Jurassic Park The Ride River Adventure (HD POV) Universal Studios Hollywood, California

announcement: … your well-being thanks! Time like an ever flowing River Come with us to a time before now To the newly created time Where the river thrown to the newborn world Shine us, wise river! Welcome! to the Jurassic Park! Puertasaurus is the largest creature ever living on earth
Despite its awesome size , these gentle giants pose no threatens Dinosaurs freedom are guaranteed continuously We protect the beasts from savage predators Jurassic park scientists provide strict control of organic life must ensure the safe existence of organisms in the ecosystem the next step is parasaurolophus (parasaurolophus) a part of a diverse family of Cretaceous dinosaurs, known for their variety of fancy head decoration An escaped predator was found. Please inform the control center Full security! Deport boats. Gates must be shutted down now! Ladies and Gentlemen! We are going to attempt to evacuate you at the higher level platform ahead Please remain seated! oh no, no you’ve got wreck? This is emergency! Psittacosaurus is present in this area Life support system will terminate… in fifteen seconds ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four three, two, one… Congratulations! You have come a hard way! Please join us again

100 thoughts on “Jurassic Park The Ride River Adventure (HD POV) Universal Studios Hollywood, California

  1. The only reason I am here to listen to the theme and make some memes of it in my mind

  2. 4:56 why is the boat in front of you so close? I’ve never been on that ride before where the boat in front of us was that close! The only times I could see the boat in front of us is when we entered Ultrasaur lagoon, other than that we never saw anyone else. It kind of destroys the illusion of being that “one boat that went off course” what a shame

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  4. I'm going to Universal soon for my birthday and i literally just told my mom that we shouldnt go to any extreme rides because i would be horrified and explained this ride a little to her XDD

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  6. I ask you one on that right before it's so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

  7. who came here after watching the scary ride in universal studio from storybooth? cause i did

  8. The right looks fun but dangerous but fun I want to go on that ride???????

  9. I went on ride alomst jumped off and told my gramama to Stop the ride

  10. This dedicated our tour though Jurassic world please join us again soon on your next visit to universal studios Hollywood

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  13. I almost died there! Cuz when the falling part last part happened i almost fell of the ride!

  14. This is my first time commenting but keep up the good work your videos are the best

  15. ボン・ジョヴィあに〜に首とか背中ぶった切りにされたんだ〜くつしたはかせてもらってぬげないんだ?


  17. I was waiting for them little girls hands to get caught since she couldn’t keep them in the dam ride ???

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