Kauai company to cancel tours during flash flood watch following visitor’s death

A KAUAI TOUR COMPANY IS MAKING CHANGES TO ITS ALL FUTURE TOURS WILL BE CANCELED IF A FLASH FLOOD WATCH CALIFORNIA DIED ON THE WAILUA RIVER AFTER SHE WAS MEANWHILE, ANOTHER WOMAN WHO WAS ON THE phone….the group made it back to the wailua river when things took a drastic turn. “we were on the rope and we heard the water in the distance just intensify and just get….it made a whooshing noise “as that happened he said quick quick get across” johnson and a few others turned back and made it to everything he could to help his group….but she feels more safety measures are needed, like requiring life jackets. to have those” “I was just trusting in the company to make that I reached out to the hawaii fire fighters association to ask “there’s a reason why you have these weather reports like flash flood watch or warning” state department of land and natural resources I’m also told the tour guide had been with the company into the incident is ongoing. A STORM SYSTEM APPROACHING THE

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