little ones when they know Him. So precious!!

  16. Josh I just realized that it was you from when you were a kid.Wow you were a cutie back then.And now for a grown man you still are.

  17. this performance moved me to tears.. life has given so much adversity to all God`s children.. the song writer giving a message of peace and happiness after life`s suffering!! The children sing it with sincerity. still weeping here!

  18. I love Josh Turner and his beautiful wife and boys! I was feeling a little down and I discovered this and it warmed my heart and lifted my spirits! You can tell what children are being raised right!

  19. It is but a diamond shining through the darkness and evil of today’s world

  20. Mark Rodriguez— I saw Josh Turner on Mike Huckabee show tonight on TBN (Sat, 8 pm ), he said his wife and oldest son wrote this great song when son was only 8 years old! Their son created the original tune, idea, and imagery—Wonderful!

  21. Wow Awesome,,,
    Praise God ,,, your are all Gifted singers ,,,
    GOD Bless this children always,,

  22. I bought the CD and DVD from Gaither Music, and this song is so good. His children did a marvelous job. I know when coming back to country the first CD I bought was Josh Turner. I have 8 of his CD. But the best of Josh Turner went missing. But I still have it on my computer.

  23. I just love the children of Josh Turner singing so good, like their father. His daughter is precious.

  24. I will help come on people they went and sang to worm hearts not to get booed 👎 give them these 👍 not them

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