Kerala after the flood 2018

My Name is Divakaran I am a farmer from Idukki I grew crops such as Nutmeg, Tapioca, Banana, Cocco I was 8 when I came to Upputhodu. Before that, I lived with my father in Peruvanthanam After my father’s death, I came here. At that time, this
place had forests on the hilly slopes I worked hard to change it, to start farming It was hard work, but it made me happy to see the seeds
growing The children played happily in the cultivated fields I don’t know how to make you understand how it feels to see everything lost in a moment, in front of your eyes Nowadays I come here daily
to clear away as much as I can 20 years of hard work and the only thing I have left is the dress I wore that day I received some clothes to wear and 4 umbrellas The rain was pouring down so we got those umbrellas out. Everything was gone August 14th, when the landslide happened we went to the camp In St. Joseph Parish Hall On August 18th morning we went back. When we came back we knew how devastating the situation was Our home was gone. The neighbours living down the hill, they and their home were gone Nothing was left. Afterwards we came back check, nothing remained at the spot where our land used to be It was all the gone, 21 years of hard work My husband said two planes had crashed and had fallen What I thought was that Mullaperiyar dam has broken down and the water is coming And then we heard a sound like a thunderclap. Even now, that kind of a sound, you can’t even imagine of it We were all afraid My husband ran to the road and looked.. There was no sign of Janu Chechi’s house and Ammachi’s house Nothing was left… not even the soil.
That was the situation And the people were scared, me and everyone everyone, even the child at home, the daughter who goes to study If I hadn’t reach house earlier than her, she would have
been scared A disaster like this, with so much rain, has not happened in living memory At the time of landslide we did not know the whereabouts of my sister and her husband We thought they were there in the camp, cooking and serving food When we asked people they said they were at the church and that they were fine 5 minutes before the landslide happened, they went back.. whether they went home or not was in doubt That was what other people told us Then we were worried whether they were at home or not The landslide happened just around the time they entered home My sister, her husband, their son and a friend,
all were all gone In Idukki, almost all the people are local farmers Growing crops is major source of income, they also subsidise their income by raising cattle, goats and hens Then suddenly the land and their homes are gone, the land they farmed on is gone …. everything gone. into a rocky landscape, they won’t be able to build their homes They will have to find a new place The local farmers will have to use different farming
methods to grow crops or raise animals Those who lost their farm, they have to rebuild from nothing They will have to plant the saplings and take care of them until they produce a crop Rebuilding their lives… In Idukki the only thing we can do
now is to rebuild our lives How long? how long? I don’t know how long it will take, to go back to how it was But..but to plough and water this land is what I like to do… That is what I will keep doing. Working with the soil.

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  1. A touching document which depicts the soul and pain of victims. Well done. Good job. Lets build up for a better God's own Country.

  2. A touching document which depicts the soul and pain of victims. Well done. Good job. Lets build up for a better God's own Country.

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