1 thought on “KPRC Channel 2 News at 10pm : Feb 28, 2020

  1. that is just what sheriffs are here for.. to protect us from a government out of control.. our founders warned us about factions.. kill bloomberg and soros kill them on sight.. any anti constitution government official hang them and leave them to send a message to the next tyrant that might come along.. peace and the world will be a better place.. texas is next on the grabbers list.. the mayors here are cartel members and want us disarmed.. they criminal mayor in houston stole infrastructure and hurricane harvey moneys and gave it to the DNC and blasey fords lawyers.. this is the emergency the virus fear tactic is their cover to distract from the laws they are breaking … our republican president wants to take guns and ask questions later. that is the logic of a tyrant.. i will not be voting again.. this is war.. and our complacency have given power to insane demons hungry for power and control..Children for a safe tomorrow wants to remove all unconstitutional politicians that seek to disarm them .. Lets help the children protect their rights.. Children against tyrants is that organization.. America children against tyrants in government.. Lets save the children .. For the children //.. This government is killing children everyday and they refuse to stop we must protect the children … Abortion is murder join children against abortion . save our children .. PUSH BACK .. Abortion is our weapon to bring these tyrants down.. They kill more babies everyday than any weapon , virus or natural cause.. Government is murdering children and want to take our guns so we can not protect the unborn…

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