Laundry Day At The River !!! / Day 6 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge Texas

100 thoughts on “Laundry Day At The River !!! / Day 6 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge Texas

  1. If you do not believe in a religion or believe in something else. Please do not judge its very wrong to judge somebody's belief. So please keep your nasty comments in your head. (Oh and sry for being so late

  2. I got one question.
    How do you upload the videos in the middle of the woods

  3. wait what season did you compete in alone i knew you looked familiar

  4. I love seeing cool Christian people pray and thank god like him even tho I’m atheist

  5. when he was bathing in the water and washing his clothes i suddenly thought of that video of that drunk girl in a tub going "i'm washing me and my clothes, bitch!" 😂

  6. I wish I was there with you guys on this !!! There are few things I can straighten ya out on and fishing , trapping and hunting I sure could show you guys a few tricks I learned many years ago ! I’m 60 next March and you guys remind me so very much about myself . Enjoying being able to vicariously be there with a and I absolutely love the way you incorporate the Almighty in this !!!!!!
    I’m from SD and I have been blessed to learn many things from my Sioux buddies as I am a washishu ……….. great time gentlemen ! Wish I was able to share that once with you guys.

  7. 5 seconds after he said it’s good to brush your teeth I went to brush my teeth

  8. Did anyone else notice the catapillar during the morning fire

  9. Cool video definitely could have done some wild foraging found some Yucca makes an excellent soap and food source super useful plant for all kinds of things grows in South Texas

  10. Wife blesser. 🤣😂🤣 I'm definitely subscribing now.

  11. dont moan like this im watching this video right next to my parents and i have speakers so you know what they are thinking 🙂 😀

  12. ugh some of my friends think this is staged i’m like noooooo

  13. If you cut the tails off the cat fish and let it bleed out the fish tastes better

  14. Why did you go to the Kino look on the montage nobody I like your video but have not called turn the camera when you do that

  15. I've been watching these videos and I like them. But it's annoying because he moans soooo much when he eats

  16. Mildly extremely sweaty is definitely better than extremely extremely sweaty. 🙂

  17. Happy birthday 🎉🎂 sorry 10 months late start watching your videos a few dayes ago love videos and how you praise God

  18. You need to try the fish stew that we are making here in Serbia, specially part is Vojvodina. If you want, google Riblja Corba. Its usually made of carp, catfish and some other fish, depend how you like. Also you can cook pasta (separately!) and add to your plate and put the stew over it.
    Ingridients are usually: Fish, salt, minced red pepper (sweet one and you can add hotter one aswell if you like), onions-blended or cutted in little squares, strained potato. 45min to 1hour and you have a great stew 😉

  19. If you read description it's pretty funny he said it's that time of year again bath time lol no it's my birthday like if you read description!

  20. The best part about watching the old series is I dont have to wait a week to watch the next one! Gotta watch em all!!

  21. This guy truly reads all his comments I just keep scrolling and he has everything hearted, commented which proves he read it

  22. Brushing your teeth is a scam, because they want you to ingest fluoride.Fluoride is incredibly unhealthy for you. The FDA passes it, but they shouldn't. Population control, at its finest.
    Here's the truth: I am 31 years old. I have never brushed my teeth in my life. I have never had a cavity, in my life. I have never had to have a tooth pulled from my mouth, in my life. I have never had to pay for a dentist visit in my life, because I don't go to the dentist, lol. I am my own dentist. And everyone else should be too. The profession "dentist" should not even be a real thing. It's a damn JOKE.

    The key to mouth hygiene isn't brushing your teeth. Brushing your teeth doesn't get rid of all the plaque. That wimpy tooth brush doesn't really do much of anything. It's a weak sauce version of what a metal dental tool will do for you.

    No, the key is to floss every day, and to use a metal utensil to clean your teeth, like the ones the dentist uses and charges ridiculous amounts of money to clean your teeth. Scrapping your teeth with the proper metal dental tool, is 100x more effective than brushing. Imagine, instead of brushing your teeth, you flossed, and did a "dental level" cleaning everyday with a metal tool….

    The metal tool will also strengthen your gums a lot more than even dental floss can, to help prevent gingivitis.

    Well that's the secret to a healthy mouth. Teeth whitening has a lot to do with this method as well. Our teeth are naturally very white, you don't need ANY of that crap they sell you in the store. The reason people get yellow teeth is because they smoke, or are doing something else that is causing staining. But if you don't do any of that, and scrap your teeth with the proper tool instead of brushing them, you'll notice how much cleaner your mouth feels and looks. Your breath will never smell either. Bad breath comes from nasty plaque stuck inbetween teeth when people don't fuckin' floss or deep clean with the proper metal utensil. You can literally smell the plaque when you scrap it from your teeth, lol. It's not a pleasant thing, but it's better than doing some half ass job at cleaning and leaving all that nasty crap IN your mouth, for weeks on end… Months or years for some, lol… Ew disgusting.

    Plaque is literally like cement in your mouth… You can't get it out with some wimpy tooth brush… You need a METAL scrapping tool…

    Go on Amazon, spend $20 and get yourself a metal dental kit. Save yourself some real hassle in life and take care of your mouths people.

  23. Ya ever just think about wearing some overalls out there that’s what I used to wear when I worked landscaping. Works great for camping and outdoors too.

  24. I wouldn’t be worried about something touchin my foot. Something else comes to mind. : )

  25. You know your religious when you call a wife beater a wife blesser, god bless your soul man your so pure

  26. I've have been searching everywhere for that bowl/plate you have. Could someone please send me a link?

  27. What are those aluminum cans stacked behind you against the hill?? Tuna sandwich for your birthday?? 4.25 .

  28. i know the contest doesnt count for this 30 day challenge but just want to show how much i support and love ur channel!!! im watching every episode!!!!! and ive seen all your survival challenges!!!!! huge fan fowler!!

  29. God bless you! You are living my dream! Wish I could join! Watching every episode you have!

  30. I like how you already had the fire going before you even used the zippo 🤣

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