Launceston flood 2016 – Netball court clean-up

Hello again. Paul Thomas here, City Services
Acting Supervisor. Just thought I’d give you an update. I was with you last week, and asked
you to bear with us while we cleaned the city and cleaned up. Thought I’d give you an update
of where we’re at. It’s been one week. We’re out here at the Hoblers Bridge netball courts.
This time last week, there was a couple of feet of water right through this area. What
we’ve had to do, when the water subsided, we’ve cleaned up the rubbish around.There’s
been fences that were knocked down, we’ve replaced them with temporary fences. All of
these courts here have been pressure cleaned to remove any of the debris, the mud, the
slurry, that came up with the river on the rise. Our guys, in all the crews, understand
how important these sports grounds and sports fields, sports areas in general, are to the
community. We’ve concentrated on them to get them up and running so people can try to return
to normal life. This area alone, every week, is used by sometimes hundreds of people, sometimes
thousands of people are here on a weekend to use these facilities. So it was essential
to get this up and running and clean. Another area that we’ve been concentrating on is Park
Street. Round the Royal Park area. What it was last week was just debris, logs, everything
that had washed through the river had been brought up into the car park. We’ve managed
to clean that now. It’s accessible, it’s almost back to being the way it was. I have no doubt
that I will be back in the next couple of weeks with another update from another area.
So please keep your feedback coming in. Thank you.

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