Julia 1-vs-1 med Narit! Exklusiv intervju med starka Julia Rohnér i Mark Basket, SBL Dam.

Jan: Hi Julia. Welcome to Corpus gym!
Julia: Thanks. What are you go to train today?
Julia: Chest and shoulders Julia: it is going to awesome. Here is my gym! Narit: how often do you train?
Julia: basically everyday. It is a good gym for sure. Nice atmoshere. Narit: everyone here recognizes you. Julia: ha ha I don’t know ..maybe. Jan: how did it go?
Julia: it was great — gött 😉 Jan: which flavor do you want? Julia: Oh .. which one do you recommend? Jan: I would take this one Julia: Thanks very much
Jan: well done Julia: it was good. It felt great. I was in a good form today. It was nice. Narit: did you do any favorite exercise? Julia: bench press is a favorite. I just love it. Narit: lifting weight is your passion? Julia: yes, it is my passion apart from basketball. It is something special. Though I might not have the best day I would still hit the gym and do what I can do. Narit: you have youtube channel? How do we find you? Julia: you can go to youtube and search “Julia Rohner” But I also have that in my instagram as well. Just search for “juliarohner14” There are a few different places you can find me in cyber space. My name is Julia Rohner, 20 years old. I have been playing basketball for approximately 11 years. I come from Onsala Basket, well it is called Onsala Pirates Basket. I was playing in Onsala until the last year in high school. One day I got a call from Robin Sandberg (previous coach) about chances to play in the highest league (SBL Dam) I was in my last year at high school. I said yes to the invitation. It has been good since the season started But we have had some tough games, especially away games. It is tough to travel quite a bit and then play a game having to remain in a top form. But we did great during the recent games. We got 3 consecutive wins right before X’mas. It was a wonderful feeling that we made progress Julia: what do I know about her (the girl to her right in the picture)? She is a skillful shooter. She is nice, kind and very easy to talk to her. I enjoy living with her. Narit: I heard she has got a dog. Julia: Right, she has two dogs and they are here right now. Clio and Glimma .. they are very cute 🙂 Narit: who is better at cooking? Julia: a good question but I just do not have the answer. My name is Erica Iderstål, 25 years of age. Is it true that you a roommate of Julia Rohner? Yes yes ..we are roommates since the season started. She does not lift weight at home that much. She would bake chocolate balls and would surprise with such things. That is also very pleasing. She mentioned your dogs. But they don’t live with you permanently? They are here for a visit as mom and dad are in Spain. Has Julia visited your house in Stockholm? No, she has not and in fact none in our team has done that. Soon time to visit you in Stockholm? We can do that sometime 😉 Erica… Julia is very strong. Please tell what she likes eating at home. She eats basically everything she wants to do eat. Swedish meatballs, pasta, rice with chicken sauce Chocolate balls, soft drinks, basically anything she wants. And it is good like that I think. Do you know what she does in a dead lift? No…

Narit: 45 kg more that I can! 145 kg!

Erica: Oh xxit I cannot do that … Narit:Who is better at cooking? Erica: we never cook together or for each other. I do not really know so we should have a cooking competition 🙂 Narit: sounds good 😀 Narit: Julia, what are you hidden talents? Julia: my hidden talents? I don’t know 😉 They are not so hidden. I am a physically strong. Narit: I heard that you do a dead lift with 150 kg. 145 😉 but that is close enough I heard some young boys saying that 😉 And you will probably do 180 kg in the future. Maybe 😉 The world record is well 350 kg No problem I will reach that level too 😉 hahaha Excellent, then we come check you out again in the gym 😉 Great and thumb up! Michael Jordan (MJ) is in my world a legend. (another favorite player is Stephen Curry) It is interesting that they are from diffrent eras. Curry is in the now. MJ was a great player in the past. They are in fact two different types of players. MJ was impressive with everything he did. Curry is a great 3p shooter. MJ dunked and did super amazing moves. Overall i would say all parts of gymtraining contributes to my strength for basketball. But the fundamental ones are the most important. like dead lifts which make your back and core strong. It is very important to have a stable core when you play basketball. Squat helps you strengthen your legs. You run and do quick turns in basketball. These exercises help prevent injuries. If you are unlucky to be in a wrong move without stability then you risk getting hurt. Narit: how heavy do you think Julia takes in a dead lift? Stina: I think 3 times more than I do .. Have a look at her again. Is she beefy enough for that? 😉 Stina: no doubt 😉 She is very strong. Narit: what do you think about the practice today? Julia: a good one, a lot of running. Fredrik: this is our strongest player. Narit: any idea how heavy she takes in a dead lift? Fredrik: she would lift me 4 times! Easily! Fredrik: she is the strongest in the league (SBL Dam) since Bullet left. It was quite a bit of running. A part of preparations before a game with Norrköping on Sunday. It felt good. Our home game 🙂 You guys have to come cheer us!

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