Larry Smith Outdoors – North Dakota Ice with the Beaver Dam Team

(twangy rock music) – Alright, team! Charge! This is unbelievable. Hey, you know something? I’m gonna tell you something. This is what it’s all about. We eat. Fish eat. Look at the mouth on that. (gunshots) (chuckles) – (Voiceover) Larry
Smith Outdoors is brought to you, in part, by the Badger Sportsman Magazine, Big Snow Resort, Jiffy Ice Drills, Hard and Soft Fishing, Bartlein Barrels, Cold Snap Outdoors, Deep Freeze and Lynch Auto Mall of Mukwonago. – And remember, it’s a
great day to be alive. (twangy rock music) – Hey, welcome to
Larry Smith Outdoors. Guess what. We’re back out in the mighty
state of North Dakota; one of my favorite
places to fish. And, I’ll tell you, the weather
is absolutely fantastic. We’re real lucky. We don’t have a lot
of wind right now. We got a little
bit of soft snow. The barometer is just
starting to move a little bit. So, we should have a great day. We’re going to be
multi-species fishing today. Hoping to target walleyes
right away this morning, and then perch a little
bit later in the morning, and then pike the rest
of the day and, probably, back into some walleye
fishing later this afternoon. Hey, stay tuned and see
what happens this week on Larry Smith Outdoors
out in North Dakota. – [Voiceover] Badger
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want a tip-up that lasts, nothing beats a Beaver Dam. With over 50 years of American
Craftsmanship in every one. From our classic tip-up, to round models, to the new Beaver Bucket
Station or bracket. We’re you’re partner on the ice that’s never had a melt-down; even if your buddies do. – Oh, look at that fish! Oh my gosh! Holy cow! Look at that fish. (soft music) – You know, when it
comes to ice fishing, more crucial than any
other time of year. You have all these
fronts coming through. So, you really want to be
precise on everything you do. In being precise,
I mean by that; you want to make sure you
always use your electronics, and you want to make sure
you got the right clothes on, and you got to be aggressive. And I mean by all
these things is that; having good
electronics, like the Hummingbird Ice 55,
right here, and the 45. What I’m doing is,
these are my eyes. So, when I’m marking fish, I know when they come in, how they react to
the bait if they come in and they
go out right away. Then, I either need
to change my bait, I need to change my technique, I need to put a spike
or a minnow head on it. So, you keep adjusting until you get everything down just right. So, that’s the big
thing about ice fishing. Another big thing that I feel is that I like to be
real aggressive. And, I like to jump from
hole to hole all the time, until I can land on a good
pot of fish that are active. So, having the proper
clothes is real crucial too. And, you know, I like
to have a good ice suit that keeps me warm. Good boots. We got these new boots and
they’re called Reed Glaciers. And they’re a great boot because
they come all the way up. They’re super warm. They’re real supportive and waterproof. So the great part about it is, I like to just jump from hole
to hole and kneel right down. And it keeps your feet warm. – What do you got Mark? What do you got? – [Mark] Nothing too much. – Oh, you moved out to the
deep water off this wreath. Nice perch. Nice. That’s what we came for. On that Kastmaster with
that translucent tape on it. I’ll tell you what. We came out here to kind
of a big gravel bar. Right on top of this thing,
it’s eight feet of water. So, we drilled about
40 holes out here. We have holes on top and eight. We have holes coming all
the way down the break. And Mark’s out here in
almost 19 feet of water. And these perch are going to be hanging in that deeper water. And, the walleye should be
sitting here this morning, on top of this gravel bar, in
like that 8-13 feet of water. So, we’ve got a couple of
guys all spread out here, fishing different parts
of the water column to find these fish. Nice perch, Mark. Oh baby. He just came up and powdered it. Oh. Uh oh. He’s got me. He’s got me down
in the tree there. I’ll tell you what. We’re fishing trees
out here on this break. I just moved off outside the
17 and a half where Mark was. And you can see trees
right above your flasher. Oh, nice walleye! Nice walleye. When you first put your
transducer down there, looks like there’s two
or three fish stacked right on the bottom. But, they’re actually
trees down there. So, what I’m doing
is I’m taking… I’m taking this Kastmaster
with a full minnow. And, I’m pounding the bottom
about four or five times. And, I’m bringing
it up real slow. And, I’m stopping it
right above those trees. And, you got to get
those fish to commit, because they’re living
in that wood down there. And, this fish just powdered it. And, I’ll tell you,
it’s an overcast day. It’s a silver
spoon, chrome spoon, but I have gold tape on it. Don’t be afraid to sit there
and doctor up your spoons. Buy straight gold, buy
silver, buy the chartreuses. But don’t forget to change
it up with the tape. Kastmasters come with
all kinds of different tapes on them; glow
blues, glow reds. It’s an awesome deal. And, another thing I
can’t say enough about is having a spring bobber. Even though I’m fishing a spoon, I’m adjusting that spring
bobber on that tip stick; Beaver Dam tip stick to
the weight of the spoon. Because, sometimes these
fish bite real light. And, I want to be able
to see that little pop. Because sometimes, they knock
the spring bobber up too. So sometimes, that spring
bobber will knock up. That means that fish came
up hard and knocked it up. Let’s get back down there. What you got? You’re out here on this break. – [Mark] Another perch. – Oh nice fish. I’ll tell you what. We’re catching small
walleyes on top in that eight to
ten feet of water on that gravel finger. I think a few of us
need to move out here and get on these jumbos. I’ll tell you what. Mark’s using a Beaver
Dam custom rod. There’s something to be
said when you’re fishing with a real light rod
that won’t fatigue you. But, it really has good
back bone and good action. As you can see,
when I bend that, it’s got the real
fast taper tip, so you don’t yank the
spoon out of their mouth. But yet, it has that backbone
to give you enough drive to drive that spoon into a
perch or a walleye’s mouth. That’s a custom
carbon, check it out. Comes available in two lengths. Nice perch. – You got a good one, Tim? Let’s see what you got here. Move the old Vexi, for you. Perch or walleye? Well, you had a hot
little hand going before. (laughing) Big guy! The one thing we don’t
have to worry about, – You catching it? – We don’t have
to worry about… Oh, I’m not strong
enough to catch it. But, we don’t have to worry
about a big guy like you going down through that hole. But that is a big perch. You want to hold that one out? Holy man. You know, that’s a great part
about fishing these Dakotas; South and North Dakota; the size of the perch. I said that, you know, a show that we did a while back. We used to catch a lot
of these big perch on Castle Rock and
Petenwell Flowage. But, you just don’t see them like that anymore in
Wisconsin too often. That is a dandy of a perch. Look at that, yeah. That’s beefy. Not quite as beefy
as you, my friend. But, that’s a beefy fish. (laughs) Good job! You have got the
hot hand, my friend. Get that out of your way. Boy, them last three you caught
were just absolutely tanks. Ooh, there’s another. Look at that! Hold that perch up. Holy moly. Look at that perch. Let me. Look at that perch. That is absolutely tank. And I saw that fish. I was watching you and
watching you come up. Holy moly, did he
absolutely throttle that. That is absolutely tank. Wow. Get her back down there. Get another one. – Oh, here he comes,
here he comes. Oh, he’s coming right up. He’s right on. There! (laughs) – That’s another. Hold that one up. That is another nice perch. You know, again, I
can’t emphasize enough. It is amazing out
in the Dakotas here. Oops. Out here. Besides the wind, how big
the perch get out here. It’s just these are some
phenomenal fisheries, you know. And, they say these
perch grow so good in South and North
Dakota because of the amount of shrimp
that they have; these grass shrimp
they have in here. Yeah, look at the build
of the backs on them fish. – Larry I got one on. – [Larry] Got one? Man. Boy, Tim’s really got a pile of fish sitting over here. Got him? Holy moly. – It stuck on too. Drill going right behind him. – [Larry] You sneaky
little guy, you. – Just set those tip– – That’s a nice fish. Boy, you got to like that. Same thing; Minnow head? – Yep. In the Kastmaster? – Yep, gold on gold. Straight gold with
the gold tape. – Boy, you got to
love that, huh? – Awesome. – Man, you know it is,
Matt, it’s amazing. You know, this morning we
did a lot of moving around and things were a little
bit slow but you know what, that’s the nice part about
having a group of guys out here. We got our all-terrain vehicles, and everybody’s
got their locators, and just covering
a lot of ground. You know in the winter,
no matter where you fish, it’s just keep moving
on all the time, until you find an
active pot fish. – You can’t just come out and drill two holes and
sit in your shack. – No. You might get lucky some days. But, you know something. I’m going to tell you something. We’re not that lucky. – No, you gotta move. (dramatic music) – [Voiceover] The new Beaver
Dam Titanium Tip Stick is the first ice
rod with a built-in, extendable, titanium
spring bobber. Making it the most
versatile ice rod, ever. Extend the bobber for
ultra-light pan-fish jigging, or retract it for game fish
or when it’s time for travel. It even has a built in rattling
handle to attract fish. It took a while to come
up with an ice rod worthy of the Beaver Dam
name but when we did, boy, we nailed it. – [Voiceover] With ice fishing
just around the corner, it’s time to gear up. Check out the new PRO
Skimmer by Deep Freeze. Offered in six inch, eight
inch, and ten inch models. The fastest ice
skimmer on the market. And once you’re ready
for those tip-ups, don’t forget about Blue Tips; the first tip-up alert system sent straight to
your smart phone. Free app available
on Android and iOS. Check out these and
other products at or any of your
favorite retailers. (soft music) – Nice, Dave, nice. – Yeah he’s got a nice
head shake to him. Another North Dakota perch here. Here we go. – Nice fish. Nice fish. – Yeah, look at that. – I’ll tell you what. We just got set
up out here, Dave. Everybody’s marking fish, but these fish barely want
to come off the bottom. How’d you get that
fish to trigger? – I’ve just been lightly
puffing my jig on the bottom, and then trying to get it up
about six or eight inches, because that seems
to be all the farther these fish want
to come up so far. This is the fifth
fish I’ve marked. It’s the second one
that I’ve caught. And, they’re just really
timid this morning. But, I got that, you know, that silver Kastmaster
with that green. And, what I did is I took
a couple of perch eyes from these fish I caught
out here yesterday. So, I’ve got a
perch eye on there. And I’m hoping that maybe, maybe with this timid
bite these perch eyes will make them go. – And you picked
chartreuse because, you said the water’s
dirty out here. There’s only like a foot
visibility right now, right? – [Dave] Yeah it’s only
one to two feet visibility, and real windy this far. And, it seems like the water
is just not real clear, like it has been these
last couple of winters. – Sounds good. Let’s
get another one. – Ok. – Here we go. – Just walking by; can’t
even get a line in here. We’re just getting fired up. – [Mark] Don’t look too big. – [Matt] Big perch. Oh, Walleye! Nice, Mark. Tell you what, out here
at Larry Smith Outdoors, out in the Dakotas filming, early winter right now. Chasing perch, walleyes. It’s going to be a fun day. We’ve got some Beaver
Dam tip-ups spread out. We’ve got a whole bunch of
guys spread out, jigging. We’re going to pin these fish. We’re going to
keep catching them. Nice job. (laughing) – [Larry] I just drilled
in behind you, there. Ooh, that’s a nice fish too. Get him through the hole. (laughs) Got him? – Oh yeah. – You know, that is
a pig of a perch. You know what the funny part is? Matt was just saying that
engineers never catch any fish. That’s what he was saying. He said, “You know what? “I don’t know why he even
came out here today?” He said you would’ve been better
off staying in the office. Well so far, that’s bigger
than anything he’s caught. – That’s right. And I told him. I said “There’s
nothing I’d like more ” than to beat you
ice fishing today.” – Right. Well so far you’ve
got him beat easy. You know it’s funny how
some guys, like Matt, they always start sassing
off about everything. And, you know what it ends
up at the end of the day? He’s going to end up eating
a lot of green slush. – While we’re eating this. – That’s right. That’s a nice job. And what were you doing,
just pounding that bottom? – Just pounding
bottom, bringing it up. And, this has got
the big rattle on it. – Oh okay. – Some tape on there. – Boy that’s a… I mean I’m… My bait I’m using is half
of that size down there. Maybe I should go up
a size or two on that. You did have bait
on it though, right? – Yeah. I had a, I had
a minnow head on it. I was slamming the
bottom real hard. Came up and he just
came up and slammed it. – Have you been marking many? – Yes. Marking tons of fish. A lot of them in the, you
know, 10 to 12 foot column, but I’m just working the bottom. – Pounding that bottom. Alright. You might hear somebody
drilling behind you. – Alright. – Oh first one of
the day on a tip-up. Here we go. There we go. Out here testing the new
round Beaver Dam tip-up. First fish on the
new round Beaver Dam. Ah, little pike. Little pike. There we go. Easy big boy. Nice fish. Good start to the day
of tip-up fishing. What we did is we got a hole. We came out here and drilled a whole bunch of
holes for jigging. Then, we set and
handful of small minnows on tip-ups for
perch and walleyes. And then, we got a handful
that we’re gonna smelt. And, as son as we
notice that these fish are real tight to the
bottom and lethargic, we drop their smelt
right down to the bottom. Because, you can
either hang them or drop them right
on the bottom. This fish came along and picked
up right up off the bottom. (chuckles) – You can cook and
catch fish, huh? Holy cats. Well, that was a
great breakfast that we had this morning. There you go. Boy, I’ll tell you. You know, what are
you differently than what I’m doing? Because, I’ve only had
a couple fish on so far. And, boy, I tell you. I just can’t get it down. Are you tied to
bottom or you know? – The thing coming
off the bottom, I’m using a little minnow; the whole minnow,
not just the head. I don’t know if… It seems to be helping. I know everybody else
is just using the head. – Right, that’s
what I was using. So, are you hooking it
through the back or what? – I hook it through
the bottom jaw. – Ok. – Up through both lips. – Get the little fish. Hold him up there. Good eater. I know somebody’s gonna
be eating tonight; not me so far. I’m telling you, you guys. Now, I can understand
why my good friend, John Gillespie always
said he got frustrated because he’s always running over to everybody else and he doesn’t get
much time to fish. I can understand as a host now; having my own show. Yeah; which is great. As long as some
people are catching… What do you got there? Oh, a pike? I thought you had a big perch. (guffaws) You got that green
Kastmaster on there too, huh? – Yeah. Yeah, green Kastmaster caught
a couple fish for me today. And about drilling
holes looking to find a bunch of these perch. But, they’re kind of
showing a tough head today. You know, it got
pretty cold last night. I don’t know, Dave, does that have a lot
to do with it being a little bit slower
this morning? Or, I mean, you know,
fishing’s fishing. We’re definitely catching
a fair amount of fish. I mean, I was out
here with you before and we really got on them. But, you know, it can’t be everyday
you can’t kill them. – Yeah. Well, the barometer’s
really been going up and down
these last few days. And, we had a
front come through. We had about five
inches of snow. – Right. – And, these last couple of days have been kind of
some tough fishing. And, yesterday we
marked a lot of perch. And, we did catch some. And, I was hoping to get
into them again today. But, we’re definitely
working for the fish that we’re getting. – Right. If this is tough
fishing, my friend, I don’t mind tough fishing. I’ll tell you that. Because, we’re
picking away at them. I haven’t had myself more
than about 15 minutes to actually sit down and fish between jumping and running
around to everybody. So, I mean, we’re
picking away at them. I know you guys out here are a little bit more spoiled
than we are at home. But, I would say this is
pretty good fishing so far. – It’s pretty good fishing. We’re just gonna keep
working hard at it. – Yeah. – And, we’ll come
across these fish. – You know, that’s one
thing I love about you guys. Dave, you guys, every
time we come out here, you guys are always
working hard for us. And, that’s really when
it comes to hiring a guy. That’s the big part about you know you got the right guy when he’s working hard for you. Can’t always kill the fish. But, as long as
he’s working hard, that’s a good deal. Now, I’m gonna
try to go over and try to catch a fish. – Alright, good luck. Good luck. – He’s running now. He’s running. On that dead smelt laying
there right at the bottom. Oh, he’s got hung up on. There we go. Another good sized pike. I’ll tell you what. If you’re gonna
keep pike to eat, these mid 20s inch
fish are perfect. Let those big females go. Boy, Lance, I just
caught that pike about 20 yards from here. I look over and your
rod’s just doubled over. – [Lance] Came up on him– – Ooh, you got
something going here. Pikey. Nice. Boy, as soon as
that sun popped up, these pikes started
fire didn’t they? – Turn the butt
out a little bit. – Hold that fish
up to the camera. You know, that’s one
thing I love about South and North Dakota. You know, years ago, we used to catch some big fish up
on Castle Rock like this. And now, the last
four or five years, you just don’t see any of them. But, out in these
waters out here, you know it’s pretty
common to catch. That’s a good
average sized perch. And, that’s a tank for sure. – At Jiffy, we pride
ourselves of being number one in developing the best
propane drills on the ice. It’s why our
engineers have worked side by side with anglers
for 65 years running. All built and tested
right here in the US of A. Patented proven performance is Jiffy’s vision for the future. And, from where we stand, the future looks pretty darn sweet. Jiffy; we put the world on ice. – [Voiceover] Badger
Sportsman magazine. The premier outdoor magazine. Published in Oshkosh and
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to Larry Smith Outdoor’s ice fishing; a full service, guided
ice fishing adventure. We supply all the equipment and provide a hot meal
out on the ice. You just need to arrive with a Wisconsin fishing license and get ready to catch fish and
have a great experience. We guide seven days a week, are fully insured, use the latest tested tough gear and work harder than
anyone to put you on fish. To book a trip, please
call (902) 361-4996. (soft music) – You know what we did. We were out fishing
perch this morning. And, we caught a
handful of perch just a little bit
slow this morning; which is okay. Now, what we did is
we shifted gears. We came in to one
of the bays here. And, we’re gonna be fishing
for pike with smelt. And, basically what
we’re using here is about an eight inch smelt. And, I like to try to get
them so they hang horizontal. So, get that
placement just right; straighten them all
out right there. And, I got one of
them Beaver Dam 40 pound fluorocarbon
leaders on there, and just dropping it down. And, we’re fishing in
about six feet of water. I’ve got most of them set about a foot and a half, two
feet off the bottom. And, I’ve got a
couple of them set just right underneath the ice; about six inches
underneath the ice. You know what. And, the nice part
about it is that I’m gonna start cooking
lunch here pretty soon. I’m gonna put my
blue tips on there. So, I don’t really have
to watch the flags. I’ll get notified
by my cellphone; alarm going off. And, it’s real easy. All you gotta do it
just snap it on there. That’s it. Put her back down. Life is easy. Oh, that one; is that mine? – It’s spinning. – What? – Finally. – You got him? – Yeah. – Alright. Good job. – There’s a good salad fish. Finally got one to eat it. One little trick; a lot of times
when these fish are grabbing the bait
and dropping it, is when you come up and you
feel a little bit of weight, give it a little tug and
then let the line go slack. And, that kind of triggers
that fish, a lot of times, to eat that bait. You can see that
treble hook’s like two inches down in his mouth. – Nice fish. – Show them how the
homeboy gets them. These guys keep fudging. Piece of cake? Uh-oh, don’t say that. Oh, yeah. That’s a nice fish right there. Nice job. Nice chunky fish too. – It’s just another one
of these northern pike. These are just
really good to eat. – What do you got, Dave? What do you got? Nice. We’re at peak time right now. That’s sun’s going down. Nice fish. We are at peak time. We expect walleyes
to fire up here. Let’s get back down there. Yeah, there he is. There he is. Oh, nice stick. Nice stick. Oh, you got him. There you go. Nice fish. Nice fish. – Just a good eater. Oh, and it just came
off, just that quick. Just another great eater. It’s gonna happen. it’s gonna happen in the
next five, ten minutes. – Let’s do it. – Let’s do it. – Hey, looks like he’s got
a decent one, Dave, huh? The walleyes are just
starting to bite. Let him swing that
line through your hand. That’s a nice fish. – A little girth to him. – Yep. Yep. This is a decent fish for sure. And, you said they came a little later too, huh? – Yeah. The biggest one was
after dark last night. – Again, when he comes back up, just make sure that line
goes through your hand there. – Ooh, that’s a good one. – That’s a really… Ooh! That… Whoa! Look at that. Absolutely. Nice job. That is absolutely a
beautiful pike there. You know, again, you were saying last night the two biggest pike you
caught yesterday were right at this witching
hour for walleyes. – Yeah. I don’t know– – That’s a nice fish. (splash) – And, off she goes. – Hey, I tell you. We had another fantastic time out here in North Dakota. Hey, just remember, all of our new episodes
are on YouTube too. So, go on there
and enjoy our show. And, for Larry Smith
Outdoors, just remember it’s a great day to be alive. – Alright, Robin, let’s see what you can get here. I know I already
caught mine right here; a little duck. (screams) – How can that happen? – Hey, Matt, you wanna bring out a smelt? Robin wants to have
a talk with you. – Oh, hang on. Hang on. Oh, he looks
absolutely marvelous. Looking marvelous.

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  1. just fyi people , fish don't really see color very good, especially in cloudy water, what they do see good is blue, purple or black/grey,,, but gold is a poor one to see, but gold reflects(different than seeing) the very little light that comes through. thus the fish see the reflection. but if fish are very aggressive it don't matter.

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