LARGEST DAMS IN THE WORLD – Biggest hydroelectric dams

in this age of natural resource crisis
we need a big change in the power generating means for future
sustainability in order to meet the increased energy demands in the urban
areas however to help meet those needs using renewable resources like wind
solar and water many countries of world are now ready for the future
technological breakthrough in this video I have emphasized on the hydroelectric
sources the dams which are an important source for clean sustainable energy
Russia and Canada have three dams each of the world’s ten biggest dams while
China hosts three and Egypt and Venezuela have one each the ten largest
dams in the world so far are as follows number 10 Robert Bresson on La Grande
River in Canada this plant is part of Quebec’s James Bay project and has a
generating capacity of five thousand and 6 hundred megawatt inside the world’s
largest underground generating facility the dam is named after Premier of Quebec
Robert Bourassa and was originally commissioned in 1981 it is the world’s
tenth biggest dam and has a reservoir capacity of sixty point seven billion
cubic meters covering a surface area of 2800 15 kilometres square the embankment
dam is 162 meter high in 2800 meter in length and features a spillway which has
a capacity to release 17,000 and 600 cubic metre of water per second the dam
is owned by hydro kbecque and was constructed from 1972 to 1984 the dams
two power plants are fitted with 16 Francis turbines having a combined
installed capacity of five thousand and six hundred megawatt Alstom is carrying
out a major refurbishment and upgrade of the dams power stay
number nine crass NORC dam on Yangtze River in Russia this dam originally came
online in 1972 and has been operating ever since it’s located in southern
Russia and has a generating capacity of six thousand megawatt the ninth largest
dam in the world which impounds the Genesee River and creates the cristinaw
our Scoy reservoir with a storage capacity of 70 3.3 billion cubic meters
the reservoir covers a surface area of two thousand kilometres square and has a
shoreline of approximately 1500 kilometer the concrete gravity dam is
124 meter high 1065 meter in length and was constructed from 1956 to 1972
it is designed with a flood discharge capacity of 20,000 cubic meter per
second the power station of the dam features 12 units with a combined
installed capacity of 6,000 megawatt used primarily to power aluminum plants
owned by russell company the water from the reservoir also serves the purpose of
irrigation number eight long tend him on Hong Shui River in China the long-term
dam is the tallest of its type in the world and has a generating capacity of
6,000 426 megawatts it’s relatively new as it was only commissioned in 2007 the
dam is 216 point two meters high and 849 meters long making it the eags largest
dam in the world the dam is intended for hydroelectric power production flood
control and navigation the dam contains seven surface spillways two bottom
outlets and an underground power station number seven Grand Coulee on Columbia
River United States Washington State’s Grand Coulee Dam is a
classic it’s been around since 1933 and remains one of the biggest in the world
it has a generating capacity of six thousand and eight hundred megawatt and
is currently undergoing major overhauls President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
endorsed the high dam design which at 550 feet high would provide enough
electricity to pump water into the Columbia Basin for irrigation Congress
approved the high dam in 1935 and it was completed in 1942 the first waters over
topped Grand Coulee spillway on June 1st of that year power from the dam fueled
the growing industries of the Northwest United States during Second World War
number six she Algebra damage into River China this dam operates on a tributary
of the Yangtze River and has a generating capacity of 6,400 megawatt
this dam is also very new beginning operations in 2012 the Zion Jabba dam is
a large gravity dam on the jinsha river the facility has eight Francis turbines
for with a capacity of 812 megawatt and for rated of 800 megawatt totaling an
installed capacity of 6,400 megawatt Zion Jabba dam is China’s third biggest
hydropower station following three Georgia’s Damons allotted them
construction started on November 26th 2006 and its first generator was
commissioned in October 2012 the last generator was commissioned on 9th July
2014 number 5 – Curry dam on Tocantins River
in Brazil this dam was the first large-scale hydropower project in the
amis on rhine forest it was commissioned in
1984 and has a generating capacity of 8,000 370 megawatt the teacher edom
meaning grasshoppers water is a concrete gravity dam on the Tocantins river
located on the to cure at new county in the state of pará brazil the main
purpose of the dam is hydroelectric power production and navigation it is
the first large-scale hydroelectric project in the Brazilian Amazon
rainforest the installed capacity of the 25 unit plant is eight thousand 370
megawatts and 11.2 million horsepower phase one construction began in 1975 and
ended in 1984 while phase to begin in 1984 and ended in 2012 construction on
the 1.35 billion dollar phase two began in June 1998 this phase called for the
construction of the new powerhouse for 11 by 375 megawatt Francis turbines and
the completion of the navigation lock system the main portion of to carry a
dam is a 78 meter high and 6.9 kilometer long concrete gravity them the addition
of the Madra and Kerr a Perth fill dikes increases the total length to 12.5
kilometres the main dams krieger type service spillway is the second largest
in the world with a maximum capacity of 100,000 and 10 cubic meters per second
it is controlled by 20 floodgates measuring 20 by 21 metres number 4 Guri
dam on carinii River in Venezuela the Guri dam is huge it is seven thousand
four hundred meters long and 162 meters high it’s also quite old as it was
commissioned in 1978 it currently has a generating capacity
of 10,000 to 35 megawatt the Giri hydroelectric power plant provides
around twelve point nine thousand Giga watt per hour of energy to Venezuela the
reservoir impounded by the dam had a capacity of 111 million acre feet
permitting its use for flood storage as well as flood water evacuation number
three ila watt Odom on jinsha river China the
ila out to them is an arch dam on the ginger River this dam has a generating
capacity of thirteen point eight thousand and also provides flood control
for the region it’s brand new as it was only commissioned in 2013 and is
operated by China Yangtze Power the primary purpose of the dam is
hydroelectric power generation and its power station additionally the dam
provides for flood control silt control and it’s regulated water releases are
intended to improve navigation downstream it is operated by China’s
Yangtze power and is currently the third largest power station in the world the
islet Odum is a 285 point 5 meter tall and 700 meter long double curvature are
to them number two he taped with them on Parana River Brazil Paraguay this dam
occasionally has a higher generating output in the number one spot with 14
gigawatt of installed capacity it’s quite impressive with 20 generating
units providing 700 megawatt each with a hydraulic design head of 118 meters it
also straddles the line between two countries making initial negotiations
difficult the attempt o dams hydroelectric power plant produced the
most energy of any in the world as of 2016
setting a new world record of 103 million 98 thousand
three hundred sixty-six megawatt-hours and surpassed the three Georges dem
plant and energy production in 2015 and 2016 finally here it is number one
three George’s dem on Yangtze River in China and it is the largest dam in the
world with a massive generating capacity of 20 2.5 gigawatt the three Georges dam
is the biggest hydro dam in the world China had begun dreaming up this dam in
1919 and in 2008 it came alive it’s a beast of a hydro dam and is a marvel of
modern engineering the free George’s project is one of the world’s most
remarkable engineering endeavors and one of the largest structures ever created
second in size only to the Great Wall of China the three main areas of the three
Georges project are the dam itself a hydroelectric station and a system of
locks the dam is about 2,300 metres long and about 115 metres wide construction of the dam consumed more
than 28 million cubic meters of concrete more than any other structure in the
world when the dam is completed it will hold up the world’s biggest water
reservoir with a pool that will sit 175 metres above sea level the three
George’s project will also feature hydroelectric stations on both sides of
the dam and a system of Luck’s on the left side of the dam 3 George’s project
is built in order to help control area flooding generate power and aid in
navigation with a water capacity of 39 point 3 billion cubic meters the dam
will hold a huge reservoir that will efficiently prevent flooding in the
middle and lower portions of the Yangtze River the three George’s project has
aroused of controversy from historians who are upset about the historic
landmarks and relics that will be lost from environmentalists to fear the
project will destroy scenic areas while one cannot downplay the significance of
these repercussions it is reassuring to see the immense benefits that are
already beginning to stream from the construction of the 3 George’s project
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