LAST TO LEAVE THE BATHROOM WINS $1000 Challenge w/ The Norris Nuts

(Music: We the #Legends) Sockie: We’re doing the last one to leave the bathroom wins Biggy: $1000 Nazzy: And don’t worry, we have consulted some medical experts to see if this challenge is safe I think playing ‘The Last to Leave the Bathroom’ challenge is safe! *Biggy Screams* Sockie: And the medical experts also says Sabre has… Sabre: Conjunctivitis Sabre: But don’t worry I haven’t gone through a bunch of mental breakdowns Sabre: I’ve just got Conjunctivitis Nazzy: Can I give the legends a bathroom tour No Nazzy: So we have to sh . . . Sabre: We have to wait until later Sockie: Wait until later in the video Mama: To determine the budgets of how much you get to spend at the shops, Mama: things that’ll entertain you in the bathroom, we’re playing (Gasping) BOWLING! Mama: Winner is $80, Oh $40, $20, $10 Okay Mama: See what I did there? Yeah Mama: What? You divided it by 2 Biggy: Let’s go Sabre: I really have a thing that my conjunctivitis and my blurry vision is really going to help me today Biggy: Sure is! Sockie: Go biggy Biggy: Ok, here I go Sabre: Good luck Biggy: Thank you Biggy: I told you back in my day I can get strikes! Biggy: Woohoo Nazzy: It’s Sockie’s turn to bowl Sockie: I’m gonna bowl like there’s no tomorrow Biggy: What? Biggy: What’s that mean? Biggy: Okay . . . Okay Sabre: We all know I suck at ball sports Sabre: and bowling isn’t my best so . . . Sabre: I think I need, deserve a handicap Sockie: No Sabre: Yes Sockie: No Sabre: Yes Sockie: Sab, you’re 14 Sockie: Go Nazzy Sabre: Good luck Naz Sabre: Go for it Naz: I’m so scared Sabre: Come on Naz Sabre: Nooo Sabre: Three out of six.. oh Sockie: Sabre if you knock down more than Naz did, Sockie: than that means Nazzy gets the lowest buz… budget buzet not budget it’s budget Biggy: And now it’s time for Sockie’s and my’s Biggy: biggest competition Biggy: Sabre…not Sabre: I think it’d be a better chance if I bowled from here No! Oh my gosh, no Sabre! Back there Biggy: Behind the thing Nazzy: 3! 2! 1! Bowl! (Biggy laughing) Sockie: So Nazzy’s still in! Nazzy: Yay Biggy: No Mama: No, It’s last, third, and you two, first Ohhhh Mama: But this time you guys are gonna have to bowl left-handed Sockie: Biggy’s turn Sabre: Go! Sabre: He missed! Sockie: Yeah! I think I might have a chance! Biggy: Oh no! I’m a loser! Nazzy: How are you doing with the pressure Sockie? Sockie: All I have to do is knock down more than one Sabre: Do better than me Left handed Biggy: No Sockie: I got three! Sockie: I get eighty-dollars! Mama: And forty Mama: Twenty Mama: Ten Mama: Oh Naz did you beat Naz? Sabre: Nazzy beat me. Mama: Oh sorry. Twenty Mama: Ten Mama: Who got first? Sockie: I got eighty-dollars Mama: Okay Mama: Fourty? Biggy: Yay me! Twenty ? Aww ten-dollars You have fifteen-minutes to spend it.

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