Keystone Dam – Tulsa Oklahoma – Releasing 160000 CSF of water per second – FLOODING!

good afternoon everybody I’m coming back
at you again with another great drone video today I am at Lake Keystone at the
release side of the Keystone Dam they are about to open the floodgates even
beyond where they’re at now and release I think it’s a hundred and sixty
thousand gallons a minute or a second some crazy number but after all the
storms are what not that we’ve had and all the rain last week stuff is about to
get flooded and so I’m gonna show you guys some views from what I see enough
of me talking let’s just let’s get to the to the river and the dam itself
let’s go alright guys thanks for checking out my
latest great drone video I hope you all enjoyed the aerial footage of the
Keystone Dam isn’t it crazy how much water is just pouring out of those
floodgates I knew it’s gonna be big I didn’t know it’s gonna be that big
really a big deal right now you know or our mayor GT Bynum came out and was
talking today about some of the negative effects that it may have downstream of
so much water coming into an already very full Arkansas River so lots of
concerns for us right now in the Tulsa area in the tops of Metro gosh it’s hard
to say area Metro at the same time good grief anyway so a lot of concerns for us
in Tulsa where I live is on the far east side of the city so it doesn’t really
affect me but there’s still a lot of folks downstream that could have a
negative impact from the awesome views we had today at the dam so it I wanted
to touch on one other thing I kept the drone pretty high up in the air there
were a lot a lot of birds hovering right above the surface of the water up to
about a hundred feet I was in a no way willing to risk my Mavic to pro to fly
and get some cooler shots in amongst so many animals now one I don’t want to
disrupt wildlife that’s never my intention with the drone I’m not I am
willing to sacrifice a good shot to not do that but also I really don’t want to
crash the drone because of birds so I could have got better shots but again
lots of birdies so anyway guys I would really appreciate some support with your
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see you guys you

59 thoughts on “Keystone Dam – Tulsa Oklahoma – Releasing 160000 CSF of water per second – FLOODING!

  1. *****UPDATE***** SINCE POSTED THIS VIDEO THE ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS HAVE UPPED THE OUTFLOW AT KEYSTONE DAM TO OVER 250,000 CFS! THIS IS GOING TO HAVE POTENTIAL CATASTROPHIC FLOODING TO OUR NEIGHBORS SOUTH OF TULSA IN BIXBY, BROKEN ARROW and MUSKOGEE! Pray for Oklahoma! This really is quite the sight to see! In 20 years living in Oklahoma I've never seen so much water released from the dam! Please keep west Tulsa and cities along the Arkansas river in your prayers! They are experiencing flooding conditions as we speak! As cool is this is to see, there are very real threats associated with it! #BeBiggest

  2. Still an awesome video even if you couldn't get closer because of the birdies! 🙂


  4. Reminds me of when my family would go check out the damn at Fort Gibson as a kid. I never saw it that bad though. Luckily I'm in a part of Okmulgee County that's not at rush for flooding. So many friends and family I can not say the same about.

  5. Was pretty worried about all of you. Hope all is well. My heart goes out to all of those affected by the toronadoes and flooding. Thinking of you all and hope that everyone gets the help they need.😢🤗🤗🤗🤗🤞🙏

  6. Making room for all the water we here in Kansas are sending you.

  7. Really liked the drone footage. I live about 1 block from Riverside Drive so the water level can make all of us rather uneasy. It was very bad about 13 years ago, too. Always rest easier when this season passes.

  8. Enjoyed the drone footage, but praying for your area. Blessings from Oklahoma City!

  9. That was a great drone shoots wow so cool of that lovely water, great video.👍🤲👌✋

  10. Jeez! Here come the storms again!! Hopefully it stays west of you. Stay safe!

  11. Sittin' here at 61 w ave … guess we'll find out over the next 2 hours if it's a repeat of '86.  Knocking on wood!

  12. Cool drone footage! It was kinda like watching grumpy Atlantic Ocean 🌊 ! Glad you are safe! Love from Iceland 🇮🇸

  13. When i hear keystone i think of gathering place and i told my brother and he looked so confused

  14. Wow. Look at the tremendous force that water has as it's being released from the upper portion of the (river??) to the lower. Wondering if they're harnessing that energy for power/electric… just a thought.
    So happy that you and your family are doing fine, and keeping everyone in your area in my prayers. 🙏🙏🙏

  15. Man living in tulsa and thinking of that dam breaking is really scary

  16. Thoughts and prayers to your area, but neat video nonetheless. So much water! Hope for no floods.

  17. Be safe out there here in glendale Arizona weather is moving fast across the state to the east we are 23 degrees below the average for this time of the year and more weather to pass rite over us strange how the rain skips us till it gets over Texas

  18. Yup, water volume at dams is measured in CFS (cubic feet per second). The weight of one cubic foot of water is 62.42718356 pounds. Therefore, 160,000cf of water weighs … wait for it, I did the math for you … 9,988,349.3696 pounds (yup, almost 10 MILLION pounds). There are nearly TEN MILLION POUNDS of water coming off that dam EVERY FREAKING SECOND!!! (source: )

  19. At last check they were releasing 210,000 CFS (cubic feet per second). In 1986 (which flooded my neighborhood when I was a kid) they were releasing 310,000 CFS. Weather is calling for rain all week. for perspective at 160,000 CFS you can fill an Olympic sized swimming pool in about 1/2 a second.

  20. This amount of water is just… incomprehensible. I'm glad it's being released in a way that's not dangerous to people/life (hopefully). It's a reminder that Mother Nature, above all things, is supreme. The cinematography of this footage is also supreme (birdies and their safety included). Thumbs up, subscribe, and bell rung months ago. To think I arrived here because I followed a charismatic little tortie kitty. <3 Love you and your stories, this newcomer is happy to stay. Stay safe in spite this weather!

  21. That is lots of water 🙂 hope every one gets threw it ok ❤️

  22. BIg RAY… How ya doing man. Next time you are in Bentonville hit me up man. Need to do lunch with ya.. BTW its Dakota From Toshiba was at HP.

  23. Hope you are staying safe, I live in South western Tulsa.
    They Increased it up to 221,000 cfs,
    Gates are open at 11 ft,
    Flood reservoir is at 754ft.
    Top of the dam is 771ft.

  24. They just raised it to 250,000 cfs. I know it's going to be bad and people will lose their homes but I hope it's not a ton of people.

  25. I stay in Tulsa also… thanks for the awesome video, air footage and taking risk to get this video out quickly. Hats off to you and I’m praying for us and surrounding areas

  26. Corp of engineers to up outflow to 250000 cubic feet per second at 3 pm today, if you live in the 100 year flood zone now would be a most excellent time grab your gear and run for it.

  27. I just got back from 61st and Riverside and I have never seen the water that high. I was talking to a woman who's daughter lives in the apts across the street and she's freaking out because I would bet by tonight sometime the water will be over Riverside Dr.

  28. Beautiful footage you captured! Will keep your town in my prayers! Thanks for sharing!

  29. If they would have released more water before this started people wouldn't be losing their damn houses today 👿

  30. They talked up to 300,000

  31. they have been doing a fair job but i think somebody has gotten a hold of the meth pipe all this tech and we are on track of the worst flood in history for us and i have been through 5 others

  32. Be careful – The State of Oklahoma only has one state law regarding drones on top of federal laws:

    §3-322. Critical infrastructure facility – Unmanned aircraft prohibited

    This law prohibits the operation of UAS within 400 feet of any critical infrastructure facility, which includes:

    (2) an electrical power generating facility, substation, switching station or electrical control center
    (14) a dam that is regulated by the state or federal government

  33. Wow. I've been wanting to go to Pensicola dam. I'm sure it's about as crazy. I'm glad your home isn't in danger of flooding. Our town sits up high so flooding isn't an issue. But the areas not far from town are. We also had our first tornado Wednesday sadly.

  34. start now,,,,do it now,,,,drain the water now,,,,, and arkansas shut off,,,,cut off now,,,,,thank you,,,,and watch this now,,,,i warn you,,,, do it now,,,,,, hire more people ,,,now,,,,thanks watch this,,,,

  35. I lived there in the 50's, before this dam was built. The Arkansas regularly came out of it's banks and overflowed the levers. The dam was supposed to fix that.

  36. Wish we could see somebody following the flood waters from beginning to, where is the first place it dumps into, and then where that dumps into, and ect,ect, all the way to finality.

  37. In Little Rock, I have watched every memory getting washed away by this flood. Can anyone explain why they did this and hopefully it was to save hundreds of thousands of people because it has inundated whole cities including parts of mine with this event. That is a lot of weight on the fault line offset and centered in between Arkansas river and the Mississippi river so hope the flooding is the only collateral damage this causes since I don't see how this can get much worse. (knock on wood). I am watching in horror from California (working contract) as my only source for any information is from YouTube since there has been little to no mention of the floods on any of the mainstream news channels here in the Bay area.

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