38 thoughts on “Lake Dunlap’s future is grim after spillway fails at nearby dam

  1. My grandmother has lived on lake Dunlap for over 30 years, I’ve never seen it that low !

  2. All those expensive boats high and dri. Thats gonna be a head ache.

  3. I have seen truck loads of stone used to replace/repair a damaged dam…It may be an option. It's a quick and economical solution…..

  4. I live on Lake Dunlap about 1500 feet from the dam. GBRA has done a PISS POOR job of maintaining the dam. Did not anticipate the dam failing????? The dam at Lake Wood just downstream failed three years ago, and you STILL haven't fixed it!!! No money to repair the dam???? You sure had the millions you needed to build your fancy new office complex in New Braunfels, didn't you!!?? GBRA has spent the last decade alienating all the residents of this area by continuing to throw it in our faces that YOU own the lake and the dams, NOT the residents and NOT the state of Texas. Well, look at what you own now!!! YOU OWN IT…YOU FREAKING FIX IT!!!

  5. over 90 years old and you re wondering what the cause is??? ya its over 90 years old,, ,thats the cause

  6. "the gates are 90 years old and officials are trying to figure out what happened to the gate"…. Really????


  8. Hey news asshole, Don't mess with Texas! Pick that bottle back up!

  9. Too much water pressure and corrosion. I used to live near there.

  10. Oh well, don't buy property and live on a piece of shit lake…. At least on a positive note, buyers will be able to pick up bargains on houses and property now because it won't be worth shit any longer…………

  11. I just want to punch that stupid old bird right in her face. The water is gone ya idiot, the dam that held it failed and after repairs it is going to take time to fill back up. It ain goin to be a pristine waterway again in your lifetime though so suck it up ya biddy

  12. So sad to buy or build your home in a place like this for the paradise that it is, only to have the paradise takin away and just left with a house and boat and a dried muddy plain. Poor folks, stuff happens, but they can be blessed or wasnt a tornado or deadly. Still though.

  13. dayum, that woman with the muscular arms would give AMAZING hand jobs

  14. Give the homeowners the "new land" to the now river bank, and let them grow pot to ship to legal states (until legal in Texas). Sounds wild, yes. but it would let these folks re-coup their property values.

  15. We’ve been dealing with that for 20 years at Elephant butte.

  16. Time to get some heavy equipment in there and take some dirt…. deepen it while it's dry…. AND PICK UP THAT TRASH!

  17. I am horrified that the reporter at the end throws the bottle down. Wtf

  18. What a lib…picks up a bottle and throws it down..geez lady!!

  19. Boohoo but hey look on the bright side all you cry babies, you’ll have much more land now

  20. If the locals love that lake so much they'll walk out there and clean up that trash

  21. If you fail to maintain infrastructural, that infrastructure is going to break down. Any politician who says, "We did not anticipate this." needs to find a new job, because they are an idiot.
    We are seeing more and more infrastructure failures all over the country. And when dams and bridges fail, people are going to die. Unless these fucking politicians quit squabbling like farm animals and do their fucking jobs.

  22. This is a great time to build bulkheads, boat docks, and decks. Y'all should be hootin' and hollerin' with shouts of joy. This will save you thousand of dollars.

  23. So she just throws the bottle back down?? You picked it up lady, its yours.

  24. Once you pick up a piece of trash you can't throw it back down… pick up that bottle bitch.

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