Kentucky’s Red River Gorge, Natural Bridges, and Daniel Boone National Forest – An Aerial View

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20 thoughts on “Kentucky’s Red River Gorge, Natural Bridges, and Daniel Boone National Forest – An Aerial View

  1. Breathtaking. My parents were raised there it's a wonder of this world….like the music…in the '70's we would go there and camp many many times…thanks for posting

  2. Thank you for this video!! The scenery and music are so beautiful. Well done. God bless 🙂

  3. Very cool video with all the amazing views from the drone footage. I just bought a drone and started practicing flying a shooting video with it. Red River Gorge is a place I use to camp a lot when I was younger. That was over 30 years ago and I stopped there once last year and your video brings back a lot of good memories. I will subscribe to your channel so I can check more of your drone footage in other places.

  4. Love this video, especially the first shot with the fog over the water! I am a filmmaker from the area shooting a nature documentary and would like to work with you! Please contact my email: [email protected]

  5. Stunning! Your videography enhanced the immovable qualities of these natural forms and your musical score resonated with the majesty and history of this place. Thank you for your work documenting this beauty.

  6. Gotta leave a time stamp on this video. Well done. Oh the memories this place has given me over the years. My grandfather would take me here as a child, and shed his wisdom about life as we hiked to the top. He was a WWII veteran and has since passed. Sure wish the youth of today had more mentors like him. God bless everyone who reads this.

  7. Missing my mountain home lived near the area for a few years. Back to Michigan. Just the way I remember it! Thanks.

  8. love your video very much,,, thank you for sharing this wonderful video

  9. Me and my best friend swam in that lake 10 times the other day ago for vacation

  10. That's beautiful. I'm may head up there this coming summer if nothing unforeseen happens and take pictures and see that place.

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