Latest Flood update on Thursday 27

Here’s the latest situation regarding
flooding in Worcestershire Starting in Worcester City we have an improving picture Worcester bridge is now open westbound so that’s from the city centre going towards St John’s that bridge is there fully open to all traffic including cyclists and pedestrians the free shuttle bus service that was running is no longer needed and you can walk freely across the bridge in both directions the road is still closed in an eastbound direction heading from St John’s into the city elsewhere in the county we’ve still got closures at Bewdley Holt Bridge is open Stourport bridge is open Carrington bridge is fully open downstream at Upton Upon Severn that bridge is open as well but we do still have a closure at Hanley Road so that’s the current position in Worcestershire we do need to keep vigilant because there’s more rain on the way things may change but today the picture is improving

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