Lake Byllesby Dam to Miesville Ravine County Park

Earl: I grew up in Cannon Falls… so I was
on that river a lot as a young boy. The canoeing
opportunities actually parallel the bike trail… almost all the way to Red Wing, so easy access whether you’re a canoer
or a biker or a hiker… there are all kinds of opportunities down there. The scenery goes down through some hardwood forests. It is very safe, the river in most cases is four
to six feet deep. It is really a marvelous experience
for people of all ages… even on a cool day… you dress
for a fall day and you’ll see eagles, you’ll see eaglets, you’ll see all kinds of
wildlife. If you’re really fortunate you’ll see beavers, muskrats… there a lot of people in the Cannon Falls area that fish the Cannon River, from Cannon to Welch, and
you’ll see occasionally someone down there with a portable fishing rig, There are a lot of fish in that
stretch of the river, it has been sampled many times and electro-shocked bass, walleye, big catfish… it is a real treasure.

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