Kessil New A360X Tuna Blue and A360X Tuna Sun

Hello everyone so I’m with Jeffrey at the Kessil booth and you have a new product and I’m Super pumped to see and I got my hand on it and just talked about this product so what we’re looking at here is our A360X. So this is our new product that we’re launching at MACNA and the first thing you notice about this product is it’s like the A360WE except it’s 40% smaller form factor. Okay, and the reason we were able to do that is we basically completely redesigned the heatsink such that it’s a low profile kind of a sunflower turbine shape and What that results in it’s very efficient so that’s basically air flow going through that covers the entire heat sink which helped the heat dissipation as well as minimizes dust buildup and Speed is actually since we designed all this in-house all the housings all this heat sink. Everything’s custom the slots You see here on the side which is events actually match up exactly with The the heatsink fins so that it’s basically streamlined going in and going out it gives you the best So looking at the A360X if you can zoom in here we have Again, it’s 40% lower in profile, but actually we get about 25% more light output out of this fixture and that’s due to our kind of you could think of it as new generation of LED array, so that’s what we can sort of see here. So these chips this is still our dense matrix array We’ve done is actually kind of bumped up the power of our core spectrum as well as added additional colors And so we now have an additional violet VI red and green color control on the A360X and The top of it we maintain you know We get a lot of feedback keep the menu buttons because it’s so easy you so easy to set up and we agree so you still have our Knobs for tuning super smooth. Yeah, I mean Little detail. We actually work with a vendor to fine-tune the Grease that’s using the knob so that they can operate under various conditions temperature conditions That’s a little aside but the color control as well as intensity. This is continuously tuned What’s unique is actually you might notice here is a K-Link port. So these are type-c connectors, but they’re running It’s actually an industry standard electrical specification protocol But we’ve made a slight adaption for that We think is more suitable for aquarium light and this is our K-Link and what this allows I mean I think of it it basically as digital version of zero to ten It’s still JZ chainable, but using K-link system, you can actually in one one chain have Control over independent lights and that’s it. That’s what we have here will remain On this main tank we actually have four lights they’re all connected together using a carry basic is one daisy chain streaming system You’ll see that actually these are all the simplicity decks One group the second one is in a second group And then the two on the right are in the third group and the way we control this Using the k-link is with our new spectral Controller X This is our new spectral controller X On our left side of the port we have our K link which is controlling the A360X on the right side We maintain the 0 to 10 volt so you can still Control this and run programs on Other kessil products as well as palms. There’s Devices like that but with K-link So using the port on the left what that allows you to do is set groups and have individual programs for each group so in this case between the number 1 this is Group 1 in Group 1 we put one lamp in and The color it’s at the more of a sky blue right now for intensity Little bit Violet a little bit of red a little bit of green In the second group. I don’t have any lights in the third group. We have two lights Which have their own setting and in the fourth group, we have a single light Which also has its own unique setting and so what’s really cool about this is this new K-link his bi-directional daisy chainable protocol essentially allows Users to have one controller control. Basically, I’m we’ve tested up to 30 different groups and individual lights using just one controller and in the future We’re bringing out a Wi-Fi dongle such that you can use just one Wi-Fi dongle device to control all your lights and that’s going to be really useful because it’s going to cut down a lot of interference that is inherent when you have multiple Wi-Fi signals in a row space and with all T this I would do that, which is great one of the challenge that come from it is basically Traffic and crowded in the wireless space. So we think that this way of basically using a industry proven Protocol for basically grouping together lights using our key link paired with Either the spectra controller X or with the future Wi-Fi dongle Is a good approach and so if I own the product like the A360WE, Tuna Blue or tuna sun Yeah, I still can So you can still control them using the 0 to 10 volt over here and you know one thing we get asked a lot is actually so how do I transition into the A360X or what if I have other Kessil products, well, that’s why we have both port and What’s kind of neat about this is you’ll notice that There K -ink actually provides the 5 volts necessary to power Controller and so it’s actually this copy of this is actually coming from the fixture itself. I went through the cable. Yeah, there’s no separate Power needed … This is actually now a firmware port. Whoa, let’s power up the cable Less cable, pretty neat That’s one of the big advantages also doing the daisy chain is as you can basically Chain them all together using one series of cables one continuous has supose in parallel, which And what do we have else like in control? You have like any special thing. Oh, yeah, so I mean we have our different programs and acclamation as we had original controller as well as Jump into let’s say this group different effects storm cloud rainbow Moonlight blue and red and what’s actually really cool? Is that we actually have very very very good Low dimming on these new A360X what I did there, what my team did there, low dimming Is we basically went back and reviewed sort of what’s the most current technology in LED chips? which we manufacture in-house but also in terms of driving or controlling the intensity or the current going through LED chips and after a lot of What a lot of work We came up with a board or an electronic board or PCBU or hardware that allows us to get basically like 0.1% Dimming I could show you that Here I can show you really really low dimming, which is great for moonlight And the A360X I’m just gonna I mean we can do it in Tuna blue. I’m sorry This is the Tuna Blue spectrum. I have it more of the deep ocean but this bar sky I’m just gonna put it somewhere the middle and doesn’t really matter but check out the dimming as I bring down the intensity same look up smoothness. They bring it down these transitions Actually so small. It’s so fine that the 0 to 10 volts just can’t keep up This resolution is smaller than that, and that’s one reason we wanted to go digital So I can keep going down with the Dimmer more more and more Okay, like this is a big thing because like with the the lighter I have it’s not like it from zero to ten or eleven Yeah, and this was really bugging me Yeah, because during the night I just want to have dimming light, slowly even more help That’s freaking nice. Oh My god and you’re gonna still maintain a good spectral like the core spectrum as I’m doing So imagine the transition and then it cuts out Right here this is just perfect. Oh my god, this is a non-trivial Like this is perfect when you want to sleep and just like a moonlight effect still yeah, this is So nice. Oh my god, smooth that is going up. Right. I mean I found why I like the knobs right the knobs so smooth Wow That’s a feature. I didn’t know about it This is kind of a underneath the hood so You basically really like, listen I guess you just saw the forums and you really well the people Complain about the older model how to improve it Like I don’t know if people have other idea how to improve the light Do you have any feature that yo,u like to think to that light, so maybe another time Sort of thing, like if there’s anything else that we think we might have missed on it Yeah, so in terms of kind of the heatsink performance and intensity There’s one thing I didn’t talk about here, which is the optical accessory And so what we wanted to do with the A360X, so let’s make this a new platform That’s easily upgradable. For instance using the k-link. You can run it using the knobs You can use it with the Controller X you can use it with Wi-Fi dongle. However, you want to use it, right? Same thing with the optics. So our background is really in optics and shaving life. We build lights for cinematography for Hollywood What’s used there a lot of different kind of what they call light shapers of light mark So what we’re gonna bring out really soon our optical accessories that you can basically stick to the front of it and change this light from a A360X which is kind of wide to a narrow, Oh Different kinds of lenses diffusers all those things. Some kind of like a little, puke Yes, magneticly attach And there’s like just like maybe like focus Deeper for the penetration because I mean from a practical point of view if you can do it with accessories We don’t really want to stock or time the stores have to start from multiple different light And so I think it’s something that everyone’s gonna enjoy We like to think a little bit. We want to experiment around with every kind of conditions It’s a lot easier to do that with Add-on accessories as opposed to toys and fixtures, right. So we’re really excited about the optical accessories which are gonna release really soon as well. Okay, so This model is coming So this model we’ve anounce it at MACNA 2018 We’ll start shipping them in large quantities in november Perfect, thank you very much

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  1. Anybody knows how much inches long is the tank at the end with only one kessil? Looks like 36" or more

  2. This light is not too much of a difference from the older version I still wouldn't buy one they just made it smaller for $150 more kissel neeeds
    to step up their game and make a full spectrum light. like a lot of there other competitors such as Radeon and Al Primes… imagen kessil lighting full spectrum and with that Shimmer w

  3. Im looking into getting 1 do you know if it would cover a 40gal breeder or would i need 2 of them

  4. Anybody ? heard about the wifi Dongle that was supposed to be out the beginning of this year

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