Kelly Morrissette | Women Driving Automotive | White River Toyota

My name is Kelly Morissette and I’m a
sales manager at White River Toyota. I’ve been in automotive about 17 of my 22
working years. I think that a preconception for a lot of women is that you have to be a car buff to work in the car industry. You don’t. You just have to
like people. I mean, I was a music major. Okay, I have three degrees of music, and wanted to pay some of my student loans and I was like, “How hard could it be to
sell a car?” That’s really what I said. The men that I started with were very
supportive, you know. I think they thought it was humorous at the time In fact, I think I remember my first sales job sitting there and hearing the owner yell across the showroom to the sales manager: “Who hired the opera singer who can’t
drive a stick-shift?” Then I’m sitting in the corner going, “That’s me…I’m the opera singer who can’t drive a stick.” But that very next day one of the sales managers took me into the parking lot of the grocery store and said: “We’re gonna learn to drive a stick today.” And that poor man suffered through me driving a stick. And the first sale I had, was to a girl who had come in who couldn’t afford anything but a little small hatchback, that was a stick. And she says, “I can’t drive a stick…” I was like, “I can! I’ll teach you how to drive a stick! And they’re like, “Is she out there teaching that girl to drive a stick? She is!” And we taught I taught her how to drive a stick and she bought the car, and she lurched off the lot with her new hatchback and life was good. And I walked back in and they’re just staring at me like, “We can’t believe that just happened.” And you know what? That’s how it works. You just get out there and do it You know don’t let whatever your history is tell you that you can’t you know do this, because you can. I want to get more women on our team. And tell them, “I am here every day with you. I will make sure my schedule corresponds with yours, and whatever you need, I will make sure you get it. I really do want to see them
succeed. And there’s nothing that makes me happier than to see them do something that they just didn’t think they could do. And I love that. And I love that they feel that way.

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