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in open a new store new toilets any questions welcome everybody to the new fly Fisher
I’m your host Colin McEwen we’ve got a very unique episode in this week’s show
we’re in Labrador in it’s early season it’s actually the 25th of June there’s
still snow on the ground waters high the water is cold but the fly-fishing is
gonna be red-hot we’re at Mackenzie River fly fishing lodge we’re gonna be
going for landlocked salmon lake trout big brook trout and even northern pike
on a fly it’s gonna be a great episode lots of tactics lots of fun join me in
my friend here for a great show it’s gone into the current there you go fish on we’re gonna let him
go right now there he goes that
there’s a tape Oh a nice the new fly fisher is supported by
newfoundland and labrador outfitters association Orbis fly fishing trout
unlimited real products oscar blues brewery global rescue adipose boat works our adventure begins in Labrador city at
the air sagon base we board their flow plane for the hundred and twenty mile
flight to the Mackenzie River watershed in the wilds of lavender joining me on this trip is my good
friend Richard Smith from Florida who’s a passionate angler for Richard this is
a very special trip as he has quite a fondness for the rugged wilds of lavador
as we begin our approach to the lodge we can see snow banks throughout the region
even though it’s the last week of June it’s been a long winter and our late
spring for fishing this translates to high and
cold water definitely not a time for hatches but it’s definitely a time to
cast streamers and even mice patterns for big brook trout northern pike lake
trout and especially landlocked salmon eight years before I had visited
Mackenzie River in late August and had experienced some of the best and most
exciting fishing of my life catching big landlocked salmon on streamers I’ve
returned to Mackenzie River for the opening week with the hope of repeating
this exceptional action jump landlocked salmon our prize game fish because they
will hammer streamers and even top water flies and once hooked will go airborne there’s so much fun on a five or six
weight rod so my hopes are high that we can tie into the species as well as the
bonus of lake and brook trout whassa northern pike after unloading our
equipment we quickly began setting up our Rives who who are really anxious and
excited to get out in the water after a short trek through the forest and a
little bit of snow we got into the gander river boats and headed to some
crime pools we’re very fortunate to be led this week by some really exceptional
guides who are also wonderful people Richards being taken care of by
passionate angler and guides at TN Marion head guy jean-paul Desjardin was
to be my mentor on the river jean-paul affectionately known as JP is one of the
kindest and most professional guides I’ve ever had the pleasure working with
after getting set up on our first pool JP told me more about what to expect an
early season fishing here on the McKenzie River early in season in the
deepest spots of the McKenzie River we can we can expect for a lake trout that
are leaving the deeper ponds or delay their dropping back and there they’re
trying to feed in fact on everything that moves and a brook trout we’re
catching mostly fish on streamers and top water flies like the mouse or the
gurgler x’ and then the land lock are running through the system what we call
the the Scheldt you said the drop back silence darker one that spend the winter
in here and slowly but surely the fresher Salman will get will get into
the river and I I expect some today so what I’m doing got the fast water
coming down through here the fish are actually holding in pockets in the fast
water I had one take out there just caught one here in the edge there gonna
be anywhere along this edge they go in the to the slower water here in the
middle they don’t like that area generally because there’s gonna be Pike
or lake trout that could eat them so they’re gonna be in the faster water or
on the inside edges here and what I’m doing with the mouse pattern and you can
do this different mice patterns but this gurgler seems to work really well as I’m
holding the rod tip up high shaking it as it goes across and letting
the current do all the work after I cast it out and then as it comes to the end
here then I’ll strip it back a little slow strips and you never know where the
fish are gonna hit somewhere in there you be out in the faster water they see
it will chase it or right here on the edge okay take it step in nope there’s a
little guy right there just took it right here it’s up right in front of me
that is so cool oh oh it’s a beautiful brookey this is
we’re looking for it oh do that so I think there’s gonna be a bunch down here
in the edge but I have one hip way out there in the faster water so you gonna
get his head up using 3x tippet there we go beautiful all right oh fly already
popped up not bad look at that right now lady was beautiful I’m Tom Potter this is so exciting I
ride while I was busy casting a top water fly for brook trout
Richard was getting lots of action on a streamer only he wasn’t catching brook
trout okay we have a I don’t know what we have here but we have a fish on here
it’s a mystery fish am i fighting this fish all right or not I guess there’s no
reason to get anyone a real right now right how about a what do I have a lake
trout okay my first Laker how about it he looks
more like a a lake trout he’s not the hook real tight though is he I kiss on
about a 90 degree angle out here and let the fried drift and the line basically
just stopped and I lifted the rod and it was a nice lake trout and this is the
fly used a wooly bugger a a green wooly bugger it wasn’t yes sir
thanks buddy he gets a big smile on his face when you catch a fish though JP
does you know it’s I don’t know why after several minutes it was apparent
the surface action was not really happy yeah no we’re getting a little bit more
there so I switched to a streamer like Richard
to search for big book club you’re doing a downstream end on this just to give it
some speed so or what it is got some weight hasn’t
gone airborne like that landlocked I hooked a few minutes ago so that was on
the inside that’s right no that’s a leg truck tries nice ice this too it’s like
she came laurencj no trying to use the current here heads up beautiful fish so even though we’re not
having success get in the land locks we’re getting brook trout with any pike
and we’re getting lots of beautiful lake trouble look out silvery she is that’s a
fresh fed yana coming up from the lake yeah compared to some others we had on our second day at Mackenzie River
Lodge we awoke to overcast skies but no wins the main lake in front of the lodge
was totally flat and calm according to the head guys John Paul he strongly
recommended we take advantage of these favourable conditions and fished several
locations on the main Lake for Big Lake Trump of course we listened to our guy
and right after breakfast we headed out in the boats
once out on the lake JP discussed what structure were fishing to find big lake
trout in relatively shallow water so JP what’s the structure that you and the
tan had brought us to here you got Rick over there I’m here and we’re basically
drifting it looks like on a big flat but could you explain the type of structure
we have here and why the Lakers would be here at this time of year yeah so today
we’re fishing on the rocky point right in front of the cam I think it’s a
really good really good ambush spot four-footers lake trout because we’re on
uh on probably Eve I let say six feet at most of water and it drops to 12 on each
side of that point and the way predator fish likes to hunt it’s it’s a perfect
spot for them early in season we catch mostly like lake trout on this spot when
the water gets warmer they they tend to go in deeper deeper holes of the lake
but once in a while we can get a surprise in and get a nice land back
menlik Salomon on this in this rocky point here so right now using a full sinking line
it’s a great 24 foot sink tip and it’s an s6 so it’s going down at 6 inches per
second which is perfect for here I get a really fast count down the flat and the
rocky flat we’re on is 6 to 8 feet I used about a 6 foot piece of liter I got
a 12 pound test on here because some of these like truck would be quite big and
I started off using the what they call the Christmas tree so weighted fly got a
single hook barbless hook here at the back I like it because lake trout will
come back here and they’ll grab at the end and you’ll get them but the only
problem I’m having I keep snagging so I think I need to go
to something a little more neutral buoyant neutral so that when I’m
stripping it back it’s staying off the bottom I want it near the bottom but not
on the bottom this one’s tapping the rocks and snagging up it’s just a bit
too heavy if I go to some deeper water this thing’s interview perfect or some
current it didn’t take us long to find some cruising lake trout in 6 to 10 feet
of water it was game on almost immediately so that is amazing I just
cast over here into a foot and a half of water I was just trying to wet my fly
and I had this fish hit and think it’s a lake trout and he took my zoo cougar I
just changed colors and it’s a nice fat one and he’s in a foot foot and a half
of water he’s right behind a rock look at that oh yeah look at the colors of
that fish and the fly just popped out wow this is insane of catching fish and
if wouldn’t have a water when hunting early-season lake truck you
have to do quite a bit of exploring to find these cruising fish JP was driving
us from one piece of structure to another we made a few dozen casts and if
we had no success then we moved on but when we found them well how it was
virtually non-stop action with powerful runs and solid head shaking dives
towards bottom there goes stop and that’s a good one
oh yeah I’m here to get this on the real this will rent the boat nice you’re the
head on that oh all part like this is so much fun as
a bonus to come in here and catch you brook trout and landlocked salmon not to
mention we did get like chote in the river but to be able to come out here
and cast and get linked wrote and northern pike put it that i need its
head my dad oh good job and he didn’t tap no yes nine weight rod you use it
eight or nine weight i’m using the sink tip spine alright so one of the things that happens is you
have a fly you want to use in this case I’ve got a smelt pattern here I think
it’s going to work with these landlocked salmon or the book trout but I need it
to be weighted rather than put on a piece of split shot 12 to 18 inches
above which weakens the leader or the tippet a better way to do it I found is
putting the beats the beads we actually use for fly tine I bring them out on the
river and you just put it in above your knot slides and you cast with it and it
does the same thing as the weight and it’s right at the fly so it’s just like
a way to fly when the clouds dissipated later in the
day in the Sun came out the lake TRO quite dramatically subsided though more
clouds are coming jean-paul recommended we check some of
the lakes back bays to search for post spawn pipe most of the pike were from 20 to 32
inches with the biggest fish a solid 36 inch er it was simply insane and so much fun eventually we got tired from all this
action so we headed back to the lodge for a great supper and some
well-deserved rest tomorrow it’s time to search for those big brook trout and
landlocked salmon on our third day here at Mackenzie River
in western Labrador it was decided that the guides would take Richard 9 river in
search of both brook trout and landlocked salmon I was very excited
about the prospect of finding lan logs and casting a streamer to them of course
the challenge is to find them in this unusually high water sorry to see the
fly there you go fish on beautiful a little bigger fish than I
thought so I think there’s gonna be a bunch down here in the edge we’re just
getting started here there you go yeah there’s a nice fish as we worked our way downriver casting
to the various runs for brook trout land locks a pattern began to emerge
we kept catching lake trout even on surface flies well we were just getting
towards the end of the run looking for land locks and I swung the fly through I
felt the thump and I went mmm was that bottom and then I gave it a little pull
and then had the hit and as you can see this six weight I’m in my backing
already oh so I’m gonna try and use side pressure get this guy out of the current
and into the slack water so this fish got him on back on the line
so what I’ll do JP field over there and swim bring it to their way didn’t get
him out of the current I think he’s kind of confused as to why he’s moving up
River you see that look at this this rod go so
I’m using a 15 foot sink tip it’s an S 6 so 6 inches per second oh yeah that’s a
decent fish I’ve got four feet of 2x got lots of strength here for both LaLanne
locks which can be quite big yeah we’re just probably 4 or 5 pounds and then of
course he’s Lake truck I’m gonna get the head up there like the timing of the
north here we go oh and in the current behind a rock
I think the lake trout are one of the most underestimated fish from freshwater
you know in North America they tend to be deepwater fish fish with downriggers
or even light bait or whatever but for a fly fisherman catching a fish that size
in the current by the time we got down to one of JP’s
favorite locations for landlocked salmon it was very apparent they weren’t going
to be there our underwater cameras that we had place throughout the river really
told the story seemingly in every pool and every set of Rapids the cameras were
seen lake trout on the hunt searching for prey watches his brook trout senses
its being hunted and then quickly swims away as a large lake trope comes into
view for smaller brook trout and landlocked salmon this means danger as 8
to 15 pound Lake truck could easily make a meal of them usually the lake trout
are not in these places but because of the late spring and high water the
Lakers have easy access so the trout and salmon were constantly on the move which
made finding them very difficult but it wasn’t all bad as Richard and I were
catching these lake trout in three to five feet of water everywhere we went the Lakers were hammering and crushing
our streamers and on five and six weight rods this was so much fun here we go nice that was awesome good
job girl was there right on the real whoo-hoo I can follow it if you want
I think you might have to I’m in my backing I’m gonna try and keep them up
Oh thought so no know what it is yet
it just hammered it I was just doing the little twitch near the boat just like my
guide told me to come towards me well we’ve we’ve been here for six days
now and the fishing has been good and the reason the fishing is good is
because they have a multi-species Lodge here where they catch landlocked salmon
lake trout Pike and brook trout and this week the brook trout fishing and
landlocked salmon fishing was kind of slow so we ended up doing a lot of
fishing for lake trout and pike and had a really a great fish so if one species
isn’t working we have another species to go to and that’s what makes this
different than a lot of lodges in Labrador that only have one species to
fish for well what I like about Labrador is is we’re out in the wilderness and
there’s very few people that live here and it’s just one of the most wilderness
places left on earth the fishing is really one touched it’s only fished a
couple months a year and there’s very few lodges and everything is natural
it’s just a great place to come it’s a little cold but it’s it it really brings
you back to nature so today I’m bringing Colin and a very tough pool of the
Mackenzie River it’s it’s a really nice pool it’s one of my favorite at this
time of the season we’ll be using a streamer we’ll stand on each side of the
pool it gets to eight feet deep so we’ll be using a sink tip and a weighted fly
the water is still really cold so I’m gonna ask him to do a slow presentation
and most of the time the fish are right up right up the pool right behind the
drop-off so hopefully we’ll catch us some nice fish today this is gonna be a
pipe or electro I literally was letting it rest and I lift it up brook trout
brook trout yep so obviously trout are not in too aggressive yes okay well but
he is you explained it to me that we got to use a streamer and get it
down find the right so that’s a good nice ice road male yeah it’s a brookie
get female she’s using the current it is got a five weight rod here perfect for
these and it took that green woolly bugger with an orange head my idea of
what Yara Jed was maybe two to imitate the little egg going by because we’re
right after the sucker spawn and I think the latest thing they gorged on were
eggs eggs so good sucker eggs have you seen that before I think it’s pretty
much ready sooner break what strength Tippett is it 3x it looked like it I
think it’s 3x I put on it’s really giving a good account of itself go alright beautiful first book trout of
the day well I’m going to say that was pretty
cool JP they just tried putting their gurgler through no action temperatures
dropped a bit and winds come up he said let’s put on a streamer had Miko
90 degrees crossed to upstream men’s and then I just pulsated it through the edge
of the seam here and this book truck took it all in beautiful colors he’s
really using the current so I’m out here not in a dangerous spot but I just want
to get a good purchase thanks for your arm okay all right okay now it’s coming
towards me gotten in this is why you come to Labrador whoa look at that
beautiful right where you’re supposed to be I’ll actually take them down to you
there if you don’t mind I’ll stay here I’ll bring them down towards you is
using that current again yeah I get them got his head turn yeah I got them up
heads up all right beautiful colors and what’s amazing is that it’s you know the
end of June and they’re already sporting gorgeous colors they don’t get dark like
some of them do with the tannic in the water
look at that oh that’s gorgeous well that was sadly the end of our trip
though I wanted to catch landlocked salmon it wasn’t to be
but it wasn’t all bad we certainly had a great time catching lots of big lake
trout pike and some beautiful brook trout a
wonderful fishing trip for any angler to learn more about Mackenzie River lodge
or our series please visit our website thanks for watching and we’ll see you on
the water hi I’m mark Melnick from the new fly
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