Koblenz, Germany || Castles on the Rhine River || Rhine Getaway with Viking River Cruises

I broke it Welcome to day five of the Rhine Getaway First some yummy breakfast and then it’s up to the top deck for a frigid viewing of some Rhine castles We’re sailing to Koblenz, Germany but in order to get there we have to wind through some of the most picturesque areas on the river. So naturally it’s time for a photoshoot. The only problem is that it’s negative five thousand degrees with some whipping wind and it feels like pure sadness outside. But it’s pretty though, right? Did you know that there are over 40 castles along the middle Rhine alone? Many of which have been turned into gorgeous hotels for people to stay in. Let’s add that to the bucket list. After freezing our butts off we decided to head in and thaw out and watch the views from the stunning windows in the lounge. It was every bit as lovely as the top deck, just not as great for photos. After a while of thawing we finally got to head to the wheelhouse. Which ironically doesn’t have a wheel. See that joystick? Yeah, that’s how the captain steers the boat. This is some kind of Phil of the Future stuff. But speaking of the Captain, here he is. Straight from Poland, Captain Bartoz. He was such a nice guy and told us all about how the ship runs. All I’ll say is that it’s very complicated. Takes a village and Viking does an amazing job of keeping up with their ships and choosing great crew members. It’s remarkable. And no wonder that they cultivate life-long customers. Captain Bartos actually started out in cargo ships as a deck hand. Just like most captains started, he said. You get all of the grunt work out of the way. Prove yourself and eventually get to be the captain of your own vessel. It’s one of those jobs where if you don’t love it there’s no way you’ll stick with it. I just want to take this chance to say thank you to Viking for being such amazing hosts on the Rhine Getaway. It was truly a majestic experience. We loved the entire crew. Especially the captain and our lovely cruise director Sharon. Who was also in the wheelhouse sharing the history of the passing castles After our time in the wheelhouse it was time for lunch. Delicious pasta made by Judy of course. An open faced sandwich and some french fries. The lunch of champions, my friends! A short ride later and hello Koblenz! We were in this very city earlier in 2019. But Christmas time is a whole different experience. There’s one Christmas market. Two Christmas markets. And three Christmas markets. I honestly think there may have been more, but we were walking aimlessly around and only remember three. Speaking of aimlessly We walked down every street in Koblenz looking for dogs, cute shops, books and anything that was worth taking a picture of. We eventually got lost. Hello this is Jenni we don’t know where we are it’s a little sketch and by a little I mean a lot wish us luck and found our way to a part of the city we didn’t know existed Koblenz is actually a lot bigger than we remembered. Eventually… Update on what you missed. We made it through that alley way. We went to Starbucks in a mall. We got lost. Got unlost. I almost fell off a curb. Joanie B. is ill. It’s been great. It’s a good time. Woohoo. Now we’re going back to the ship to grab our ROAM Luggage, get some shots of it and then get back to the ship for the night. Because it’s cold. Even the seagulls are angry about it. *imitates seagull* Here are some shots Joanie B. got of our luggage. There’s a link in the description for $50 off your ROAM purchase. Please. Enjoy these photos because it’s very awkward to carry your luggage around a city and snap photos of it. Who knew? Back on board it was schnitzel time! This was one of the best dinners we had onboard. Then for one of my favorite memories of the trip. Making Christmas baubles! I refuse to use the word ornaments because that is just so boring. So we can all thank Sharon for the new vocabulary. We had a blast signing each other’s baubles, laughing about all of the fun times we’d had on the ship, and hanging our cute little decorations on the tree. Oh, and then there was some schnapps. You’re trying to kill me Hey, wait a second. He got the little one! It’s all the same, isn’t it? Oh, it’s the same. Yeah, they’re all the same. Here’s what you do in German. You click them. Tap them. And then you… * sounds of groaning * There are no words that can describe the incredible people we met on this trip. And how deeply it changed us. Since coming back we can honestly say we’ve been happier And more optimistic about the future. And this experience is part of the reason why. Amazing people. Gorgeous places. And the lovely Viking Alruna responsible for it all. Thanks for watching y’all. Hope you get to experience your own Rhine Getaway very soon.

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  1. What's the most beautiful place you've ever visited?! We NEED to know!

  2. One of most enjoyable videos to watch. Such an experience just watching this. Thank you for posting

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