2 thoughts on “KPRC Channel 2 News Today : Feb 19, 2020

  1. Bernie Sanders has barley won each state so far he has not crushed anything yet. Bernie Sanders is not a Messiah and he will be a bad President. His wife Jane Bankrupted tiny 185 student Burlington College. Their son David Driscoll and Jane had to close a nonprofit think tank because of conflict in interest in Bernie President campaign. They paid their son 100k for a think tank WTF man. The daughter Carina runs Vemont Woodworking School wow high tech you pay 3000 to learn how to make a table. Plus Carina had money funneled to Vermont Woodworking school from failing Burlington College via a student enrollment scheme. The whole Maple Syrup Hick family are low level scammers living off the name and fame of Bernie Sanders. Vote for Pete

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