L.A. River Tourism Video

You want a nice holiday. Lush riverfront property Free drugs Whoops! Hepatitis C …My Amazon packages! Pitch a tent where you want to. Stolen bicycle rentals. Don’t let John Conner get away. Canoga Park to the Long Beach Harbor.
Built to prevent flood water. Now it’s a petri dish for AIDs. In the LA River fish for dead bodies. Schizophrenics and junkies. Typhus,
tuberculosis, plague. And still no fish! L.A. River, always a lovely day!

21 thoughts on “L.A. River Tourism Video

  1. Where have you been, my man? L.A has never been worse, the content is ripe for for this channel! Even my once nice suburban neighborhood has been overrun by the homeless an criminals, heck yeah!

  2. Ahhhhh, home sweet home. Makes me want to curl up in some kirdland cardboard and weep my troubles away.

  3. This just popped up on my news feed! Haha I still have your "there's no fish" ringtone in my phone 🤣

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