Kerala Flood : Before, after and whats next ?

Kerala is a stay on the southwestern of India also called God’s own country as well as spice garden of India It was formed on November 1st 1956 and people speak the language Malayalam a State with 94% literacy rate, which is the highest in the entire country Kerala is known to be a highly secular state in India with its people living in harmony with various religions Kerala has OA and maritime tropical climate Influenced by the seasonal heavy rains of the Southwest summer monsoon and the Northeast winter monsoon The God’s own country is going through a crisis caused by a devastating flood Catastrophic monsoon rains rivers bulging with high current and rage all the dams having to be opened Landslides caused buildings to be collapsed completely Mudslides happening out almost Everywhere causes widespread destruction in at least 12 out of 14 districts This is what God’s own country Has become many cities and villages have become submerged in water The state became dark with no electricity Roads and bridges washed away all of which took away precious life a Lot of people and personal belongings were destroyed in the water People on ventilators and hospitals died because of the electricity shutting off everyone became relief rescue professionals Helping each other to safety People were stranded on the roofs and terraces of their houses with no food and drinking water for days Rescue operations on a war footing led by the local fishermen firefighters police and military Every single citizen came forward to help each other Sleepless tiring and risky rescue operations by each and every one Woman who are due to give birth had no medical services Patients and old people with medications lost access to medicine survivors being airlifted Reunited the separated families We need your help too to reach our goal in whatever way you can Thank you for all your support Please keep Kerala in your prayers

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  2. Thank you for this great initiative, organizations like KMCA and others are working hard to lend a helping hand to the distressed state of Kerala in this very needy moment. God bless all the individuals working behind this fund raising effort for their good intentions…..

  3. The state is slowly getting back to its feet. After such a distressed calamity which impacted the entire state, the people, the government, NGOs are all working hand in hand to rebuild this beautiful state helping people to bring back to their normal life. Many of them lost everything that they earned, during this nature’s fury and now they need our help to rebuild their lives back … like, finding a way for daily bread, school supplies for their kids, clothing, buying utensils, a clean place to sleep, medicines, clean water…everything a human being needs. But the biggest challenge the people are fighting is with the epidemic. Almost 200+ cases of leptospirosis, a waterborne disease is known locally as ‘rat fever’, have been confirmed in Kerala and 30+ fatalities because of this. The people need more of your generous support and our volunteers are working relentlessly to support people back home in all forms.

    KMCA as an organization is actively working with multiple NGOs on the ground and directly with affected ones in different capacities. We have already completed several projects in different areas of the state and looking for more impactful projects which can help people rebuild their lives. Below are few projects KMCA supported and many more are being diligently reviewed for longer-term initiatives.

    Projects Completed:

    1) KMCA directly worked with local volunteering groups in Wayanad and distributed food kits for 500+ families
    2) Worked with the charity organization “HappyVision” and distributed Kitchen utensils for families in Paravoor (Cochin)
    3) Supported a local group for distributing school kits for 615 students in St.Little Teresas's UP school – Aluva
    4) 200 School Kits and 80 Dress kits distributed kids in Govt L.P School Chengamanad – Angamaly

    Projects in Pipeline:

    1) Computer lab renovation – School in Chalakkal – Aluva
    2) Support for renovating the center for children with cerebral palsy and physically challenged
    3) Many more being reviewed..and will share those updates soon.

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