KPOP festival so much fun with Pucca, Tsunami Store and meeting Lucas from Lucas Coreano TV

I’m here with Orielka, she’s behind the cámara! Wiii I don’t know if you can hear it in the background, but we are at the K-POP festival in Nicaragua.The biggest K-POP fiesta in Nicaragua That was written on the invitation, right? Yes see I was nervous before going in.. We went in already, but I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect I just don’t like Kpop xd I don’t want to be disrespectful to anyone I’m here mainly because I’m very fond of Orielka, even though I don’t enjoy this type of music. Before this, I was like sooo eheeemmm what I’m going to do in here. Hahahah xd At any rate… Cynthia: is it crowded? What would you say
Orielka: nop C: it is kind of empty; it looks like a hall/ sport hall Less than half of the hall is crowded and it is hot as hell You have no idea; maybe it is due to the rain They have two stands, I’ll show you the footage, where they sell merchandise mainly BTS, BTS, BTS… AND MORE BTTTSSSS C: I saw Go 7, something like that?
O: GOT7 C: Here she is teaching me everything because I don’t know a thing hahahaha She found a Bigbang keychain and pin She is a full BigBang fan If you ask me, the stands are too far away from the hall. I would have loved to see the right at the entrance. Aside from that, everything is extremely organized. Basically, there is a bunch of people dancing in front of a humongous screen. We found this store… wait.. the name?? called Tsunami Store (they had a stand, check it out! They are really nice people) Zoom me out!!! Xd jajaja Alright, so it’s called Tsunami Store, you can find them in the first floor in Plaza Inter. They sell Japan crate, the subscription box… but they also sell individual products. It is pretty cool!!! We are going to go to the store. Orielka and I already agreed to it, but that it’s for another episode. At first we were going to try only korean chips… But I think we will do a mix… testing some Korean, Japanese and Nicaraguan chips (if there are any that we haven’t tried before xd). Hey, look! The Pop Divas! I don’t think you will see them.. Oh wait, you can…Sexy looking, Does that outfit ring a bell? C: Nobody? O: no The escape! Xd They noticed us recording them xd We’ll see how everything goes in here… I didn’t see any judges.. I went close to the stage and didn’t see them… Are they going to give them a price?? O: supposedly , yes C: well, the judges must be somewhere because there are a lot of diplomatic car plates. They must be somewhere We got a small gift at the entrance, a tshirt that has written I love KPOP a chocolate cookie and a sprite to keep yourself fresh against the hot weather. Where is the people who love K-Pop? Hi, my Nicaraguan friends. I’m Kim Minyoung, actress I was told that K-pop & K-drama are very popular in Nicaragua. I thank you for that I hope to visit Nicaragua and meet you all Thank you very much. I love Nicaragua! Image that, how much will the 1st. place win! The first place will get C$5000 This is the most important part, They will have the chance to participate in the Kpop festival at an international scale Soooo, you comments about the 1st place… Orielka: I wanted the other girl to win, she was dressed just like Jenny I have no clue about it, I’m going to put a picture over here. You’ll help me on that Orielka because I don’t know. But, yeaah, I didn’t like it either. I liked the other group better… what was the song’s name? Dally Dally, so yes, the choreography was a bit sexy. I saw part of the artist’s video and they danced very similar to the people in the video, right? yes, and this shirt in the background, we got it as a gift. One for each of us It says… I love K-Pop The first place got 5000 Córdobas, but they were like five or six in the group; so like 1000 each Supposedly, they have the chance to go to Korea to participate in another contest in the next international KPOP Festival. Best of luck to the winners!!! Aside from that, I got the chance to meet a Korean youtuber, Lucas from Lucas Coreano TV. We might do a collaboration in the future Freaking Orielka recorded the whole thing, full undercover camara I’ll show you the video over here, so you can laugh about it I went like full diva mode to talk to the guy I didn’t’ feel comfy recording this but he and his friend were being harassed by a bunch of girls who wanted to take pictures with them. There was another dude too. It seems like he is also part of Lucas’s channel There was a waiting line to take pics with them hahahaha It was so intense that one of the guys started to lean against the wall xd I was like Orielka, this guy most be someone important and she was like noooo, it’s because they are Korean… We don’t know about that, if we do the collaboration, I’m going to ask him. How everything happened xd Anyway, this is it for today’s video from my kitchen corner xd I hope you like this video! See you next time Byyyyyeee

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