Jumped In The River!

– [Asa] You guys look ridiculous
in your little inner tube. – There’s some big fish (laughing) – Oh my god. You saw those? What’d you say? – Y’all look ridiculous in little tubes. – K, you have tubes on, you’ll be fine. – [Summer] I don’t really
want the tube, okay now. – [Asa] K. – [Priscilla Two, one, go! (screaming) (splash) – You know, that ain’t warm. (laughing) Brrr! – The ground is right
there, you can feel it. It’s disgusting. – But, it’s so cold. (laughing) (splashing) – My toes. – How do you warm them? (laughing) – You know what, that’s gross. (laughing) – The ground is so gross. – [Priscilla Excuse Me. (laughing) He’s really freaking
out cause it’s ‘nnnnn. – Go jump in.
– Jump in. – Holy crap what does she, – You have pizza all over you. – [Asa] I know. – Come on. – [Isaiah] Abbie, come on. – [Summer] Come on, one, two, three jump. – One, two.
– Holy crap. – There’s no way. There’s no way, you do it. – Come on, kid. – Come on. – One, two. – Come on. – [Priscilla Oh, my God. – Come on. (laughing) (splash) – Ohhhh! – Holy crap, Abigail. – [Priscilla I did not
expect her to do that. – Me either, (laughing)
– Neither did I. – [Priscilla Aw, I’m so glad you did. (laughing) – [Asa] Oh, that was surprising. – It was, great now
it’s gonna be a change. – [Asa] Yeah, now we have to
wash her clothes here on here. – [Priscilla] Look at you Ab. Are you having so much fun? – Oh, don’t look oh, wait. – Yeah, that was dumb. – Just to make sure. (laughing) – Go get it. – Oh, get away from me here. – She’s gonna try it. – That freaks me out, dude.
– He’s freakin’ out. (laughing) – Which is funny, I was out of the water. (laughing) – [Asa] Abbie, come up here. – I’m checking the stairs for her. – Say, I’m waiting on my brother. – I’m makin’ sure there’s
nothin’ on the stairs. Okay Ab, come on. – Let’s put your feet on. (splashing) – Hey, come on. – Abbie, come on. – Put your feet on. – Come. – [Abbie] Ah. (laughing) – [Asa] Ab, look. – [Priscilla] Uh, oh, now we
got get her out of the water. – [Asa] Ab, just go over to the stairs. – [Priscilla] I’m gonna go
get towels for everybody. – [Asa] Okay. – Ya wanna try one more time? All you gotta do is
climb up like Isaiah did. – Say yeah. (laughing) – Okay here we go. – [Summer] This is too funny. – [Asa] I can’t believe she jumped in. – [Isaiah] I’m very surprised. – [Summer] I don’t like
it over here, it’s dark. – [Abbie] Eh! (splashing) – [Asa] There’s nothin’ over there. – [Isaiah] Come on, Ab. – Go up. – [Isaiah] Come on, stand up Ab. – Stand up, no we’re getting out. – [Isaiah] Abbie, come on. – [Abbie] Eh! – [Isaiah] Oh, my god. (laughing) Abbie, come on. – [Abbie] Eh, eh. – Steps, get up, come on. – You’re makin’ me. – You are making so much
dirt fly up right now. – [Asa] Stand up, Ab. – Oh, oh gosh. – [Asa] Oh, she’s got green
stuff all over on her feet. – [Summer] She can, ready. – [Priscilla] She’d like some Homosassa. – [Asa] Take some Homosassa – From the hole of the Mosassa. – Got it? Whew. – That back pack’s
rough, don’t we use your. – She’s like, don’t push me over. – [Asa] It’s kinda ragged. It’s all dirty.
– Gonna get you a more stylish back pack.
– stained and gross. – Anytime I go into a place I look at backpacks, I’m like, “Nope, doesn’t have a front clip.” “Nope, doesn’t have a front clip.” – [Asa] Well, you can actually buy these. Oh, really. – [Asa] – Yeah. – Okay. – [Asa] I saw ’em on
Amazon, so you can add ’em to pretty much anything.
– Perfect you can get one. Maybe a Target one. – [Asa] And Dad can even sew. So we can sew one in. – Wanna go to Target next week? – Yeah, I need to sew some
buttons on one of my shirts. It got caught on a desk at school and ripped off two buttons. – [Asa] Maybe I can
teach you to sew buttons. – No, you got it. – [Asa] Okay. – I’ll just come home whenever
I need somethin’ sewn. – [Asa] Wow. – This looks cute. – [Isaiah] Hungry, you wanna eat? – [Asa] Situations like
that, just perfect you know. Busy restaurant, full of people and Priscilla saw this table outside. She’s like, “Can we sit out here?” This lady’s like, “Well you’ll
have to come in and order.” We’re like, “No problem.” – [Priscilla] She ended up
doing our order anyway, so. – Yeah, they ended up taking care of us. – Ken’s Cafe. – Oh, my back is hurting. Remember when we had our old mattress, before we got the sponsor by Lull. – [Priscilla] Yeah. – That’s how my back feels right now from this mattress at the Airbnb. It is rock hard. – [Isaiah] Love the house,
hate the mattresses. – Mattresses are terrible,
I gotta you know like have you walk on my back or something. – [Isaiah] Genius move dad. – Right. – Let’s have a meet up at a Walmart, ’cause Abbie loves Walmarts. I’ve never seen a “Dunkin”
in a Walmart before though. That’s weird. I just picked the one
that was closest to us. – [Isaiah] Yeah, when
you look at the pictures, it doesn’t look like it’s
a “Dunkin” in a Walmart. – [Asa] No. – It’s just the stock photos
that they use for “Dunkin”. (crowds talking) – Hey, hi. – How are you? – I’m good. – Hi, Priscilla. – How are you? – Hi, Asa. – [Asa] Hi, how ya’ doin’? – Good. – [Asa] How’s it going? – How ya doing, I’m Adam. – [Asa] Nice to meet ya. – This is pretty good. I’ll give you one of these. It’s actually the agency
I work for in the county. – [Asa] Oh nice, thank you. – I work for for Key Training Center. – [Asa] Oh cool, awesome. – So, but actually from your videos I actually went back into the field. – [Asa] Oh nice, that’s awesome man. That’s good to hear. – I was like, I tell my wife, I’m like they’re gonna be here. I’m like no way. – How ya doin’? Good to see ya. – Nice to meet ya. – They all know you,
they’re all your friends. – [Asa] Say hello to everybody. – Can you say, “Hi”? – Yeah. (laughing) – [Priscilla] What do you think? – [Asa] Oh, there’s a lot of people here. – Right. – Are you feelin’ better? – Yeah she is. – [Asa] You gotta go potty? – Everybody’s (mumbled)
– Come on. – Today a little bit. (laughing) – Thank you. We just had lunch at Ken’s Cafe. And it was, yeah it was good. – Hi Summer. (rhythmic rock music) – Hi, I brought you a (muffled), okay. Yeah. (rhythmic rock music) – All right one, two, three. – [All] Cheese. – [Isaiah] Abbie. – Oh, hold on, so look. – No, you’re fine. (laughing) – Whoo. – Okay, we’re gonna go
like this, ya ready? You guys at the end go tick-tock. We’re gonna go, (clap)
– Clap. – Like that.
– Okay. – We’re gonna go, da, da, clap. All right you ready? Whenever you’re ready when you record it. Recording, all right, ready? One, two, three. Da, da, (clapping) (laughing) – Nice to meet ya’ Asa. – Nice, I got a little
chocolate, but there you go. – That’s all right, chocolate’s good. – I love the shirt. – I bet you do. – I told her, it’s like don’t offend Asa. (laughing) We love, he loves… – [Asa] Wow, that was intense, huh? So many people. – I’m so impressed, Homosassa. – So we had people drive from Tampa. – I know. – They’re like two and half hours away. And they drove to say, “Hi”. – That’s crazy, you guys– – That’s wild. – just warm our hearts. – Yeah, the kids have been
in the car for a few minutes. We had to finish saying
good bye to everybody. How are we? – [Priscilla] Hi. – [Summer] We’re good. (sighs) – Yeah. – [Asa] What’s wrong? – I didn’t mentally
prepare myself for that. I mean people, we were like
ah, talkin’ about like ten. I was like yeah, it’s like
a Walmart Dunkin’ Donuts. Ain’t nobody gonna be there. And then the entirety of Florida came. That was awesome. – [Asa] It was wild, right? – Yeah, that was a really good one. – It was. – Yeah, I did not expect to see– – Oh crap, dang it. – That many people. – She found ’em. – Whoo. I know like we were there a long time, but I really like that. I really enjoy it. I love hearing people’s stories. – I know it’s my favorite part. – Like how they found us,
like how we connect with them. All that. – One lady said, I was the
reason that she started watching. – You were the reason, she
started watching, Isaiah? – Yeah, she said with the playlist video, when I was in the stairwell with Abbie. – [Asa] Right. – She said that’s what hooked me. – [Asa] Oh, wow. – And she was like, I
liked the Facebook page and I was like, ah, that’s
gonna be one of the things where you just like it and
you never see it again, and then now I watch it every single day. – [Priscilla] Aw. – Okay, let’s go look at some wildlife. – Whoa! – [Asa] What ya doin’? – [Priscilla] The wind’s
gonna blow you away. – [Asa] Oh. – You’re not bringin’ your camera? – What? – [Asa] Wildlife – I mean yesterday you didn’t bring it or you didn’t want to bring it, and there was alpaca. – Water, I don’t have a– – [Asa] What are you talkin’ about? – Shooting it. – You’re not gonna be–
– What? – I can’t shoot in the water. It’s reflective. – Oh, okay well I’m
gonna shoot in the water. – I don’t have a (mumbled) that’ll, all right, just give me a second. (smooth snapping music) – [Isaiah] How did she
do, on the boat ride? – She did good. – Yeah, she liked it I thought. – Good. – She was a little
nervous and then warmed up and it was like, whoo let’s go. Oh my gosh. – [Isaiah] What? Oh wow, holy crap. There’s a hippopotamus. – [Asa] Abbie, there’s a hippotami. – Six thousand pounds. – Hippa potomus. – [Isaiah] Gators. – [Priscilla] Abbie look. – [Tour Guide] From the
summers calls them out. – Look it. He’s six thousand pounds. Yeah.
– There’s two ingredients. – [Summer] (laughing) She’s, – [Isaiah] Yeah, it really is, I see him. (crowds talking) – [Isaiah] Isn’t that cool, Ab? Yeah, cool, huh? – Look, watch him eat that apple. He likes apples like you do. – [Asa] And they have manatee in that little pool right there, but they’re just there to eat. They come in to eat. – I keep saying we don’t
have ’em in Jacksonville but we do, we just don’t
have ’em where we’re at. – [Asa] Right, yeah yeah. – [Summer] There’s a bee. – [Isaiah] Dad there’s a bee
that’s been following you like. – It’s okay, it won’t eat much. – I’m just sayin’, he’s been on you. – Go Ab, come on, run, go run, go, go, go. (giggling) Whoo! – But those are rescue manatee
and they come in there to eat but they live out here. They’re free to go, but
they, there here because. – [Isaiah] They know when feeding time is. – Yeah, exactly, but they were injured so they were brought
back to good health here and it’s where they stay. That’s a lot of fishes. – [Isaiah] They’re not
moving, they look fake. – [Asa] Aw, you all so cute. – I mean, how can you even see Abigail? – [Asa] ‘Cause she’s
camouflaged, so funny, so funny. – Be natural. (giggles) – Water is weird, the way
it changes things, you know. Angles and whatever. That’s the weirdest fish, man. (crowds talking) – [Abbie] Eh, eh, eh. – [Summer] You’re okay. – [Priscilla] It’s echoey in here, huh? – That’s an insane amount of fish in here. Look at all those down there. – Holy crap, Mom. Wow, oh yeah. – [Asa] I don’t understand. – [Man] Polarization, no
he’s going back up to study. – [Woman] Oh man, I was
walkin’ back around. It was like glasses it was awful. – [Man] Yeah. – [Asa] Crazy. So you can’t really see it on camera, but there is a mound of fish right there. It’s like a, it’s a chunk. I don’t even know what it is. How would you describe it? – [Isaiah] These are jack
crevalle, these ones right here. – Okay, but look.
– I don’t know what that is. All those fish down there. That wad of fish, I mean it’s huge. – They’re not even moving.
– Look at these fish, they’re saltwater. – It’s like,
– They’re just sitting there. – [Asa] It’s gotta be 10 feet,
20 feet deep of solid fish. – [Isaiah] That below is, high five. Isn’t that crazy? – [Asa] Yeah, it is crazy. – [Isaiah] There’s another kind of fish, I don’t know what he is. That’s funny. – [Priscilla] Okay. – [Asa] Tram ride. (motor running) Boat here, tram back, you ready? – We’re doing all different types of– – Transportation things.
– Transportation, yeah. – [Asa] You’re doin’ great today. Good job. – Say, whooh!. (motor running) (laughing) – You get the whole manatee? – [Asa] Well, yeah. – [Summer] Wrong way, Ab turn around. – Super cheesy family photo op. – There’s nothing cheesy about this. – [Asa] This is super look– – You talk in front of
this thing. (laughs) (laughing) – Come here.
– Together. (traffic noise) – Smile. – Look, look, look, look. – You were like fixing
her hair in at least one. – [Asa] Abbie, hey you
killed it today, good job. – Yup. – [Asa] So proud of you. So many new experiences. So many people. Rocked it out kid. So I told you guys that
we were gonna see manatee, mermaids and monkeys. (birds chirping) We haven’t seen monkeys yet. Look, monkeys. So that’s Monkey Island. There are four spider
monkeys that live there. I don’t remember the story why, but it was basically like they
had no where else to go, so. – [Summer] Somebody built
something for somebody. – [Asa] Yeah, they built yeah. So that was just rocks
sticking out of the water and boats kept hitting it. So they added dirt, then they added trees, then they added monkeys. – Monkeys were a weird
addition, I’m not gonna lie. – [Summer] They don’t swim at all? – [Asa] No. – [Summer] Fish. – [Asa] But you can’t get too close, ’cause they’ll jump on your boat. Are you wavin’ at the monkeys? – She was. (loud airboat motor running) – [Isaiah] Holy crap, (muffled). – [Asa] Really cool, how crazy is it there’s monkeys still there? – I’m like, I don’t understand it. There’s just this random
island with monkeys on it. Like how did they get here? – [Isaiah] Somebody put ’em there. – [Priscilla] Why, though? (snapping light rock music) – [Abbie] Wooo. – [Asa] Are you ready
to call it a day, Abbie? Yeah. – No.
– No. Oh, man.
– [Abbie] No, mmmh. (small motor churning) – That thing does a whole lot. Did you not lock it when we left? – [Isaiah] That thing
sounds like a bank vault. No, it didn’t– – No, it’s weird, the–
– That’s weird. – [Summer] It is weird, but it still has– – That’s a whole lot goin’ on there. – [Summer] Single time on there. – Oh my back, legit hurts. I’m gonna steal some
Motrin from Summer, yeah. – [Priscilla] You don’t do drugs. – I’m gonna take your drugs, Summer. Ah, another eventful day. It was awesome, great day. Thanks for hangin’ out with us, guys. We will see you tomorrow. Everybody say, “Bye”. – Bye. – Abbie, say “Bye”. – [Abbie] Eh. – Really that’s what I
get as a bye, that’s it? – [Summer] Bye. – Good bye. – [Isaiah] What would happen if you went on that thing they made? – [Asa] What do you mean? – Like if you walked over there and just got hopped on the island. What would they do? – [Asa] They would
probably want food from ya. – I wonder if they would like– – It was just private property, I wonder– – make you part of their tribe. – [Asa] Tribe. (laughing) – Or either that or
“Planet of the Apes” deal. Like make you think that
they’re just dumb monkeys and then kill you. – [Asa] Put you, wow. – Yeah.
– It got dark, man. – [Isaiah] Yeah, it did. Well have you seen “Planet of the Apes”? Pretty dark.

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