Laffina, Dam of Bast, Continues Hot Streak for BlackRidge

If you look at Laffina, she’s very simple. You don’t to do a lot of selling. It’s three sentences: By Arch. Seven-years-old. First foal’s a multiple Grade One winner. Announcer: It’s Bast just in front of Comical. Bast…Comical. And Bast has won the Chandelier Stakes! Come look at her yourself and you can determine
whether you want her or not. But I can’t imagine any breeder in the world
not wanting to add her into their broodmare band. You hope and you dream and you plan, and very
rarely do you have an opportunity when your first foal turns out to be a runner of the
quality of Bast. She’s won two Grade One’s to date and she’s
certainly one of the favorites for the Breeders’ Cup, and is certainly a contender, a leading
contender, for the two-year-old champion filly. We’ve sold lots and lots of high-quality mares
over the years. I think we’ve sold 175 for at least a million
dollars. And so every time you get your hands on a
horse like this, they kind of create their own story within the Taylor Made culture. And I think with Laffina what’s cool is that
BlackRidge Stables is a new entity in the business. BlackRidge is an affiliate of BlackRidge Resource
Partners, which Bill and I formed in 2011. And, in 2016, we were looking to branch out
and have the opportunity through our relationship with the Taylor brothers at Taylor Made to
acquire an interest in California Chrome. And that was our first major investment in
the thoroughbred industry. Soon after that we bought an interesting Cathryn
Sophia, we bought about an eighth of her. So we enjoyed that campaign that summer as
well. So we had two Grade One horses running all
that year. And, of course, we retired California Chrome
in late January 2017. And we started buying mares, and that’s where
Laffina came in. We did like her physical a lot. I mean, she was just so beautiful and she’s
got a great head and shoulders, neck, and her hips from a broodmare standpoint are to
die for. She’s just solid and strong. And then her family, if you look at how she’s
bred and what’s out there that’s been successful. There’s a lot of graded stakes winners in her
family, and we were excited about it. And we wanted our broodmare band to start
off with a bang. The Pioneerof the Nile filly is slightly different
than the first two. I would say like some of the Pioneerof the
Nile’s, a little longer, little stretchier. This looks like a two-turn kind of filly. She doesn’t walk. She just kind of floats down through there, and like
her mother’s been throwing, she’s very correct. Just a lot of class. She’s only a weanling, of course, but she’s
been easy here on the farm for everybody and smart and inquisitive. Every time you come out to see her, she’s
got her head up and looking for you, and she’s got a great way of moving. So, excited to have her in with Laffina this
November. Laffina is a very special offering. Rarely do you find a seven-year-old mare that’s
a dame of a multiple grade one winner in her first foal. The pipeline’s loaded. You’ve got a California Chrome yearling followed
by a beautiful Pioneerof the Nile filly. Just an exceptional pedigree, depth of pedigree. She’s really already accomplished a great
deal with having a Grade One winner, but as I said, then there’s the 10 to 12, 15 years
of production left in the pipeline. It’s a quite unique offering and really an
amazing opportunity for somebody. We can’t afford to keep her. She’s so valuable, and she needs to go to
the right farm.

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