Kondisi Dam Semarang di Musim Angin Barat

preparation for the red wave breaker, today it is shady, but still in the west wind season hello friend, let’s go Tambak Lorok is here we passed the fish auction place this is for you this is comfortable for fishing There is Durian too we will see, if the waves move somewhere else my friend came from another city, Tuntang just half an hour of my journey, only jammed once in the market wind, but still safe the green light breakwater is over there Over here first and the green light is worse, many anglers turn here big waves, we didn’t go down there this is the condition and the red light of January 2019 there is a trap dam here that is gone, it was tenuous, long gone unfortunately we can’t go there anymore, even though the spot is good the waves are getting bigger … Such conditions are usually the boat captain will pick up soon Slow down, friend let’s throw it if the wind is not big I am not here Another day, heading for the green light dam Please hold the ship’s rope first please push caution with baby queen fish, dorsal fin spines is sharp and poisonous where is your fish? just small, release had a tarpoon fish hook up, but not landed

16 thoughts on “Kondisi Dam Semarang di Musim Angin Barat

  1. Kancaku terjebak rob nok kono nangis…😁
    Trus munggah nok menara kui..

  2. Ombak nya besar banget tu mas..
    Hati hati mas wahyu ikan bukan segalanya…

    Ok semoga sehat dan sukses slalu mas wahyu…👍👍👍

  3. /mantabbbb,,, jd tahu musim angin juga,,,, itu pelabuhan apa namanya om? sampe dam ijo berapa harga ngojek perahunya?

  4. Melu like 247 om …
    Jane neng dan ijo, iwak'e mung siji tok kuwi. Dicolke nggondol meneh, dicolke nggondol meneh … Xixixiixixi
    Mantaf pokoknya … 👍

  5. Penak nganggo sandal rematik mas, sekalian terapi, grip ke beton dam nya juga oke 😂

  6. Cari ikan apa cari mati cok .. ke pasar saja tinggal pilih modal 100rb udah kenyang.. itu modal lebih dari 300rb dapetnya ikan rilis terus kacian .. bakatmu buang2 duit saja nak

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