Kaali | Official Trailer | Paoli Dam | A ZEE5 Original | Streaming Now On ZEE5

Sunny is in the hospital. He fell off a five-storey building. If I don’t pay them in the next
twelve hours for his operation He might not… Is it possible for me to arrange all of that money? There’s a packet in the switch board at the kitchen. We can sell it off and get three lakhs for it. We can save our son. Bloody bugger! You hid drugs at my place!? Hello, brother Let’s make it up for the past tonight. No matter what’s happened in the past, I still… You have a huge case at stake… Please concentrate on that. Kaali… If you use illegal money for Sunny’s operation,
the police will be forced to seize the entire amount. Then, the operation would have
been done by now. How much will I get? How much do you want? One lakh. How would you know how it
feels to see your son dying? If I have to do this for my son, I will
do it again. I will!

100 thoughts on “Kaali | Official Trailer | Paoli Dam | A ZEE5 Original | Streaming Now On ZEE5

  1. The transformation in her body after hate story is quite big.
    Happy to see her in another crime thriller

  2. Three good things about Bengali girls third they are beautiful second they give sex easily and very passionate lover and first they think Bengali men chutiya which helps us (harsh truth but real my experience)

  3. Omg. Very strong woman power. I really like this attitude. But this way is not good for save life. I know he have no any choice and no have anything options so that's way he is as decision.

  4. This will also release in Bengali…now it's a chance for the Bengali movie to get forecasted at every parts in India like other regional language movies…. People should feel the dramatic essence.

  5. Why every nonsense movie is named on Hindu deities …all left liberals ..elites working to demean hindu culture …let movies named as Mohammed Dalal ..etc

  6. Wow awesome 👏🏻 https://youtu.be/OiYBGqJXEzw👈🏻Watch our short film A great love story

  7. nvr expected her 2do such a role she ws gud in hate story but pruved herself as a super qualified actress by taking dis role

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  9. Mirzapur, Apaharan, Scared games best theee

    Isme acting m mzaa nhi aaya…🤔🤔😒😒😒

  10. This women gained some weight not as hot as Hate story..
    I'm disappointed 😰

  11. itni aach movie ko cinemas mein release kyu nhi karte zee 5 mein nhi karna chahiya tha becoz bade screen mein maza ata ha

  12. Actress worst acting i hv ever seen im a entire life…yeakkkk acting soo worst….

  13. Paoli is one strong actress… Really hope to see her more in these kinda powerful roles… She must do more bollywood or hindi tv.. One solid performer

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