Kova Expedition: North America Vol. 1 – Episode 5

Our trip continues in this
beast of a car. All be it only shortly, headed
to Horton’s for breakfast. Our captain today,
Mr. Koivulahti. And on the crew,
Mr. Vainio. I’ll head below deck to
make some coffee. We have… 223km of straight road
to our next turn. 550km to Calgary
in total, This is child’s play, Like taking a nap. -Yea, would just wake up
in Calgary. Easy compared to our
previous day of driving. -We didn’t drive yestarday.
-No, got to rest. -Really needed that.
-Hit the spot. -That 1250km stretch
was tough. -It really was intense. -Got to rest our legs
in a Finnish sauna. -Oh yea, that was great,
and we went twice! -Road looks like this. -Should I wipe the windshield? We found a… Point of interest next
to the highway. In some way an
interesting spot. Drove past it first, but did a u-turn at the
next intersection. There is a rock in
a hole. The last ice age brought
rocks in to these fields. Here is some text about it. Bisons have used the stone
as a scratching post, And some cracks still have… -Bison fur in them.
-Yea, bison fur. And bi-sons are bi-sexual That’s how it is. There’s the rock. Apparently
there have been Lot’s of these stone all
over the prairies, but been moved to make
more farm land. Good that this stone
has been left here. -Check this out. -Oh yea, the sign said parts of
the stone have been polished. -Smoothed. As bisons removed winter fur
by scratching against the stone. -As they rubbed their
stones there. -And you put your
hand there. -Kevin, rub your
face there. -Don’t really have enough
fur to do that. -Right. Truck driver’s stop here now
to rub themselves. -On long haul trips. -Possibly. -Has some polished spots. -And there’s a coin.
-Look at that! It’s still loose. Gopher holes. Some cowboy has lost
his boot, Been put on the post so They can find it. Or remember to come get it. Coming up on a interesting
feature on the trip. There is a…
weird… Thing coming up, a change
in direction. Sami is preparing himself for it -Yea, I have to get ready
to turn the steering wheel. Looks like we can’t go straight. So we must turn. This ain’t easy. Yes. Found this… What good is the Grand
Canyon next to this? This is great. Once again Master navigator Vainio Found a great route for us, As we are headed into those
hills up there. Where the road snakes
up out of this valley. Now we are setting up the
front low angle camera Right there is good. We’ll get some nice shots
with that Of the switch backs. Most say, These are some fantastic
views. Sami completely in his element. -Got onto proper roads.
-Well, just look at this! -Navigator Vainio found a great road. -You mean Google found
us this road. -And check that out. Yea, seems that Canada is still
a developing country, We are driving between two major
cities and this is the road. Driver is bumbed that we have to
take the Titanic offroad. -This isn’t good at all. All the sides of the car Are dirty and dented from
the gravel. This is awful, Feels like we are sliding
around and all. Oh man, I am having to herd
all this power Got to see what happens. And just 10km ago The trip meter showed 1000km for the third time. Meaning we have done
3000km now. -Sami has put in the miles
today in the Titanic. And so that the Titanic
would feel at home, We are surrounded
by water. -Yes. But hopefully our Titanic
doesn’t fill with water. So far the interior has
stayed dry. -Haven’t found any leaks. Metane leaks once in a
while though. -True, this is a peculiar car. Anyways, 3000km. And headed to Red Lobster. Can maybe see a little bit of
the city, Calgary. Stopped at the Calgary
Flames home arena. And now a little bit of
sight seeing. Looks nice out here even
though it’s raining. How was it seeing the arena? -Amazing. Got to visit the home arena
at least once in your life. -Of course. -Maybe catch a game next time. -Why not.
-Some day. Right… Found our way to Red Lobster, And we have some seafood
up for grabs. Looks delicious, Even though I don’t know how
to eat this, or in what order. Probably doesn’t matter,
they’ll get mixed up anyway. So. What can you do about it, Nothing you can do about it. This is mine.

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