Kayaking Down the River

At the end point I paddled about 20-30km in total. Overnight at the middle of May Spring flood was early this year, it was warm already in April This river, Petikån, is a shallow, nice little forest river And lots of stone, so it must be much water to paddle Else you hit stones all the time, if you even get anywhere So it’s right time now for paddling Spring flood is almost over, the snow is already melted All of it So… …it’s soon normal summer levels of water I have paddled Petikån I think three times before Many years ago now, together with a friend, the whole river It’s maybe about sixty-seventy km long Probably more… Going into the Skellefte river further down Begins in Lappland going into Västerbotten county Nice river! Nice paddling small forest rivers.

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  1. English subtitles available in the player, for the Swedish talking that I do at the end… There's nothing as adventurous and exiting as going along a small river like this. Hope you enjoy! Atb

  2. Fantastic. Also, I love that there are places to stay along the route. 👍🙂

  3. Eric! Do you have used portable solar cells for charging camerabatteries? And a whole anther thing, was it a KingFisher or a Strömstare you was filming under the bridge?!BarbroSweden

  4. I've always wondered are there not whitewaters in where you are kayaking?

  5. I appreciate your very civilized take on wilderness adventure, and all the extra footsteps you take to compose and record those long shots and extended segments.

  6. Ser trevligt ut att paddla i ett mindre vattendrag. En intressant video som vanligt.

  7. Ravens appear everywhere. This time in a wide valley, by a forest river.
    Great video, anyway!

  8. Apik cak .. sound mbarek videone juernih puool 👌👍👍👍

    Mulai seko kene…. nurut kali…mudon…mudon..mudon…ketuk kene 😁😂

  9. Great job Erik..nice trip with the boat this time..hope you get to fish next time..can't wait till the next one..

  10. Appreciate all the work that goes into your films. I truly enjoy being in nature with you.

  11. Thanks for bringing us along! Extraordinary! Happy Mother’s Day!

  12. Lite catch&cook av öring eller liknande skulle förhöja upplevelsen ännu mer. I övrigt fantastiska filmer!

  13. Trevlig film 😊 vilken kamerautrustning använder du? Eller det kanske kommer en film på det? 😉

  14. What an amazing life of Erik, great sharing videos.This is how should every one enjoy the moment 🙂

  15. As Erik was climbing into his sleeping bag, I immediately thought, "It's still light outside," before remembering we're only about five weeks away from the longest day of the year. And, how far north Sweden is and how long their days are becoming.

  16. Very nice trip and beautiful cinematography . You inspire me to go outdoors. Hello from Texas

  17. Enjoyed the voyage. As all of your episodes, this was wonderful to view. Rivers are dear to my heart and Spring is a beautiful time to paddle them.

  18. Hi Erik ☕ was that a public location as to where thoes cool small red cabins(huts) by the streem or rentals? That was really 😎 cool👍

  19. Your videos are so relaxing like some spirtual medicines.. ❤😍❤❤

  20. Great trip. I am jealous, but I go on a 10 day canoe trip later this week. Trips on the water are so rewarding!

  21. Thank you for another nice video, nice to see you camping in comfort for a change, we call it 'glamping' here in the uk !! A mixture of the words glamour and camping.

  22. Just stunning scenery that capture so well. Thanks for another beautiful adventure!

  23. Another wonderful film Erik. Thank you. Your photography seems to so wonderfully clear. Were the waterbirds Divers and was the bird in the tree a small Owl?

  24. Do you have to pay something to stay in the huts ? Do they belong to a park service ?

  25. I think it is important that ppl know the creek or river well b4 attempting a trip alone. I appreciate you wearing your lifejacket& being super safe. Please everybody be careful in this wild spring thaw!ice cold water easily steals your breath if you getted dumped.

  26. Erik, it's a little strange seeing you (for the first time, I think) between four walls…

  27. Really great, what a beautiful river. Must have been quite a bit of work making this video, and your work is very much appreciated. Thanks!

  28. Wao u come back with beautiful vedio😍😍😍😍😍

  29. He is alone, but he is not lonely.

    He doesn't possess, and he is the owner of the time.

    Thank you for the tranquillity.

  30. Still my old time favorite. Erik, you make the best outdoor videos ever! You make it about the experience. Best wishes from South Africa.

  31. 저도 거기 살고싶어요 우리 도시는 건물 너무많구 사람너무많음..

  32. what map is that one you use? I live near Glommersträsk and would love to have a printed outdoor map too from around here

  33. goddamn your videos are amazing. makes me jealous though. wanna be in these spots too

  34. Great variety of activities you share with us! Handy with that little cabin to sleep in. Still looks mosquito free. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  35. Inspirerande video! Och du uppskattar fördelen av att ha med dig en kikare och av hög kvalitet dessutom. Jag har sedan länge tänkt skaffa mig en kajak, kanske blir en vacker dag!

  36. Excellent! I have to say that Swedish huts are definitely a cut above, by far, our Scottish bothies. Virtually palaces in comparison.

  37. Longer video. Breath-taking beautiful nature. Cinematic experiente from Erik. Congratulations and thank you for sharing experience with us. Best regards!

  38. Hei, out of curiosity,
    Is there a reason why you use kayak instead of canoe?
    Compliments and thanks for the nice video

  39. This should cause a spike in web traffic to kayak sites. How many people looked up Western Equipment’s sleeping bag range last week?

  40. Very nice trip, really great with that cabin, you always get wet on a canoe trip from splashing and drissle in the air out on the river. If its a completely calm river it can be avoided but not on this one, so a cabin is great to be able to dry things. I guess you could drink the water right out of the river, thats what I did back in time canoeing in Lapland. Have you ever tipped over canoeing ? In the spring it could be really serious, but this was a small river/ creek so you had the shore really close, but still, I guess water temperature was close to zero.
    Bo Nilsson

  41. Night off working in my home , a cold beer and last but not least an Erik Nordmark vlog – making it a perfect evening

  42. Oh wow, my garden. I love Petikån. Now I have seen it from a different angle. It looks so different in the flood too. I pass that cabin all the time. Never been in. 🙂

  43. Looked like a really good paddle and a very nice hut. What brand of bike in the background. Do a little bike touring myself. Take care, Al

  44. Always enjoy your videos ! Its time to go back to Sweden and relax in the great nature !!!!

  45. Fantastic trip Erik . . . with this kind of stream, swollen by excess, it's a constant vigilance for snags and rocks. You didn't show any but you must have encountered debris blocks and damns? Did you have to portage much?
    (thanks for the video, this is one of my favorites 🙂
    (the grass tufts along the banks looked like Tribbles 😉

  46. Great video as always, Erik! I've been thinking about paddeling Petikån in my open canoe, so your video is good inspiration. I also found the ending informative. Good to know that you have to do it in the spring flood. I Would also like to recomend Lossmenån/Styckån/Sävarån (Trehörningssjön to Storsävarträsket). It's quite a bit of lakepaddeling, but it's a nice and easy little trip with a surprising amount of wildernessfeeling to it. There are no hard rapids between those lakes, but you'll need some flood to be able to pass the rocks in them 🙂 I went in early june and my canoe got some new scratches, but it was definitly worth it! Take care.

  47. New subscriber. Thanks for these videos. I enjoy them very much.

  48. Erik, do you mount ND filters or other type filters on your camera while filming?

  49. Vackra filmer, men kanske mer lägerliv med matlagning skulle vara trevligt!

  50. awesome video! I have no words to describe the feeling it creates..it brings you there!!

  51. Veldig bra video, vilt og vakkert sted midt i naturen.. fortsett å lage gode videoer!!

  52. So soothing before bedtime:) Thank you for taking us along your trip!💕

  53. No shouting and screaming people with smart phones, no plastic pollution, no cars, no planes.
    Only silence, clean air and clear water. And the sound of the river and the wind in the trees.
    What more do we need?

  54. I love your audio… watching this on a home cinema system sounds like actually sitting in the boat 👍🏼

  55. What is the purpose of that orange thing he's wearing at 13:05? And what's it called?

  56. Great video! I truly appreciate all of the “retracing” of your adventure to get the video and retrieving your equipment. I am always amazing at how simple you make things look, I realize they are NOT. Thank’s for taking us along on your adventures. 👍🏻

  57. The sound of the water, the songs of the birds, the monologue at the end…. ease my soul. Thank you.

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