32 thoughts on “Lake Dunlap expected to empty after partial dam failure

  1. I live on Lake Dunlap about 1500 feet from the dam. This is ENTIRELY GBRA's fault. They have spent the last decade alienating all the residents here by claiming that THEY own the lake, NOT the residents and NOT the state of Texas. They refuse to listen to any of the complaints that the residents have made about their handling of the lakes. They have done a shoddy job of maintenance on all the river dams. Now they face the Karma of their arrogance. They claim that they don't have the money to repair the damage, yet they just spent millions to build their new office complex in New Braunfels. OK, GBRA…YOU OWN IT…YOU FIX IT!!!!!!

  2. This is an easy fix, with all the tickets they give out annually on the Comal River alone! for drinking, cooler sizes, jello shots, and any other excuse they can find, they could pay for all the dams in Texas to be rebuilt! there are literally lines of cops that check everyone's coolers and bags. They can fund this no problem.

  3. US is getting old…the bridges and the dams are failing…makes it worse…the gov'ts r poor and heavily in debt.

  4. $10's of millions to replace the dam??? Who the heck quoted you? The government?

  5. I got an idea for you US. I know your economy is doing so-so. So my idea is, mport one thousand beavers and they will create a beaver dam. For free. Cheers from Stockholm, Turkey

  6. Here is solutions… the residents want to use it, pay a SMALL fee each yeah for just this reason. Summer is coming and what’s going to happen is, since the lake drained mosquitoes are going to infest the area, and someone will end up getting west Nile. I cannot believe they would do this to their residents and leave the lake like this. But then again it is the government we are talking about

  7. 91 years old?!!??! How long did they think it was gonna last? Jesus, Joseph and Mary people are stupid!

  8. So for nearly 100 years, the city collected lake front taxes from home owners, did not keep up with the infrastructure and had no plans of repairs/replacements of the dams.

  9. Is Lake Dunlap named after Wayne Dunlap?
    Wayne Dunlap was born in 1979 and was killed during early outbreak. He had 28 dollars in his wallet, and a picture of a pretty girl named, Rachel. Wayne Dunlop was an organ donor. His body was used to hide the humans scent emitted by survivors of the outbreak.

  10. time to start spending on civil infrastructure rather than spunking it on non-productive wars.

  11. The dam no longer identifies as a dam. It now identifies as ruble.

  12. 10s of millions of dollars? this sounds like a scam to suck more taxes out of people, it's 90 years old just rebuild it so it lasts another 90 years.. pretty sure it didnt cost 10s of millions to build the first one?

  13. 10s of millions to repair this??? Think about it. At that price they could throw Lamborghinis at it till they clog the hole

  14. Been viewing Google maps set to satellite view of Lake Dunlap and can't see how the water can get that low for what amounts to a very large major waterway called the Quadalupe River. That lake before the dam broke looked like just part of the river. Where'ld all the water go? It's a river. Rivers don't run out of water. Must be some kind of elevation thing.

  15. It puts a pall on your holiday plans? WTF! THE DAM JUST FAILED you MORON!!!

  16. Leave it up to government to screw things up & do nothing until it fall's appart

  17. OK so the lake is going back to its natural state, get over it!

  18. "10s of millions of dollars"? I don't think so. The gate that failed was little more than a buttressed garage door. If she didn't mis-speak then you're talking gross mismanagement, at best. If not genuine fraud. Either way, the clear sub-text of her statement was, "We need the State Auditer's office to come down and go through our books and double-check our processes because we have no idea how our job is supposed to be done."

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