23 thoughts on “Lake Dunlap dam collapse too familiar for another community

  1. I’m sorry but it’s a lake quit crying. There are worse things that can happen.

  2. Giving tax breaks to billionaires and fearmongering over abortion is more impotant then spending money on infrastructure. This is what "small town America" voted for, this is what you get.

  3. So there all man mad lakes and damns most are in Texas Texas took back what was its

  4. seems like a private lake for them to enjoy… get some beavers to help repair it

  5. It's a lake for rich people lol use your money and rebuild it..and the dam barely went down how the fuck you gonna sit there and say my 6 year old son don't remember the water wtf….

  6. Why US citizen don’t ask their government to spend fund to maintain their infrastructure instead of spending money on military and killing other nations?

  7. They all prob voted for trump. Hope that lake stays dried up.

  8. My six year old doesn’t remember the water….boo hoo hoo. STFU. Your six year ain’t gonna remember a lot of crap.

  9. trump will take care of it and the mexicans will pay ha ha ha just like the wall

  10. hahaha karma is a bitch , dollars are only for zionist Israhell profit war`s

  11. Does the Army Corp of Engineers have maintenance responsibilities?

  12. The dam was old and it takes money to maintain dams.

  13. Leave you hanging u say. You dont own the lake, not anybody's responsibility.

  14. That lady crying over her kids missing a lake?!?….a freaking lake….must not have ever lost an actually family member.

  15. The Dam DIDN'T collapse…..one of three Gates broke. NOTHING became COMPLETELY EMPTY. The level at Dunlap dropped 12'. Still lots of water.

  16. what do you want them to do ? build another dam so that the lake comes back ? If the dam serves a purpose beside just giving a lake to people like providing electricity or something then ok but not f its going to be built at billions of dollars just so that people can have their boat in front of their million dollars cottage . I'm sorry but to me that women who's crying must be crying more about her house losing 3/4 of its value becasue the lake is gone than for her kids not having a lake . We all know that a house on the shores of a lake have a value 100 times higher than houses in a normal location and that when something like this happens the values dropt to a point that its almost worthless and i personally think that this is exactly why this women is crying and that she uses her kids as an excise to get the gouverment to spend millions of dollars for emotional rescue . . Sorry lady next tiem you want to build a house on a water front make sure that the lake is not dependant on a dam that serves no real purpose anymore and and wont be rebuilt in case of failure . you took a gambling risk and you lost so live with it

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