Koda Security Camera Motion-Activated Floodlight installation and wiring

All right, so welcome to part 2 of my Koda motion activated smart floodlight review in this video I’ll show you how to install the Koda light camera and place of an existing floodlight on your house and the first part I’ll remove My existing floodlight and then attach the Koda mounting bracket after a wire and install the Koda motion light and test out the Koda smart app and review video lighting quality in my backyard and the video description below has the link to part 1 if you still need to Learn how to do the initial Wi-Fi pairing in Koda app install. So now let’s head outside and remove the existing motion light All right. Now that I’m up here wearing socks and sandals We’re going to remove the old motion light fixture which as you can see has seen better days It’s now home for spiders and moths So right now I’m just taking utility blade and cutting around the outside of the box to remove the old Silicon sealant without taking my house paint off now that I’ve used the utility knife to break free of the silicon sealant I’m going to remove the two screws holding this old fixture into place So now that I’ve successfully broken the light fixture free of the silicon sealant and Unscrewed the screws on both sides of the old motion fixture. I can remove it from the wall Okay, so that reveals the mounting plate from the existing motion security light the koda uses a different plate than this one so we’re gonna remove these two screws in the ground screw from the Existing mounting plate from this motion light and we’ll replace this existing mounting plate with the one that came with the Koda camp So this is the existing ground that we’ll want to reconnect to the Koda cam in my case, I’m in my house The white is the neutral and the black is the hot I’m gonna disconnect those from the old fixture And now that we have our wires identified and free we can install the Koda’s mounting plate Let’s make the wires through and make all of our connections Time to say goodbye to this disappointing motion light Now on the Koda cam we need to remove the existing plug-in connection So to do that we’re going to remove these two waterproof plugs one on each side of the Koda cam The actual screw heads are below the rubber gasket here. So you have to really kind of push in to make a connection There’s one spin this around go for the other side Can you want to save these plugs for later All right, so that exposes our mounting plate here there’s the ground screw that you saw on the outside of my house So that’s gonna be the new connection point for ground very thick gasket on the backside here That should help level out uneven walls. You’ll still want to use some silicon on the outside to prevent shorts You know wanting water getting in there and there is an up Indication. So now let’s put the gaskets in our pocket and head outside and attach this to my wall All right, we’re back outside again. My neighbors really loud grass cutters have shown up to ruin the audio Here’s our mounting plate as you see it just slips over there slide the wires through we’re gonna hook this ground on to this green screw and we’re going to try and see if we can sneak some of the included screws into the Thirty-four-year-old mounting plate behind here and hopefully everything reaches. All right with my stucco thickness I needed to use one of the existing screws instead of one of the ones provided by Koda camp Well, that’s not a big deal. That’s why you always save your old hardware because my stucco was thicker than normal See, I have a level up here to make sure that I’m mounting this plate nice and level on the wall wanna tighten these up Real nice, so that the gasket snugs up nice to the wall to account for all the stucco imperfections And years of paint pretty satisfied with that the gasket contoured pretty nicely so now I’m gonna get the S hook, which I’m going to temporarily use to attach to the camera so that when it’s hanging off of the wall ten feet off the ground here like in one Hand that attach the hot and neutral connections as well as the ground screw and then we can set everything in place All right. So to remove the power cord we need to get this back plate off So there’s four screws in here that it’s hard to see but they’re in there. So we’re gonna unscrew those They’re also easy to lose there’s one Two Three and the screwdriver appears to be a little bit magnetic so Thank You Koda we should be able to take this cover off Exposing the goodies inside there’s this retainer clip that holds the power cord into place. We slide that out Now we just need to take off the wire nuts and put those aside for later now that those are free We should be able to sneak out the power cord All right, so now that I have the Koda cam here my ass hook hook things through Now up here we’re gonna take that S hook and find a spot to kind of hoist it on I know that you give us the ability to connect these wires without having to worry about falling off of the ladder and We’re gonna start here with the ground screw for the Koda light cam. Just loosening up this green ground Now that we have our ground going around our ground screw gonna just tighten that down really good You might have noticed I just flipped this because I had it the wrong way You want the wire to be wrapping the same direction as you’re turning your screws. So clockwise so that if anything the Wires gonna become tighter not looser. So I recently discovered these Wago wire connectors. I’m becoming a big fan so I’m going to use these instead of the twist on connectors mostly because of the fact that I’m up on a ladder and I’m doing this video one-handed. So as you can see these just push right on and You clamp down on the wire You have a nice tight connection now we just make our Koda connection here Now we’re gonna repeat with the other side. And then these grass cutters are really trying to screw me here In my case I have these connections on a switch and the switch is off If you do not have this on a switch connection Make sure your breakers are off and even if you have it on either of those cases You want to test this with a voltage tester before you start touching wires. Because this is very dangerous Okay, at this point we’re grounded. We have our hot and neutral wires connected right now We’re temporarily hanging off of the wall here with this S hook somewhere in the distance We have the sound of leaf blowers playing merrily And now we just have to connect the Koda light cam to the outside of my house now to take the body of the Koda Camera and slide it onto these mount points here except to fold these wires into the junction box and slide everything into place We’re just going to slide the box onto the mounting screws makes a pretty firm connection Now there’s gonna be this waterproof plug here. That’s going to cover up the hole from where the Actual power cord was for the initial install. So that plug holes down here on the bottom of the Koda cams informational sticker here So that should snap in firmly and remain flush you need to do that So you don’t run the risk of water spiders or something getting in there and causing an electrical short so now you’re gonna want to take these little Phillips head bolts and put them back in here so that they can match with those bolts from the Koda camera And again just repeat on the other side And those have their own waterproof plugs as well like over those Phillips screws And lastly to do it on this side of the Koda cam Alright, okay So that’s how to mount the Koda light cam to the outside of your house and the last steps here would be to add some Silicone caulking to the outside here to keep the water out and do some painting for the outside of your house if things don’t match Up like the old light fixture did now let’s go ahead and test everything out. So we’re outside my house Now we’re gonna give the Koda light cam some real world tests have the app open here And enter it So when you’re live monitoring the camera the outer LED ring will go green in the app I can turn the light on And off I can activate the siren To show you how far the light projects from the Koda light cam. I’m gonna zoom out a little bit now and activate the light And That’s not on full intensity. I can go ahead and crank that up in the camera settings. So right now that’s at half brightness And that brings it to full brightness So now I’ll show you what nighttime recordings look like from the Koda light cam So I hope you found this video review of installing the Koda light cam on your house useful And if you did, please click on the like button down below and consider subscribing to my channel. Thanks for watching

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  1. I just installed the light, everything run good except the motion sensor. It is very weak even though I adjust the most sensitive in app. Is it the same problem to you?

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